Places in Maine

These are really “towns” in Maine – this is a sign directing you

So… you can come feel at home here in the United States lol ✌️😄

We have many things – I can travel the world and not leave home lol 💋✌️❤️

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    1. Well weird – but that only says how much we must love the world to name everything like that… things you love and want to have around you ✌️❤️ even if only in name

      They are nothing like the actual cities named after – those are in Maine so they in the forest lol and way up north – very small and tiny towns

      Makes it seem more prestigious and awesome lol ✌️

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      1. I agree, it’s very charming! I have to admit, I have never been to Maine 😦 and apart from these had really only heard of Bangor and Portland. And wasn’t almost every Stephen King book set in Maine too haha

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      2. Hahaha yes Stephen King is FROM Maine 😄😄 ❤️✌️

        What was that line from Misery? I’m your biggest fan? 😄😄😮 that movie was sooo creepy!! Omg

        Plus added bonus – if you poor and can’t travel the world – go to these places in Maine and technically you can be in Paris or Norway etc 😘✌️

        Maine is beautiful and virtually untouched – except for huge cities like Portland.

        I always have to clarify what Portland they talk about – because we have a west coast Portland too…

        There is Portland Maine and also Portland Oregon
        Both are major cities ✌️

        West coast people always think Oregon but I think both ❤️

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      3. Yes! That is a great movie and so shocking when first released!
        That is a great bonus haha and I bet the mail service love all those postcards sent from China hehe
        Maine sounds worth exploring and it is about the exact same size as Brittany! 😉

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      4. Hahaha yes very scary thrilling movie! 😮

        Yes but I think would still say “China, Maine” lol

        If you made a product there you could technically say “made in China” 😄😄

        Maine is beautiful and refreshing ❤️ cold cold cold winters though – a lot of snow.

        Summer (the 2 months they have are very beautiful!)

        Fall is incredible ❤️

        Oohhh that gives me perspective on Brittany – same size as Maine – ok I have you sized up now 😄✌️

        Very cool!!

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      5. Hahaha well you almost be right at home… lol…

        So you are same size as Maine – also only have approx 2 months of summer

        The only difference would be the winter snow… their temp go well below zero at times 😮 the further north you are obviously the colder and more snowy it is.

        My sister lives in Maine currently … right outside Portland – in the wilderness lol

        Is Brittany also wilderness?

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      6. Well, I was kinda kidding about summer. Usually May through September is great weather. It’s just that this year April and May have been grey, chilly and wet 😦
        We have a few cities here of over 50k people and two over 100k but the interior is mainly countryside. You’d call it charming and unspoilt if it was a fine summer’s day but a wilderness if a wet weekend in winter 😉

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      7. We have had weird weather too

        That sounds beautiful!

        I just googled Brittany France 😮😮 wow! You fricken history alone blew me away 😮 wow! Stunned and that was before I even looked at any photos lol…
        Wow! That’s incredible!

        And your towns are like fairytales ❤️😮 like you stepped out of a book 😮 brought imagination to life lol ✌️

        Very beautiful ❤️

        I am off to bed, I am late- gnite ✌️

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