Attention & Itches

I end up handling 2 funeral homes again. I had to do reports and outreach …

So I bought some nice little presents 🎁 to give out.

I have 2 churches I will go to tmrw – one Catholic, one Jewish …

Saying hello 👋… no one knows me yet 😳 I have to go out and introduce self – because I talk to them all the time, and work with them – but they do not know me. Never seen me

…and then I am saying thank you to our flower shop – because they go above and beyond for us always…

When we say jump – they say how high? So yes – thank you ❤️

For the 2 churches – I will be bringing pastries – cause church pastries and coffee all go together lol. So sounded perfect to me.

Hello – guess who I am? Here are gifts – remember us and recommend us please 🙏

For the flower shop – I will bring chocolate gifts and hand sanitizer – thank you for having our backs ❤️ – I bring chocolate and keep you safe 😘

I have to do one more – but someone, has not gotten me the info yet

Today someone called to inquire on information.

I will always take my time with you and I can make you feel instantly at ease with me. I have a very calm gentle caring demeanor

Whatever you need, whatever questions you have, anything. I will make sure you are comfortable and understand.

Anyway so that happened today

I know I am competitive with other funeral homes – I want you to come to ME.

Some may be more grand and beautiful … mine is like the comfort of family … so I have to aim at the care and service that we provide – we are REALLY good.

Anyway… so the person tells me… they were given a list of places to call – and mine was not on that list.

When I asked how they learn of us…

They tell me… because your name is one of the best in the area, your reputation for caring for families. ❤️

They said if you ask locals – we are one of the best ❤️❤️🙌❤️❤️ yay!!

We are higher cost than some – I do not set the prices for the location.

So my aim will be how we care for you ❤️ we will be the best – and our name will be on everyone’s lips – you watch – I will make that happen ✌️ I will aim at that. You watch my numbers

No one can come close to us in compassion, so let’s see how far I can take that. That is where I am going to separate us from the others 😘

I do not mind attention if it is for work… then I want attention lol

But outside of business hours – I do not wish to have any attention lol

I had to shop at store today for those gifts and omg – I just don’t want to go out to public places – I am tired

It is always a thing!! And I’m all dressed up too, so that never helps the situation. That makes it a million times worse, because I am all done up!! Yeah like that doesn’t catch attention or anything 🤨 I might as well pull up in the hearse lol

And no I do not… it is bad enough I have to take it to car wash and gas station lol. I do enjoy bringing it to be serviced – that is fun lol

I have news to share about work. But I am just completely exhausted – I will share another time maybe

Oh and check this out – remember fire guy?? He had to come do re-inspection today… inspecting my work on completing the list he gave me.

My work is flawless – you tell me what you want and I will have that and all the details.

He said – I already knew you would have it all done – because you messaged me and asked me questions and I could tell you were a person of your word.


He said some will just not be compliant or not really care about getting done!! 😮

Why would you not follow regulations?

I asked “don’t you shut places down for non-compliance?”

He said they are turned over to code enforcement which then goes after them.

I like him – I got to talk to him for a minute – good guy … excited for his job – loves his job

So next year they be back 🙄 I be ready fully this time lol – you will not find one thing wrong 😘✌️

But yay!! I passed compliance ❤️ fully ❤️

Have all Friday reports completed for 2 locations – have outreach ready and packaged for the locations they are going to ❤️ and I will be dressed to the 9’s … because 1st impression… remember me 😘✌️

You have one chance at a first impression – so better be good.

So I want to draw attention. And then I come bringing gifts lol … and none of them know me – they do… but only over phone lol

So. Ok … I am more comfortable with attention when is work related … if isn’t related to work, I hide from it…

But at work – I think it is ok. We see lol ✌️

I do not mind drawing attention for a work purpose

If it’s for work… there is a reason to draw the attention.

I have a focus and an aim. ❤️

But if is on my own, I do not like attention very much. I guess it is that I feel – that’s my personal space … so only the people close, can really be there – the ones I love and trust ❤️

So yeah I guess like that ?

At work there is a purpose… on my own that is very personal … I think that’s it!! 😮

Also… I have this horrible itch tonight … I can feel the itch INSIDE – it’s like under one of the implants and I have no feeling in my chest!! So no matter how much I itch – I feel no relief – there is nothing … I can not get to the itch and it is driving me insane!!!

I can feel the itch!!! But I can not feel the scratching, rubbing, moving or anything else I do!! ugghhh – it’s like torture

I wish my scars were zippers – I could unzip for a moment and try to fix that

Instead I have an itch I can not scratch lol 🤨

I do not understand how I have no nerves and no feeling … but yet, I can feel itches – this is not the first time

Are they ghost itches? Where you remember the feelings? But it really isn’t there?

Kinda like when you lose a limb – you sort of have a ghost limb?

Or lose a loved one… you keep imagining… they walk right through the door like normal

It’s it that? Cause it fricken itches so I can feel an itch and it does not feel like a ghost itch

But the mind can also trick you? So not really sure – but I itch and there is nothing I can do!! Totally torture

I never had inside itches before all this.

And thank god I am home because it is my breast and I want to itch – but I feel nothing so it’s just not going well

Anyway – I have got to go. I don’t have enough hours or enough sleep!! 😮

Good night – I will be around on weekend ✌️😘

I will read soon ❤️

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  1. I’ve had weird itches like that before. Feels like you’ll go insane!

    Are you aware that it’s currently Passover? I think Sat evening is the high holy celebration.

    Dried fruit and/or nut assortments appear to be a standard Passover gift, though chocolate matzoh cookies look better!!

    I went to a seder dinner 40yrs ago. All I remember are the open door (for some prophet to enter), gifelte fish (GROSS), matzoh, bitter herbs, celery dipped in salt water, and readings in english and hebrew.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes …yes it does drive you insane!!

      Well the cake thing I have has nuts… ohhh and raisins (there is dried fruit) and cinnamon

      Is basically just to come say hello, chat for little about some things.😊
      I have to go to sleep now – my eyes won’t stay open

      Gnite ❤️

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      1. Grains are forbidden during passiver. Cake, unless it uses matzo cake meal, is not kosher.

        You might want to deliver it after the weekend when it no longer matters (unless it’s an orthodox temple).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well the bakery ran out anyway and we got chella bread instead and gave that to them …

        They loved it ❤️ I was going to go to them… but instead they came to me ❤️

        Was awesome to meet them!!

        My location does not do a lot of Jewish or Muslim – but one of the other ones is known for those.

        Mine is known for Catholic, Greek, Italian, etc. – we do everything… but we are known for the Catholic and Greek services

        Haunted mansion has all kinds but has a high Asian population

        It went over really well. 😊❤️ … it had to be done today


    1. I was so excited about passing the fire inspection! I knew I would cause I had literally everything done – and done perfectly and in order. So went really well! ❤️

      Hahaha oh yeah lol, I remember that too!

      Ahhhh Friday 🙌❤️ finally

      Well that was the longest week on earth!! 😮 so glad is Friday ❤️

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