Time for me to fly?

Happy Easter 🐣

I have been avoiding neighbors, but that didn’t work out so well for me this morning.

I went out to my car, and there is that neighbor guy and he comes right over 🤨🙄 ugh 🤦‍♀️

And then he says… “hey Trisha! Happy Easter”

I said Happy Easter back… and then he says “hey so what time you get off work usually – I can have dinner ready if you want, and we can have dinner together this week”

What?????????????? 😮😮😮

Ok so then I had to say something because this is way over my head … I am not looking to be on Jerry Springer or anything lol … no!! Just no and no!!!

So I told him… I am not comfortable hanging out with you without your wife. I am sorry you are not happy and need a friend – but that can’t be me… and you are a married man… – I keep to myself and I like it that way.

He just said “oh ok no problem, just thought I would ask”


Yeah it’s still a no. 🤨

Boundaries dear sir… boundaries!

And that kinda bothers me, not just that he’s married and trying to have dinner with me 🤨

But also… what gives you the thought that “I” would ever be interested in that? 🤨🤨

Cause he comes on pretty heavy duty so ??? Why??? What would make you think I would be ok with that at all?

His wife is away and he wants to have dinner with another woman? A beautiful woman – yeah no!

He is seriously coming on way too much for me!! Nope!! Not dealing with it!

Also… I am not lonely – I love my peace. That whole thing is not peace, so I would like to repel it lol

I want zero stressful situations and I feel like that is invading my peace now. 🤨

See!!! I knew it would be issue – ugh and this is why I keep to self – yet issues still happen 🤨 because I have to go outside 🤨🙄

So if I move – I have to find a place that it won’t happen 🤨 but there is no place like that 🤨 it always happens 🤨🤨🤨

I am wearing full on vail. I will just cover up completely so no one sees me other than that

The mask does not help in slightest, like I thought it would 🤨 it still happens even with a mask!!

No matter where I go – I can never escape 😮 …how’s them apples ? 🤨

It’s like impossible!

I have a pretty face, on a thin body, with fake boobs 🤨

So. 🤨 you can not escape like that without full on vail and coverage – it’s the only way, until they come out with my invisibility cloak from Harry Potter – but they are taking forever!! lol ✌️

My wish list includes that invisibility cloak and teleporting … could I please have those 2 things 🙏 lol … I would really love those ❤️

So I don’t know where I want to move – now I am more serious with moving

My peace is invaded – I want to move ✌️ I don’t have peace here with that now. It makes me tense. Now I am on guard.

I don’t want him knowing me, nothing.

So where to go 😮🤷‍♀️

And yes – I will keep moving so it is peaceful – I want peace so there is that. When is no longer peace – is time to move forward for peace.

I have been here quite awhile now. I think it is time for me to move forward in that area.

I have a massive safety net here with my landlord – she has been so amazing to me ❤️ she became like family so she’s stuck with me now regardless lol ✌️

But it might be time for me to fly?


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  1. Gahh, unbelievable! Talk about curtain twitching n ready to pounce 😦 Well, at least you knocked it on the head! More importantly, you did it clearly and with dignity. Hopefully, he will now realise that he overstepped the mark. But who the heck would cheat on their wife with the neighbour!? I mean wtf, talk about rubbing her nose in it. Unfaithfulness is unpleasant but that is just adding an extra layer of cruelty to it 😦
    No need to rush to move. You got this 5h1t. Just focus on one thing at a time. You’ve got your personal stuff on your plate. You’ll likely get a raise soon coz you are rocking that joint. Sometimes, just taking one step at a time is the way to go as it feels more achievable and less overwhelming?
    Good luck to you babe. Have a great day ;-p

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    1. Yeah well – that is how I know men to be, so I just stay away. Is nothing new. Sadly.

      He still texted and then asked if I wanted to come over and do laundry cause I do not have dryer – I have washer – but I have to hang my clothes lol – old school shit lol ❤️🙌

      Men do not think with the head on their shoulders lol… they literally have zero control around a beautiful woman

      Sorry but yes

      What does that mean? 5h1t? One thing at time – I kinda know that but not really lol – I will try

      Why not bust it all out like ripping off bandaid lol … just do it

      Funny how I can say that with this, but not with other things lol

      I am divorced now. Things went good. I am done. I have my name back. ❤️

      So knocked that down, and I have a job I love with people I love working with ❤️… I am very blessed to be alive!! I just like to find my peace ✌️

      I do take one step at time – I am slow – so life likes to push me along 🤨😄😄

      Hahaha babe lol … you have a great day too lol

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      1. That’s ok – I like teasing ❤️ and you’re getting me… nice … you understand that you lighten heavy with funny ❤️ very nice 👍

        Yup exactly … but life does push me lol 🤨🙄😄 I am very slow and cautious lol

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      2. Hahaha I am part tortoise and part hare … lol … that is the perfect description lol

        Hahaha yes I remembered lol ❤️ nope no offense taken – you are free to tease lol ✌️ I know you being funny ❤️

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    1. I’m telling you – it’s country so you never know lol

      I’m sure he was – I get that feeling too

      I don’t think he does because he texted me last night and wanted to know if I needed laundry done and then he asked if I wanted any chicken omg 🤦‍♀️

      I did not respond – I shut my lights off early and went to bed.

      Too much!! So I have to move now lol ✌️ I move slow… life likes to fuck with me 🤨… so it pushes me to do things that I would normally be slow with lol

      Life likes to light my fire lol 🤨🙄😄✌️


      1. Hahaha yes nothing in life comes easy. Especially anything worth wanting.

        Crazy guy. You may just need to shut lights out and go to sleep really early everyday….. like 3pm haha. I hope he gets the message to back off.

        Where would you move?

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      2. Hahaha seriously… as soon as I’m home from work I go right to bed lol … but I get home late sometimes anyway? Like today I didn’t get home until 8pm… possibly on purpose? Lol kidding I had a lot of work and then takes me hour to get home – I left late – it was just me today and I had a ton going on

        I think he got the message? I have been severely and blatantly avoiding. ✌️ he wanted to come do work for me, but I said no and then avoid lol … you don’t need to cook for me or do things for me – I am good – he must have mentioned to my landlord because she just texted me about fixing the thing that needs fixing lol 🙄 so that’s good! He gets the message – the landlord handles 🙌

        I am not sure where I would go? I haven’t decided yet – I have to stay close by cause daughter still in school – but we see – I am looking

        In few more years, I probably move again. I like to move … I like to move it move it lol 😄✌️


      3. Haha brilliant song, move it move it. I would understand if he was single, trying to get with you but being married is just crazy.

        That is late to get home but I guess the commute is long. I sometimes like a longer commute as you can relax and calm before getting home.

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      4. I have no idea what his deal is? But it freaks me out

        And btw… that does not surprise me with married guys – you would be surprised 🤨

        Yes I can destress as I drive home

        Although sometimes after a tough day… ugh to think of that drive 😝😝

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      5. It is not marriage that creates stability – it’s the people – choose wisely

        Well … maybe I make shorter, little bit, if I move?? We see lol ✌️


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