I have no idea how to find the comments or anything actually!!? I have no idea where anything is, for WordPress on the computer!

I know I have things to respond to and read, but I can’t find them here. ??? I do not ever EVER use the computer for WordPress

I will see there is a reply on my phone, it still does notifications… but I can not get into them on the phone – and I have no idea where to find them on the computer. – There are way too many things on the computer – is very junked up to me. I do not like it.

I did find my profile and changed my about me lol… so I was excited about that, cause I can not find that on the phone. I don’t sit there and play around on these things. ALL I do is post and sorta socialize lol … that’s it! Nothing fancy. Simple – I want simple – I do not like hunting things.

So hopefully the app comes back – I hate the computer… I have to use a computer for work. I don’t want to be at a computer! I like WordPress App for the simplicity and ease… plus mobility. The computer has none of those things to me lol

But it is new… so I am not familiar with computer for WordPress

Hopefully my app comes back… I can’t do music because that will be long and involved figuring out – and I don’t feel like sitting here trying to figure that out – so I am lacking music…. and emoji’s – I have no idea where those are. I never use the computer for anything except work.

I haven’t touched a computer for fun stuff in a few years. I don’t like the computer. I am never on the computer. I feel chained with a computer. bleh

Also my computer is a windows computer… I do not like the OS of Microsoft/Windows things. I find it very difficult, clunky and hard to use for anything. I do however LOVE all Apple products lol… again for the simplicity and ease… I am just used to Apple. Plus I feel safe and secure with Apple… I do not feel safe and secure with Windows OS

Whatever = just saying

I have to go. I will be back when able… hopefully on my phone.

Also when I make a mistake – my phone will fix it and let me go fast… the computer just shows me the error but makes me go back and fix it. :/ Annoying!!!! I don’t make many mistakes but my fingers do fly, so it happens.

ok enough complaining – I just want my app! What is wrong with it? Maybe I will try WordPress on my phone but within Safari and see if that might work? I really hate it on the computer!

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    1. Do not laugh… I do not use that computer very much – I just have it for work or email stuff. But usually I never touch it. I have tried to download things – but I do not know how or do not do it right and windows frustrates me

      That reminds me of my oldest son though lol… all the time he tells me there is an app that makes android free like  Apple lol 🙄😄 that still does not make me want android- he tries to get me to switch over

      I am using the web version of WP in Safari – I still don’t like how clunky it is but whatever it works sorta – the app is still crashing 🤨

      I found the comments obviously… but they look and are weird and I can’t tell which are new or old or what?

      Yeah I only ever use the app lol

      Which app do you speak of though ? I do try things lol ✌️ … sometimes lol … we see

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      1. Haha, yes, I will not switch to Android either 😉
        For the phone, I use the WP app and for the computer I downloaded something called from the WordPress site – it gives a screen very similar in layout to the phone app. If you can’t find it on one of the drop-down menus, ask the kids 😉
        Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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  1. It’s under the Admin option. If you stats, that’s the wrong admin. Look for one on that page and you should be in the right place. Scroll down to find Comments on the left. They’re not as well organized as on the app.

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      1. Oh, that came out a month or more ago! It’s pointless… allows you to overlay text on vid or photo but then displays an icon instead of the image. And saves a copy every time you edit the text.

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      2. That does not sound like something I want… lol

        Well it was “just” added to my app. Or that made it crash? Lol

        Yeah I am not interested in story posts


      3. I’m thinking your app crashed because you were too far behind on updates.

        It doesn’t even do “story posts”, like fb, despite what it says. It simply allows you to add text over an image or video (with completely inaccurate preview)… something I would do with a pic editor before posting.

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      4. That’s probably true – I never ever check for updates – just do them. Since when they ask my permission? Now I have to go do it?

        Yeah that does not even sound like anything I am interested in.

        I be right back to read and stuff


      5. I don’t pay too much attention to my phone – unless I am on here lol

        Is always funeral people lol

        Otherwise it used to be silent because I made it that way. I like it quiet 🤫

        Only my funeral people light me up (sometimes family 🙄)

        But I don’t pay too much attention – I pay zero attention to updates for anything lol 😄😄😄 like literally zero lol


      6. You should make sure you have automatic updates turned on! Sounds like it was turned off for WP. A LOT of apps have recently been doing the same thing as wp… crash if you’re a couple revs out of date. That’s why I knew what to do. Even my Roku tv did it over the weekend!

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      7. Actually all I use is WordPress … email … text messages 🙄… phone calls 🙄… and maybe one other app that is a game and that’s it

        I will have to see if I can find that eventually lol 😄


  2. i know…same boat as you. I ditched the computer 5-6 years ago and have not gone back. A few times I had to hop on the PC for posting and I was lost. Their web ver is bad. WP developers though prioritize the web version over the phone app.

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    1. Wow!! They focus on wrong area lol – get with the game WP!

      But then again I don’t want them junking up my app and making it suck

      I just want them to make it work right

      I did get it working … I deleted and reinstalled and it worked 🤨🙄 do not understand, but not asking questions – it works – I am happy again lol ❤️✌️

      I did not like the computer version one bit!!!


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