I am overwhelmed.

Just having a moment.

It will be fine.

It’s totally fine.

I don’t know? I am just overwhelmed – it will be fine.

It is fine – just keep saying that.

I am just having little panic over every single thing!! Too many things!!

I can not date – I just can’t, I can’t do it – I need to – I want to… but I can’t … I can not be at ease with that. Not yet.

I want to – but I just can’t

And then court stuff

And then just pressure and stuff – which I don’t mind – but there are a lot of things causing massive pressure (work)

It will be fine and I will handle one at a time whew it will be totally fine – I am just tense – it’s just many things all at same time so I just need to breathe through them.

I just feel like my stomach is in knots and I can’t really breathe well… it is labored because I am trying to relax shhh

It is totally fine – nothing I can’t handle – and I will.

I am just overwhelmed by too many things

Ok well … I have to get back… I might have to go home – I need a minute

Just having panic that’s all – it’s fine. I am breathing through it.

It will be fine. I can not add anything else omg – ok how to avoid everything else

Ok I have to go – breathe remember to breathe

The mask is not helping me breathe whew

Ok I will be back, I promise, just give me time

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  1. You have a had a rough year or so! Take time for yourself! There’s no hurry, you have a lot going on and a lifetime to do them! Just focus and you an your daughter and, when you are at ease with your life, everything else will follow at its own pace 😉 Stay Well!

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    1. I dunno? Kinda overwhelmed. I feel that urge to go severe silent. Like intensely. It’s fine

      I am strong … I get through stuff

      It’s just … I try to relax and I’m so tense… and I feel sick? But no actually sick?

      And I can like feel my body doing waves of stress hormones whew it’s fine

      I will get through it.


      1. Yes, you will get through it. But if you need to go silent to take care of yourself, then do so. You don’t owe any of us anything! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF

        Alternate response: try some thc gummies.

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      2. ❤️ I love you ❤️

        Yes I know… but it is WordPress that keeps me from going completely silent – it is my crutch for that. My security blanket for not completely going silent.

        … and your alternate response lol … I probably should but my tummy flipping and tense so I don’t know if I want anything in my stomach at this moment?? I want to take easy – I don’t usually take anything other than Advil for anything – except I did like that cream on the breast pain

        I will be careful ❤️ thank you


      3. One shock of trying thc gummies is that they settle my stomach!! At least when it’s heartburn/gerd. It’s been great because xanax was causing heartburn.

        I’m insanely nauseous right now (ate “trigger” foods while already sick) and gonna try one. I’ll try to remember to report on the results.

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      4. Well that’s true – it does help keeping things down? I know helps with cancer stuff

        Yes I would be curious to know if it helps you? Then maybe I try? I hope you feel better

        My stomach just keeps tying in knots… I will calm and it will start again – I can feel the stress hormone releasing 😝


      5. I definitely felt that way with my illness and everything.

        I hope you don’t have ptsd and it’s “simply” a temp intense reaction to stress or things you can’t control or anything like that which eventually passes!!

        Was it possibly triggered by the divorce getting finalized… a long bad episode seeing a bit of closure?

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      6. I don’t know- but the panic and sick feeling is constant and it could be that mixed with country boy and …

        There are things I don’t say, that kinda go on. I just ignore and stay silent.

        I don’t speak so. I am silent.

        I will explain in a post – or I will try.


      7. Well I know that – I don’t care. It does help me release a little. And also helps me not go completely silent. Plus if anyone else experienced or goes through similar – maybe they understand or they have words?

        I know I do not owe anyone anything – you either know me or you don’t . I feel ok here. I do not mind.

        But thank you for saying that ❤️


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