WordPress on my phone is NOT working!! It just crashes – Since Friday!! I can’t get it to open at all.

I do not like using on computer which is what I am doing now. I do not like the way it feels/ looks/handles on the computer. I prefer the phone app – is easier and mobile. This on the computer WordPress – I do not like it and can not find anything!!!!!

Guess what!!! I am Divorced!!!! I am free!!!! I will tell you more when my app is back, but I am free!!!

He was still awful, and I have alot to tell… I just hate doing this on the computer – it is throwing me off very much.

When my app comes back – I will tell you all the details. I just like the simpleness and ease of the app better, online on a computer sucks!

Ok I have to go – I will be back when I can – even if on computer – but I do not understand where anything is on the computer, I feel weird using it on computer. It looks weird, feels weird… very weird. I have no idea where anything is! I just see post button so I hit that… even writing here is weird. I am much better on the phone.

I do not know what is wrong with the app… it stopped working on Friday. Then I had an update so thought maybe was that? So I updated. and restarted the phone and still it won’t load. ?? So I have no idea what is wrong with it??

The blue load screen comes up like its loading and then it crashes. bleh

Ok well – Not liking computer at all! Forcing me to use computer :/ … I don’t even know where the emoji’s are!!!! Yeah I do not like the computer.

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    1. Ugh the comments section!! Everytime I reply it adds my comment here… yeah I do not like the online version.

      I will try the delete and uninstall later at work – thank you ❤️


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