Most of the day was just work work work.

Lots of work – as soon as, I walked in!! Literally phone started at 8am 😮

Also … I am having some issues with my work phone… maybe you are familiar, or know?? If yes please share info…

So we have our phone lines … somehow someone is highjacking our phone number and all day long I got calls from people saying “we called them” .. but we did not at all 😮🤨

How is this happening? How do they do that? How do I prevent it? And I have a call into the phone company regarding this matter … but do you know how I currently fix that?!!

How do I stop them from using our number for whatever scam they pulling off ?? 🤨 how do they get in first place?? 😡

Stupid scammer people 😡🤬

Anyway… then also… a person from another department and location came to use my location for an appointment today…

She sits down next to me and tells me that her “someone” is coming to visit her and has always made a point to visit her always – she just thought she was just the favorite niece …

But she found out few years ago was actually her father. 😮😮

So anyway – she telling me this story and said he would love to meet you 😳??

I said what?? Cause you know I don’t socialize lol – I do not broadcast that and also – I’m really silent still – I do not speak. Not sure if people actually understand that?

I steer clear of everything and remain silent. Keep to self.

Also… only if you knew me prior are you aware I went silent … at work you would never know I am silent – I am not silent with my girls or handling families. The focus is not on me 😉😘 … so I am ok not being silent for that reason.

But anyway… she tells me she want me to meet him so immediately my mind is thinking ?? How to get out of this?

She continues to tell me, “he has a thing for redheads”

I’m gonna fricken dye my hair black at this point!! Red causes WAY too much attention!!!! It’s always a thing!!!

She then tells me he is contractor lol – so already my defenses and guard up – don’t trust them

Then she tells me he used to be a womanizer 😮😮 ok so then there will be NO way in HELL that will be happening!!! Nope! I’m good. No thank you

Definitely do not ever want a womanizer – immediately with that I want nothing to do with this.

Also that was weird ?? All around?? Setting me up? And with her supposed father and a womanizer – oh hell no!! Nope keep that away from me!!

My guard way the F up.

You can’t just do that. And I am not willing for that.

I also don’t date because that is MY decision – I like the peace from assholes ✌️ I do not have any problems finding men – they come to me constantly … “I” choose not to date or see anyone. That is MY decision.

I sorta have country boy?? And he’s close enough for right now.

There is no way I would give a supposed “former” womanizer a chance – as if. Don’t even try. That will not go well. ✌️ I have a fire 🔥 …so be careful ✌️

She is not aware of my silence and does not know my life.

She is from the area I actually live… where I live is where I went “fall off the face of the earth” silent.

That whole area I am silent with. She is not aware – I do not really share my personal things like that … I just remain quiet and private and stay away from all things.

I do not go out, other than work.

She’s very nice – and I do like her

But I’m gonna pass on the male womanizer – that’s an immediate NO.

She says now that he older he not that way anymore – but I do not care – I am good. She also made a comment about how many people she might be related to… No thank you. Not my style, not my type and I’m already tense and ready to defend with only the thought of that

So definitely NO!! That will not go well. And I have zero interest. Nope 👎 no way!

Hard pass!

Once again let me play this song…

IF and/or when, I find someone I click with and it’s what I want – then I am ok with someone like that.

But most just wanna get in my pants and absolutely not!! 🤨😡

I decide who comes near me – I don’t need help with that unless you keeping them away for me. ✌️

I just want my peace and silence with that right now.

But people think I should be with someone for some reason?

I just feel more at ease and at peace right now without.

And I just definitely do not want a womanizer – current OR former

If I am careful with who is around my life – you better believe I will be careful with who gonna be IN my life.

I just want peace right now.

That makes me go weirdly silent and then also – it’s the area I went silent in to begin with … I do not want to explain myself…. to anyone.

That whole thing also makes me wanna go silent more – I feel a slight panic growing with the area I live in coming into my life – I keep distance so it does not

I feel like I do not have to say anything to anyone. I like the silence

I just wanna be left alone with that currently ☹️

Everyone always thinks I should be with someone – but I don’t want to. People do not understand but whatever

I just currently like the peace ✌️ I went through a lot.

I am rebuilding and if anyone gonna come in my life – well I’m just going to be extremely careful!!!!!


So that’s gonna be a “no” ✌️


7 thoughts on “Silence

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  1. Weird… I don’t have issues but still wouldn’t be interested in a coworker’s father!! Imagine the drama when something goes wrong!!

    Most people can’t imagine being single and think those who are must be sad and lonely. NOPE!!

    Re the phone, those non legit callers can make any # be displayed. I once got a call from “000-000-0000”. There’s not really anything you can do.

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    1. Seriously – that is just the first thing wrong with that whole thing!! No thank you

      The whole entire thing was odd ?? 😳 I was caught by surprise with that yesterday ?? I did not see that coming 😮

      I am not sad or lonely. Maybe sad here and there (human) but mostly fine.

      Yes I contacted both our help desk and the phone company and both said same thing …

      They can take any number – plug it into their robocaller and it will look like is us who is calling but it is not

      I will post what to do in a little bit – there is something you can do. Sorta ✌️


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  2. I remember when Jessie/Jesus wanted to date me (still does). Besides not being attracted to him, all I could think about was living 10′ apart (literally… only 10′) after a breakup! No thank you!!

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