Kinda quiet

Today was overwhelming – in every way possible …

But is better.

Not with guys because that is still overwhelming 🤨

Neighbor guy trying to be too friendly … he saw I was home early and text me to say – I see you are home, everything ok? 😳

Yup everything is fine just handling personal business.

And he says “ok well I was worried about you” 😮

And then said …if I needed anything at all, to let him know. 😮

Ok so then you tell me- wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable too?? I know he being nice – but be better if his wife around …I would be more comfortable

And then I am here with my daughter and she is playing something with her friends …

When suddenly she says “that just went all American” 😮😳

So I said “what does that mean?”


And I was told “whenever someone mentions guns – it gets American” 😮😮😮

I know is due to all the recent gun violence 🤨 but I don’t like they labeled it American 😮😮

That is bothersome.

Anyway… I’m going to bed.

Almost to Friday 🙌

5 thoughts on “Kinda quiet

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  1. Haha, awwh, you’re wishing for Friday and it’s Tuesday but yeah, Wednesday always feel like the descent into the weekend for me haha.
    Oh and you have gone to bed ten minutes early! 😉 Expect a text :-O

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    1. Hahaha you are too funny 😄😄😄❤️

      Yes Wednesday is definitely that hump to get over lol – very true – now descending into Friday 🙌❤️

      Yeah that last line was too funny lol

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