We see …

I have a funny odd little story lol … or stories lol

So there is this umm case or issue- that I have found and been handling since January 2021. This past January

I tell you – I am cleaning everything up 🙌

Well, a person calls me… always ends up getting me… and tells me no one is helping them.

So ok … I will get help… so I reach out – tell other people to help this person. They tell me “ok yes ok sure, we help” (it’s their department which I know nothing about)

And then this same person calls me back few weeks later and tells me same thing 🤨

Ok well now … I’m just gonna take matters into my own hands then. Cause I’m done – I will handle – so I tell them that and say I will call them back.

So… I was already informed who the manager of this department is… never spoke to him, never met him… doesn’t matter – this needs to be handled!!

So I call him and just kinda started in lol … hello my name is Trisha and I am with “my place” – here is my issue… here is what happened… here is what they said they would do… this person is 85 years old – can you help me handle this?

So… he says to me at 4pm… “I will be right there, I am 30 minutes away! I want a tour anyway” 😮 … wait what?? 😳

Oh ok 😮.. he wanted to come and take the file. He said “this will now be handled” 🙌 see … that’s what I wanna hear – easy peesy- when I tell you to handle – you handle it ❤️ yay!!

But he is chatty lol… many in the funeral business are chatty which makes them so awesome and hilarious!!

But yes chatty lol

So I left late but that is ok. Was good to meet him

He said I was Fiery because of the red hair lol – don’t even ask how that got in convo lol … but he did tell me he had heard of me and has heard good things about me… 😮 they talk about me!! Lol

Good… I do want good attention at work so – I work very very hard – so yeah … say my name lol ✌️😘

I am very elusive lol – only “my team” of staff from the 3 funeral homes, has really met me in person – very few of the others have – some but not many – we have been locked down tight for awhile…

I did not expect him to be running right over when I called – but I suppose opportunity and there was no time for me to say no – I had to give him the file to handle it

That was cool though. Networking with other department

I like his work style.

Oh and then … ok listen… I am getting more and more uncomfortable with neighbor guy… ok so let me tell you…

He is out of town I guess? He text me and say he away until Friday – which is fine all the neighbors do that… that is not unusual or out of the ordinary for them to let people know, so we keep eye out. Is a totally normal thing the neighbors do when they leave. So ok whatever

I said “ok, sounds good. See ya Friday”

And his reply makes me uncomfortable

He just said “looking forward to it”

Ok wait – back the horses up!!! No no!!! Do not be looking forward to see me!! This is not good!! No no no!!

Now I have to say stuff 🤨 ugh 🤦‍♀️ now it’s a thing – I want no part of anything!!

Now I have to tell him – look, I am neighbor, I am woman, you have marriage and you have wife. I do not want any issues or any drama – I am not getting involved and do not want to be involved with anything.

If he is not happy in his marriage than he needs to handle that – not try to turn to me.

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ so I have to say – stay away

So whatever ok.

I told you would be an issue. It’s always an issue. So. Whatever

So … are you seeing what is like for a woman sometimes? Yeah like that.

So… nope.

Also country boy actually texted me tonight. He teased me about something as his opener 😄 so ok … I will text

We texted for like 5 minutes – usually I am chatty on text or I just write long stuff lol 🤷‍♀️… but I dunno – I’ve been quiet

I told him the story about the hair and being fiery and he said … yeah it’s not the hair… it’s the Irish ☘️ lol 😄

Yup ok he’s right lol

I just texted with him for quick moment… but I am just sorta currently little quiet.

He is very sweet though and hmm he is actually making effort of things … hmm … we see

Every time I say “we see” it makes me think of my daughter… because she does not like me saying those words 😄😄

I use the words “we see” kind of automatically ? Very easy answer for just about everything lol 🙌💋✌️ then I can delay my actual decision …

She says that when “I” say “we see” … that means no 🤨😄😄 so she does not like me using those words “we see” lol

It doesn’t always mean no… “just we see” lol

That is hard for me not to say. Did not realize how much I say it until she points it out lol

Huh, interesting 🤔

Well whatever – maybe I fix that – maybe not … we see 😄😄😄❤️✌️

I am doing little better with the overwhelmed aspect. Mostly. It’s fine for now. Sorta. Mostly

Let’s just go with that for now

I need to go live in a convent lol I am kidding – I do not want that!!! Nope … I do not want that either

It’s one extreme or the other – I don’t want either one – hmm… how to find the middle 🤔… is there a middle?

Ok I have to go to bed

Good night 😘❤️

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  1. Another mixed day!! Hopefully he was just being effusive but after the other day who can tell .. Grrr 😦
    Ha, I can relate to the “We’ll see”. It was a useful phrase to employ when the kids were small and I can vividly remember when they turned round and said “Urgh, so that means no then”. Yup, busted but by then I was so used to that deliciously vague phrase that I still use even if I really mean we shall see haha

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah was mixed day. But was good day. Mixed days aren’t bad – there is a balanced to mixed lol

      I do not trust him.

      He is coming too close and he is also saying things that do not sit right. But “we see” lol ✌️

      Hahahaha yes!!! That is like the best phrase ever ❤️❤️ is same for me 😄

      Ahhh the little joys in life 🙌❤️😘✌️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. ❤️ right? So close I can feel it 🙌❤️

        Also … I knew Easter was coming – and I have already gathered all supplies – but I did not realize Easter is Sunday 😮😮😮😮😮

        Friday is also Good Friday (although… to me… every Friday, is a Good Friday 😘)


        Liked by 1 person

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