Lost in Translation

So Friday night – went as usual only they forgot the switch so was a Pokemon Snap free night which was good.

Oldest loves card games but not all of us love his enthusiasm for these card games lol

The other 2 always groan and one of those 2, always complains about his brothers games lol … I sometimes pull my “mom” card lol – sorry but I pull rank as mom and you have to play lol … is family night ✌️❤️

At least one family game to play

We all played and oldest won 🤨🙄😄✌️


So then they showing me videos and they show me this one…

And this one:

This guy is awesome and funny 😄 it’s crazy to see the language translations – and hard to wrap my head around how they use their words…

It’s interesting how they said “drawers” with languages lol … I would have to do that too because I would have to NOT think of my English language but that seems hard to me… I would have to put it away to learn that 😮

Evidentially that YouTube’er who is formally from Britain 🇬🇧 just picked up and moved to Japan without knowing any Japanese 😮😮 … now he is fluent 😮

Think how hard that must be?? Or maybe it only seems hard to me? Lol 🤷‍♀️

While I was searching for the videos they showed me … I saw this about Canada and America 😮😄😄

I had no idea Canada wasn’t a completely independent country until 1982? I knew that they still were connected to Britain 🇬🇧 and the crown 😮 very interesting

If Canada wasn’t so cold – it sounds amazing 🙌

I do not trust my government or system. But I suppose it is a necessary evil 🤨 I definitely do not trust them!!!

I support my military men and women ❤️ whole heartedly

But is my government and way things are run that I do not trust.

I never stopped to look at Canada’s government 😮

America is definitely more free and not conforming.

Canada just feels like extension of United States? We never usually hear much about them. They pretty quiet (❤️)

We like them, we have no issues with them… they respect – we respect. They seem very much same?? Just in colder area lol

Part of my long lost family is from Canada 🇨🇦❤️ they all live in Nova Scotia

I just knew of them recently. As in maybe 2 years ago?

They are very much same as me!! ❤️ different religions but neither one of us care about that lol 😘✌️

I only really know the United States … but yes the War of 1812 ?? That is quickly mentioned in school, but moved past and not really remembered or thought about in the United States – he was right … most Americans probably know very little about the War of 1812 😮 if anything

Funny to see differences but similarities with a country right next door… I can’t imagine across the world 😮

With Mexico 🇲🇽 it’s a little more strained ☹️😮

I had no idea of this history until today 😮😮 how sad!! ☹️💔

It instantly makes me think of the Berlin Wall 😮


Awww that is sad 💔

Huh 🤔

Well anyway … the videos the kids showed me Friday were about translation from English to Japanese lol

Those were funny ❤️ just because Google could not correctly translate! And made it sound weird lol

I have started checking when I use Google translate and even if I put a sentence in English correctly… I will translate it to another language … and I test it by putting what it tells me into the translation 🤨 … it is not always the same 🤨🙄 … sometimes it makes my words not make sense 🤨

So I only slightly trust Google translate … but sometimes it is kinda funny ❤️😘 … occasionally it can frustrate me if I am trying to say something! Then if I am frustrated, I just go back to English 🤷‍♀️

Saturday my daughter and I took a ride in the car to go get Dunkin Donuts 🍩 ❤️❤️ coffee and donuts from the greatest place ever ❤️❤️❤️

I really only want them / I don’t like any others lol 😘✌️❤️

We have 1 … only ☝️🤨

But we are in California – these people like Starbucks 😝😝

When we got there the line was crazy long 😮 oh hell no!!

What are all these California people doing at MY Dunkin?? You have your Starbucks 😝


So we didn’t get anything – just a nice ride and waste of gas 🙄😄✌️ whatever I wasn’t waiting in that!! I have Dunkin’ at home but we wanted donuts 🍩

I don’t like any of the others

But we got out ✌️😘

I will do my errands later today 🙌 because I love that on Sunday ❤️

Ok off to handle some stuff ✌️

Happy Sunday 🙌❤️

3 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

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  1. Commenting before I watch all the vids.

    I was really happy when I realized I had started thinking in ASL and Spanish. But both those skills are gone. Some words are still 2nd nature but most are not.

    I watched tons of Japanese language shows till my tv stopped picking up the channel. I barely picked up any language at all. I recall my dad’s barber saying he learned English from I Love Lucy and The Flinstones of all things.

    Re Canada and cold, I know Toronto has lots of underground walkways specifically so people can still get around when it’s snowy. Dubai has subterranean malls to avoid the heat. And Japan has large subterranean malls.. due to space?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know little bit of Spanish – not much. And I only know some sign language …

      I used sign language with my children before they could speak – for simple words like Milk 🥛… or tired… etc

      It worked great before they could communicate ❤️

      But I could not have a convo with a deaf person unless they want milk or are tired etc lol – I used extremely simple basic

      That’s hilarious – Yabba Dabba Do lol

      I was not aware of anything you mentioned in the last paragraph 😮…

      Japan has subterranean malls? Even with the massive earthquakes? 😮

      Wow!! I did not know any of that!!


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