Ugh the title lol

Ok so… now I understand those people who marry themselves with a whole thing !! That just sounds better and better every day!!

I think I have found the one🙌 😄😄 lol … sorry that was funny ❤️

But twice today I got asked to dinner or lunch 😮😮 and it’s not even noon yet!! Wth 🤦‍♀️

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

I am uncomfortable. This is why I get overwhelmed. Cause see – it’s like that. I just want it not to be so much. That gets to be a lot with all the stuff going on and I just want to avoid all of that.

But whatever ugh 🤦‍♀️… I just don’t want to deal with any of this. Makes me really uncomfortable. And then when it’s a lot – it adds to the overwhelming things.

I want to remove the issue – but I do not know how {{?}}

It feels way over my head. But it’s something that is just going to happen. So. There really isn’t much you can do. 🤨 I try to avoid and it only gets worse

I am really having problems handling that.

I need a shirt or something that says “Danger ⚠️ stay back” lol – although I doubt it would work cause very rarely do people pay attention to signs 🪧

But I dunno – I said no of course … there is just too much happening and then that too. 😝

So that is why I am currently complaining. This is why I run to country lol ✌️… well partly

What am I gonna do if I have to actually be back in civilization 😮😮

That be coming – I am aiming to get another place so 😮 I don’t know where yet 😮

I don’t think I want civilization but country people don’t leave lol … so depends on what’s avail and how lucky I can get too.

Always changes

Ok I have stuff to handle that is making me all stressed so going to go do that and should be back later

Omg the wind today!! On the highway was really bad!!!! Blowing the cars and trucks 😮

And it’s just blowing really hard – but the day is incredibly beautiful though ☀️🙌😊

I can feel the allergies though 🤧

Ok I have to do a ton of stuff – be back later ✌️

9 thoughts on “Ugh the title lol

Add yours

    1. Just for more room. Better place. I still be family with landlord ❤️🙌 but maybe time to move forward

      Hahahaha it would “attract men”??? … saying there is danger?… do they run to danger? Lol

      Danger is attraction 🤨 I would think you would go the other way! Lol


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