Good Friday

Friday went well. Mostly… was a very Good Friday ❤️

It did go well… and I got a lot of praise… they are really amazing to me always – I love my coworkers… they are thoughtful and kind and sweet and amazing ❤️🙌❤️

But I don’t know – I am not being hard on myself … trust me, I am not… but I do not think that praise was due? I appreciate very much, but I felt I am not done yet

But they are very thoughtful and sweet ❤️ I love my team ❤️

I also have to get on my girl’s because while I was out of office they didn’t stay up on their work – so I have to make sure they do that …when I am there and when I am not. I am not their mother lol ✌️😘

Anyway… also … I do not like when random men call me babe. “Hey babe” 🤨

The 80’s called – they want their line back lol 😄✌️ …sorry that joke was totally for my own enjoyment lol … but I do not like being called babe!

I have my favorite guy who calls me “hot trish” 🙄😄 yes … that still goes on 🙄😄… it’s like the longest running inside joke lol

He is so funny lol … that is never going away!! It just stuck!! And every single time he says it!! And tells everyone that’s my name 🤨🙄😄😄 – there is a whole story which he always finds so hilarious and loves sharing with people 😮 (I do find it hilarious too – I just don’t share the story or tell people my name is Hot Trish 😄😄🙄) … don’t call me that either lol

Only Trish or Trisha – just simple – stick to the facts lol

People and my name – lol 🤷‍♀️ I give up

“My name” was like a theme this week lol

I also had one extra bakery 🥯 item today after delivering all my items … so I just know someone who needed a little boost – and was Passover/Good Friday/Easter weekend … so I delivered that and it made her day ❤️ it’s always nice to be thought of or cared about ✌️❤️

And then kinda just chilled with the kids. ❤️ we didn’t do too much, chatted and laughed with stories of the week…

We just relaxed together – but was nice – we are always talking and oldest was showing me drawing he has done – he’s really good!!

He lacks confidence – he has confidence in areas – just like me… but he lacks confidence within himself, as far as, what people will think

You just have to go for it. He is very critical of his own work.

19 was stuffing his face full of chocolate 🍫 and tells the other 2 … I am the lucky one because I got moms genes 🧬 (he says that because I am thin – he is too – just like me … also the other 2 are average size but they have their dads build more.

19 has my thin build lol 🙄 he is tall and skinny lol

They each got some of my traits

My oldest got the funny ones 😄😄 … his hair on his head is a light brown… but it was MY genes 🧬 that make his beard grow in red lol 😄❤️ I really love that!! Lol – if he grows a beard it does not match his head lol … it’s the cutest thing and makes me Irish proud lol ✌️ (he does not like that – but his mother does 😄❤️)

He got the red hair gene lol ❤️

He also got my eye color. He is only one of the 3 … with my eye color. My eyes are a blue green

The other 2 got their fathers eye color – brown.

My oldest had freckles across the bridge of his nose as a kid – but they have faded now. He does have freckles still

… 19’s eyes – while they are brown… He has my eye shape and then he has my thin build. His face has a lot of my facial features ❤️

His frame is like mine

Daughter is taking after fathers side… she has my smile though ❤️

All 3 actually have my nose ❤️

Also here is a funny thing … oldest wants to begin his life and move off – he was talking about that.

Daughter doesn’t want him to 😄😄 she’s like “no you are my brother, you are not allowed to go” 😄😄

She doesn’t want him leaving

This woman gonna have a hard time with that when it happens

She says to me he’s my brother, he can’t leave

And I said … He’s my baby – he has to fly someday

She wants to cut his wings so he can’t leave 😄🙄

No you must stay with us 😄😄 you are not allowed to leave 😄

Awww ❤️❤️❤️

I warned them to stay little and not grow up – but they all just HAD to grow up lol 😘✌️

Anyway… they left and then I was exhausted!! I am not getting enough sleep lately 😮

Currently I am spring cleaning 🧽🧹 🙌 ahhhh so nice ❤️

I have documentaries playing on tv, while I clean and do laundry ❤️ thats like the best … documentaries and/or music lol ❤️

I have little more to do and then I have to run to store – but should be back later ✌️❤️

Happy Saturday 💕

6 thoughts on “Good Friday

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  1. Sounds a wonderful way to end the week!! Haha, give your daughter another two years but then again maybe not, she is clearly close to her brother and that is precious!

    And as there is no mention, I assume that you dodged that Friday night bullet, so, even better 😉

    And I’ll resist the temptation to drop a casual “babe” here 😉 Oops, darn it 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah was a Good Friday lol ❤️

      Yeah my kids are extremely close ❤️

      I am not sure which Friday night bullet you refer to lol … I have several bullets I dodge lol 😄✌️

      Lol 😄 you are too funny … it sounds so 80’s 😄😄

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha awwh, well, long may you keep dodging them! The one I meant lives next door 😉

        That’s great that your kids are so close. Mine kinda got on each other’s nerves during their teens but thankfully recovered strongly once they headed to different universities.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hahaha oh yes I definitely avoid that!!! lol

        I did not see or hear from at all – hope I do not!! Cause if I do again, I am gonna have to say something cause it makes me uncomfortable

        But so far so good – I have gotten rather good at dodging bullets lol ✌️😘

        Plus I keep to myself normally, so isn’t out of the ordinary for me to hide and keep away lol … I just like privacy and no stuff happening lol

        Yeah – I raised them to stand behind family and be tight… I always drilled in – one day, I be gone and you have each other… keep that strong… so they listened lol ❤️

        They annoy each other sometimes – but they work through it together and stay strong and tight

        When oldest leaves – youngest is going to be devastated

        But in 4 years – I might leave? I only stay here for them. We see. 🤫 shhhh – I don’t know what I want yet… but I don’t know that I want to be here?

        This gonna be quite the decade 💋✌️ buckle up lol

        Liked by 2 people

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