What is it Monday?

Of course it is 🤨🙄

Moanday 😝😝😝

I woke up really late… I had 5 minutes to get ready lol 😮

I thought my old record of 30 minutes was king… but no … I just broke my own record lol

Got ready in 5 minutes lol / that is quite the feat for my age group lol … or for “me” lol … I am not fast like that – but today I was 🙌 … I hurt after though – my right side sucks

Got to work on time … and then it’s busy 😮

I have a full board again 😮

It’s not all covid though… normal deaths too

Also… if you would like to get funeral assistance from FEMA and you are in the United States – they will begin taking applications for the assistance starting on April 12th, 2021

You will need few things to qualify… the death certificate must list covid as ONE of the causes of death.

Here is the Link:


They have extended the time period I believe into 2021… any covid related deaths starting from January 2020 until current day.

This can help so many families ❤️

I believe the amount is UP to $7000 – but it can take off some of the burden if you qualify 🙏

I am so glad they are doing that ❤️ families were devastated and continue to be – this can help

It’s a worldwide disaster so it should be helped.


(I kinda wish they had music people from all over the world then that would have been incredible – or we could do that now?) we should do that!!!

We also need a week off to commemorate those lost and the moments time stood still …

We should have one worldwide holiday, that we all recognize for covid – we are all together … and then one holiday for everyone and we remember what happened – don’t forget these things even if they hurt or were hard.

I always think of the saying – those who forget their past are condemned to repeat it … so let all remember together?

We should have a covid holiday the third week of March.

Everything should stop for one week so we remember those moments and just time to take a breath?

But whatever – just saying we should have that. ✌️


If I had worldly support I could probably get that done lol ✌️ and we could all share something together ❤️ I wish for that… that would be awesome ❤️

Let’s see, what else happened today ? Other than death?

Oh 🙄… someone I know from the police …

Oh he was just saying stuff over text, and ya know is the same stuff … let me take you out to dinner

No, I can’t / I work

He say you have to eat 🤨

Eh been stressed

So just stuff like that.

“Words”… you know… whatever


I don’t mind with him as much because he is funny with it lol … if you entertain me then it isn’t so bad lol

Plus he only paused because of covid lol … but I am used to him with that. He always tries lol … the guy is persistent lol

I don’t really see or hear from country boy much – I am busy and he is busy. Lol so 🤷‍♀️ …it’s perfect lol 😄😄😄

Lol I am kidding … but for right now is pretty perfect lol

I don’t have to be overwhelmed or stress about hours I work, nothing … very peaceful … cause I never see him 😄😄✌️

But in all seriousness – right now that is perfect for me 🙌

He said Happy Easter and he texted me earlier to say hi… every so often he will – but is still not often. We are both really busy

He plays baseball and owns companies or something ? I don’t know ?

I do death lol … he hits them outta the park and I bury them in the memorial park lol

Also… awhile ago, maybe 2 months? Back in February, I ordered this beautiful necklace

It came today.

I used to have this seahorse necklace… it’s my favorite ❤️ I can only find them sometimes

I have had 3 … they break because I never take it off – and it’s a corded necklace with a gorgeous seahorse on it ❤️ I just love that one necklace ❤️

But anyway – I haven’t found it in years. Maybe one day?

Anyway, my kids buy me necklaces but the only problem is sometimes they are not real gold so I turn green , yes my neck will turn green 😮

And if they do get me a gold one which they did last time, the chain is too tiny and breaks easy 😮

I had to get new glasses so I go to the guy and before he can say anything I said …

I need new glasses – I am hard on things – I am hard on my phone, I am hard on my shoes and my clothes, I am hard on purses, I am hard on anything you give me – so give me glasses I can be hard on lol


And he says to me… umm why you so hard on everything? Lol 😄😄🤷‍♀️

Because I have to be gentle everywhere else lol 😘✌️

… I got a necklace with good chain – it is an eye with a tear ❤️ it’s beautiful ❤️

The only problem is 😄😄… yes there is a problem … I do not like where it sits on my chest

It sits right in cleavage 🤨 ok that is bothersome … and I don’t like it touching my scars

But I do love it ❤️ I will just have to only wear with certain shirts so it doesn’t touch my chest. It goes too low. The tear falls right in my cleavage!!

So yeah – only with certain shirts

I think neighbor guy finally understands? Maybe? I don’t know? I think so – but I’m always wrong with these things – we are gonna hope so!!

And then that’s about it.

I am exhausted!! And I did not shower before work today 😮😱😱😱😱😱😱

But no one died when they saw me so that wasn’t so bad lol ✌️

No one even noticed 🤨🙄😄


Gnite Monday 😘✌️

I have to say one more thing… I went through a lot of trauma with my things and went severely silent from all my people … I remain that way. Been about 2 years. I like it that way.

My people worried – they knew I had all kinds of trauma and then went silent very very uncharacteristically!!

Anyway… for me – I just needed peace, I was not thinking of suicide or anything of that sort – that never enters my mind. I just needed to get away from everything – death, cancer, hospitals, doctors, ex … so that was my case

But that’s not always the case… make sure you check on people you love and make sure they are doing ok.

I didn’t want my people to bother me and I only responded to people who I thought would send out swat teams 🤨🙄 I’m just trying to have peace over here

But I just wanted to shut everything out – they wouldn’t let me shut it all down – they made me keep them in my life ❤️ they made sure I was ok – and they still do.

I am fine with it now. I am relaxed with the ones who did that.

But anyway… just saying … in my case I only wanted peace – but I love life ❤️

But people might be going through something they can not handle? You want to give people space – but you also want to make sure they are ok.

At the time, I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. But they didn’t listen ❤️ they were annoying instead lol ❤️ but I love them for that ❤️

Just make sure you check in with those you love ✌️


Ok good night for real 💋✌️

10 thoughts on “What is it Monday?

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  1. I’m glad you found a necklace you love. A jeweler should be able to resize the chain, esp if it’s to remove length!

    We can’t sched the covid memorial day yet, some places are having another wave of outbreaks. None of them had anywhere near the cases/deaths that the US did so their “waves” wouldn’t even register here. But there are still a lot of concerns about immunity to variants, variants to come, and how long the vaccine offers protection. So hold off awhile longer, m’kay?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, I guess I could go to a jeweler? When I can find time maybe lol

      I don’t watch the news … I can’t really. So I’m just living life.

      I would like a whole week when we get to that point – just a day won’t do justice for the magnitude of issue.

      One week would show you magnitude 😮

      Ugh 🤦‍♀️ this is taking forever!!


      1. My landlord went to Florida and said none of the people there wear masks

        She said they walk around like nothing ever happened 😮 I know of a few states that are that way.

        Depends on where in the country you are and how your state and local government has handled.


        Liked by 1 person

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