Time for Tuesday

Today was insane!!! 😮😮

I have a completely full board and then some 😮

What is going on?

I had ALOT of death today 😮😮😮


I had someone call this morning asking me prices – said ok I let you know (I figured was kiss of death “I let you know” I didn’t think I would get them?)

But this afternoon they call me back and say “ok I am done, I choose you” lol ❤️

It was because of how I was with him. I take the time. I go slow and go over what they want or are looking for.

I am gentle so – I got that ❤️

But yeah a lot of death today… a lot. Only my funeral home is crazy busy, the other 2 have nothing… because we have everything lol ✌️

I help some really amazing people though

I wouldn’t do this job if wasn’t worth it. ❤️

I have one case currently, that really hits home.

They just lost 2 close family members (the last they had) in one month 💔 so they are very devastated… and I can feel their pain incredibly as if were mine own 😮😮😮

It’s very close to what I went through. So I can hold their hand though this if they need – I know their devastation. That’s hard to see though – it brings my own memories back. So that’s a little hard – makes my heart break 💔💔💔

In other news … I have no other news lol

All is quiet on home front… 🙌 ahhhhhhh … for now … but I am savoring the moments of peace while I have them ❤️

Tmrw after work – I might walk with my girls

I have to remember to bring sneakers and a change of clothes because I do not want to be walking around looking all funeral 🤨 and I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty in funeral clothes either


I have one that has been on vacation for a week 😮

Everything happened in one week…

I didn’t tell you yet… but I lost my part timer … my boss came to me and asked what I think of him …

I said he was amazing … is young, starting life, getting married, perfect career for him and he loves it… he is driven.

So haunted mansion gave him full time and benefits ❤️ I told him you better remember where you started 😄😘✌️

We will miss him dearly!!! How to replace?

So at first we asked someone and they can’t – then we met another and we like her… so I said give her to us – we will train her.

So they give her to us

So when my employee comes back tmrw … I have to say we lost part timer – and we have a new one – you will love her lol

She’s young and pretty, smart and also wants it – goes to school for it!! ✌️

She even wants the embalming 😮😮😝 I am good on that … that is way over my head – I will stick to business side lol

But anyway so I have to tell that to my employee lol

And then … 😮… she gonna look at the board and die 😳… when she left there was maybe 3 or 4

Now my board is full and I’m starting another board 😮😮😮

She’s gonna be like omg I leave for a little while and what you people do? Lol 😄😄 omg.


I am getting our name out there hard ❤️ I don’t even have to advertise – I do the out reach, we take care of our families – and the word of mouth in this area is exploding in our favor ❤️

You can not beat the service that we give you. I am positive of that.

So anyway … she doesn’t know she will be walking into crazy tmrw 😮


😮 lol … ok so … next up Wednesday 😳

I love the tear drop necklace – I wore it today ❤️ I love it!

It just has an 👁 eye and then a tear that drips from it – is really beautiful ❤️

I had to wear a shirt that it won’t touch my chest with… the tear falls into cleavage and hits on my scars from my movements – I don’t like things really moving or touching on my scars clothes are ok…

My scars are sensitive. Especially that right there… well all of them, but it falls directly on the worst scar of all of them.

But I picked out a good shirt to wear with it today – I just love the tear falling from the eye. It’s not a heartbreak – only a tear – which can also be powerful

Remember this:?


I am sorry if you find that offensive but I do not. The message is stronger than anything else.

Here you have a Native American who knows and loves the land itself … and look what modern man does to it.


But anyway… I’m just saying a tear can also make a BIG impact ❤️

So that was my Tuesday. Ugh Wednesday – I am not at work but in my mind I am thinking ok so tmrw I have to … 😮🤨

I do not have good work life balance – it is work and I have life that I live lol… is not balanced currently – but I don’t particularly mind ❤️?

Alright gonna read before bed ✌️😘

Gnite ❤️💤🌙

Ps… this song haunted me today…


I am not a jumper lol … life trying to get me to do stuff lol ✌️

9 thoughts on “Time for Tuesday

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    1. Hahaha yes I did lol ❤️ he’s a good kid – he will do good. Is perfect for him. Is in his best interest 😊

      So kinda sucks to let him go – we got attached and then … we also kinda “made” him lol

      I was telling him – you listen to your trainer Watch him like a Hawk – his trainer is phenomenal – knows everything!! So yeah kid will go far!

      He started with us ❤️ is kinda like watching your own child go off to life lol 🤷‍♀️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well yes, I want him to do good and go as far as he can!

        I know he wants it.

        But yes we do lose him because we train him well.

        That’s alright we have a good core and as long as they give me people who want it – I will train and be supportive – no slackers ✌️😘 I wanna see driven ✌️

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Lol… if I remember correctly, you actually have a Jewish American playing a native american. But, yeah, I remember that commercial.

    So, how many deaths per day are normal and how many are a lot??

    Just googled… the “native american” was Italian.

    And, whoa… there’s more reality that ruins the whole thing. I’ll let you decide whether you want to know:


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I didn’t know anything about controversy lol

      Well deaths it depends … some days we quiet and working on what we have – and other days explode on us. Today was a lot about 5 brand new – that’s a lot in one day.

      We are not the only funeral home so it is a lot in one day.

      Hahaha you can not give me something and then say “but you decide”

      Of course I am gonna look lol

      Looking now lol deciding lol


    2. Back then they thought they could get away with everything

      Even my family thought they could brush things under the rug

      My mom used to laugh and say “little did they know, here comes the internet” lol

      Ugh the 60’s and 70’s did a lot of damage with things because they didn’t do shit right 🤨🙄


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