Really exhausted 💤

Didn’t get home until 8pm

Work is crazy busy.

One family coming to us because of our compassion – they have a preneed somewhere else – was gonna be ship out … but they like us better ❤️ so they want to stay with us ❤️

That just happened I didn’t expect. Totally love that family!

I am just massively avoiding neighbor guy … ugh 🤦‍♀️… I just can’t

Tonight I come home late – sun was setting already … so just before darkness …

The very minute I pull in and get my stuff out of the car here he comes …

And then he comes right over and I kinda scurried off and he says hey how was your day?

Ok umm … I replied : good is very busy! I’m very exhausted

And he said oh ok good night

Yeah cause… nope I’m sorry just no. I just can’t not handle that.

He gives me a creepy vibe? I can not run into my house fast enough!

Oh the creatures that lurk!! See how dangerous?! Lol I’m teasing, but is little bit

So I am just highly uncomfortable – and ya know silent and stuff

That’s just something I’m not going to deal with. Neighborly is fine … but ya know his wife is away / please stop!

I am not dealing with that

So whatever

So anyway … and here we are – I am exhausted. Little stressed with work but ya know learning

And all my girls are back… we shocked my vaca girl with all the news lol 😮 … but she took it well 😊❤️

Alright well I have to go to sleep – I need sleep 🛌

Gnite 😘

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  1. I hope you got some sleep!

    I’ve told neighborfam that their kid needs to stop coming over and bugging me when she gets home, cause I’m working, but she’s back to it again. She also pops up any time I step out front, so I sometimes delay things (putting trash on the street) till after 9, when she’s supposed to be in bed.

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    1. I did thank you 😊 this week was rough catching sleep!!

      Hahaha 😄 awww … she must enjoy your company.

      Mine is some woman’s husband 🤨 at least yours is probably cute and small.

      Mine is unhappy is his marriage and wants to hang out with me while his wife is away and nope 👎

      I am just quiet. He literally runs outside the minute I get home!!

      Today he even texted me while I am at work and said “hey I am stopping at this store – do you want/need anything?”

      🤨 yeah very nice – he’s never done before 🤨

      I am good…. I do not want to hang out with someone else’s husband 🤨

      And I am very particular with who comes in my life. I am extremely careful

      So he’s just weirding me out a lot 🤨


      1. Trust your instincts! Better to be wrong than to ignore your feelings and find out you were right.

        I was getting dizzy this afternoon and decided to nap on the sofa. I was shocked away, over an hour later, by my phone ringing. Dunno what that was all about!

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      2. Oh yes… I am not even home yet 🤨 I am getting gas ⛽️

        He already text me while I drive and ask me if I am working tmrw 😮🤨

        I work every day of the week – I have weekends off but you will never see me usually ✌️ I am elusive lol

        I have been extremely tired lately but is also warmer and we busy again!!

        All of us were yawning in office today!! I suggeste nap time lol 😄✌️ should be apart of the daily work schedule actually ✌️ like half hour /40 min refresh lol


      3. I used to nap in my car during lunch hour. I don’t know why I’m so tired but it correlates with me starting the med that causes lupus, with extreme fatigue being a primary symptom… so I’m a wee bit paranoid about falling into that hole again.

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      4. Ohhh yes be careful!

        This week we have all been really tired? Not sure if is change of season and allergies?

        Keep eye on your body.


      5. Yeah. I had similar med in past that did nothing. This one has achieved radical improvement… no heartburn at all for 2 days! And insane hunger today, which is so uncommon that it confused me!

        Ir’s not even 11, I haven’t taken any sleepy meds, and I’m about to fall asleep.

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      6. Well I also don’t want the neighbor thing to be REALLY awkward ?? So I am trying to be as short and cold and possible

        But I don’t always – like the other night when he made chicken 🤨 yeah I just didn’t answer – I had my lights all shut down.



      7. Neighborkid interrupted me again tonight. I told her I had to work. Felt bad when I later heard her fighting with her parents. But I don’t have the energy to be their unpaid babysitter!

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      8. Awww. Obviously she is not getting what she needs at home ☹️ she seems to really adore your company

        Although she does eat all your ice cream sandwiches and doesn’t listen well lol

        And yeah shouldn’t have to be their babysitter

        Poor thing though


      9. Lol…she wants to eat my ice cream sandwiches… I never gave her one!

        I’m trying to remember that, for her, kitty dinner is really “leenda social time” and good for me too. But i’ve been way too tired this week.

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      10. It will start – she is what? 10 or 11? But sounds like she does enjoy your company 😊 I’m sure as she ages she will calm and mature (hopefully?)


      11. LOLOLOLOL!! Noooo… she seems to have pretty intense ADHD… though I wonder how much is boredom or wrong meds. She’s on something but I don’t know if they realize the wrong meds will make her worse.
        She’s 9… looks 14, except no boobs.

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