So yes, I am tense. I can not find my calm.

It all makes me feel sick- I will explain later. I need to lay down.


Btw – it’s not depression?? Because I am not sad?? I am overwhelmed. Not sad ??

I will try to be back later – I lay down for little while ? Maybe? 🙏 we see

I have urge to go silent and withdraw but I won’t. I’m just saying that the urge is there to do that.

Ok I need to lay down

2 thoughts on “Tense.

Add yours

    1. ❤️ thank you ❤️

      Lol I know my girls always saying we put the fun in
      FUN-eral 🙄😄😄 ❤️

      I am off to sleep, or to try to – I have exhausted myself so I should be able to fall asleep ok. 🙏

      Hope you doing well I will stop over soon – probably Saturday – I work all day tmrw and then it’s Friday

      I’m gonna be insane crazy for minute whew – but back when able

      … thank you ❤️😘

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