The deaths are starting up again. Be careful!! Please be careful!! We are not out of the woods yet… just because we opening means nothing – there is still a danger so be aware and be careful.

Still follow the protocols… wash your hands, wear a mask, don’t touch your face, keep a distance.

Just wait… They are vaccinating as fast as possible…

Be patient – which I know is not a strong suit… but be patient – we so close to being safe… please be careful!!

And then today… 🤨 … I have one arranger who is new… last week we had a first call and he only give it to one arranger

No! It must go to all of us – because IF something happens to the director for whatever reason or she can not come in … I need to know there is a call out there to be handled

So he was spoken to about that – already … he will now email all 3 of us

Then today my part times comes and tells me he called HIM ON HIS CELL – not even the office number – to say he needs my part timer to go over there for something – instead of asking me

I had no idea what was going on and it caused a huge issue. So I went to my boss

He seems to ONLY turn to the young staff directly – ok THAT is gonna be his downfall – I don’t complain about anything ever but I will complain about that!

I am the office manager – you want my part timer – you ask me!

And what is this crap? Age discrimination?

He just does not want to deal with anyone over 30. So we gonna have some issues if that continues – he will be blocked from their phones, if he can’t figure it out – then he will have to go through me

Cause that is ridiculous and now caused problems as of today! If you want me staff – you go through me!

So boss will handle that for me.

I would handle myself – but I am supposed to go through boss… so I do that.

And then country boy… he text me… so I don’t know how sincere he is or what he wants? What do want? To get in pants?… what?

So I am hard on guys. Because no.

If you want to come at me, then you be honest and tell me what you want.

I give country boy little extra leeway because he has been amazing and sweet through everything – I am still hard on him … but not as hard as I am with the others

And today my one of my directors said something about someone else asking about me… 🤨

Ok the answer is no. Especially if pertains to work. Any of the families – no… any of the workers – no… so the answer is no.

I was complaining to a male worker about this today… and he tells me “well you are an attractive woman” 🤨

Ok so that makes it ok… I see

And then you judge me based on what I look like …so the answer is no. You think no, but that is the way – so nope 👎

So that’s gonna be an issue for me.

So I dunno. It’s an issue this week.

And then people be flirting and stuff and I stay very professional, because no!! I want none of that!

Sorta – country boy text me and ya know I have a lot on my plate… he is very sweet, he is kind… but he is also a man… no offense – but I don’t trust his motive – he is not overly communicative

So I have this thing I do… if you try to come too close – I tell you exactly what I want

And what I want is really deep… and is not really something you can ask for and know for sure – but I want that

You give that to me and I will stop in my tracks – but so far works well as a deterrent

It will scare you off… it doesn’t scare him off though but he doesn’t say yes either? So I am not sure how to handle him.

So I don’t know.

If you give me what I want… then you shall have the world – but until then – I have to deal with all this 🤨🙄

Yes it’s flattering … but at the same time is overwhelming and I want nothing to do with it.

And no one understands why. I have several reasons.

So whatever

I have to run but I be back shortly ✌️

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  1. That’s a new form of age discrimination to me? I wonder what his problem is or whether he was just scared to go through coz you might say no or maybe he felt he was cutting-out the middleman or just simple he thought he would do things his way haha. Weird.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would not have said no – but I might not have sent my part timer … as is I had no idea what was going on 😮

      Only my part timer knew what was happening … the PART TIMER!

      He does that. Only goes to the people who are HIS age mid-20’s.

      It is weird.

      Liked by 1 person

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