It was LONG 😮 they had soooooo many questions for him. Both financial and otherwise!!

He was asked if I took care of the kids so that he could work and further his career …

He said yes, but he also said he could not account for every second of my day 🤨 – Asshole

There were a few times where he would get angry at my lawyer who kept a neutral tone… he would explode really quick and then apologize for his behavior

And then a few times he would get mad and say I am not answering that – and HIS counsel would step in and say “this is their deposition, they ask the questions, if there is an objection that is one thing, but you are required to answer all their questions – you can not tell them no”

And then he would answer

We were in a zoom meeting with this deposition… he knew I was there listening because lawyers had to name everyone in room or that could hear.

There was a court stenographer in there recording everything said.

He lied on many things so that works for me ✌️

And I learned things we can use – which we will. He should have taken my offer – whatever

So let’s see what a judge is to say

Friday I believe is settlement conference but that should be fast… because there is no settlement…

I offered – he countered with shit… so no

Let’s see this battle now. Let’s see how mighty he is, now that I have protection ❤️

It was long … from 9:30 until about 2:30 all questions 😊👏 I loved his explosions, his assholeness, his condescending ness … just show you who he is ❤️

His colors are showing ❤️❤️❤️

And then when asked about his current positions – he stumbled… he said things and then changed them, and then went back and answered again

And then he was uncomfortable answering simple questions. And at times madly defensive.

What’s a matter? You trippin?

So went really well ❤️ I felt sick all morning … and then I just sat there and took notes for myself and listened. I wrote a few questions I had him ask about. It went well 😊👏

I am used to things with Satan being horrific… this was first time that afterwards … I do not feel like throwing up and I am breathing normally ❤️ ahhhh


Oh and I do have a dumb story – and this also will explain why I do not like to be out and about 🤨 I just don’t like that

Ok so I am driving … I will not look over because I do not like making direct eye contact because it causes me problems

Is best if I look forward and just pay attention around me – not at people in cars next to me

But I had my windows open – in my little blue thing lol 🚙 😘💙

Then there is a fricken ass red light 🚦🤨… fine whatever I’ll stop lol ✌️

Well dude next to me with a buddy driving – in a jeep yells out “hey!” …

I fricken turned 🤨 dammit… do I not learn???

Evidentially not… but in my defense – it catches me off guard 🤨🤨🤨 stop doing that!! Don’t be like “life” lol 😘✌️😄

Ok well anyway… he says HEY! I fricken turned, and he says hello beautiful can I get your number 🤨🤨 … as he hangs out his friends ride

Ok… first of all… No … definitely not like that!!

And second this song hit my brain lol …

Dude!! 🤨 … not even speaking in terms of money – how about some class? 🤨

Do you see what it is like being a woman??? This is why I hate being out there, because of things like this.

You can not just pull up in the car beside me and say HEY 🤨

Lol… that is just too funny – I also thought of this:

Because I zoom 🏎 away ❤️ gimme that green ❇️

I don’t know how someone would catch me to try to know me… I make that very difficult lol … I stay pretty secluded, do not really give the time of day… just because I do not want any drama – I like my nice little peaceful life – I like it, that way!!

So I don’t know 🤷‍♀️… I kinda feel like if meant to happen it just will, but I do make it a little challenging

And then if they do try to talk to me… I am polite … but I never accept – I will try to get away as fast as possible 😮 I will look for my escape

I do not really know how NOT to do that. It is like instinct!!! Totally instinct! My instinct is to get away as fast as possible 😮

So how would someone approach that? I am not sure? Good luck lol just kidding lol

But I dunno?? You would have to approach easy and slow. Then I am not so on guard. Or already know me somehow

A person better be sincere though …or do not even step to me. That’s a rule lol 😘✌️ … also maybe not hang out your best friends ride, while yelling “hey beautiful” 🤨🙄 that might work for some women, but that’s gonna go back to knowing your target 🎯 😘

All in all it was a good day ❤️

First time ever, after handling Satan I am not in tears, trying to breathe or having panic attack ❤️❤️❤️ 🙌

Cooking dinner then I can read ❤️🙌❤️

9 thoughts on “Deposition

Add yours

    His explosions won’t be counted against him by a judge but they give your lawyer plenty of info on how to trip him up when a judge cares!!

    Your lawyer will have to prove the lies. If he can do that… oops… PERJURY!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well just by those little tantrums and things – you can see the vindictiveness so in court, that will be good! Cause he is gonna be pissed and extremely angry

      Oh yes absolutely – we have proof ❤️ the financial things in question will have to be turned in.

      He was also annoyed with the amount of questions, sometimes same question reworded

      So it went well for the very first time ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YAAAYYYYY!

        I was deposed once. Got very tricky on a a question about a “phallus” in my mouth. I was 16 and humiliated, despite just being a witness. It was a chocolate penis-shaped sucker. I might, now, agree it was a “phallus” but still believe that implies a dildo or something.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah they keep on you with the questions – I had no idea what to expect 😮

        It was not bad – I didn’t have to see him, only hear him and he couldn’t speak to me or hear me ❤️

        No wonder they call it the HOT SEAT ✌️


  2. Well, that sounds encouraging! Nothing like some twat losing their temper and being petulant to weaken their case 😉
    Obviously, I don’t know the ins and outs of it all but seems as you have been reasonable! I guess its America haha but the idea of offers nd counter-offers seems quite strange unless you Are Jeff Bezos or have kids under 10. Hope your lawyer was encouraged by the day!
    Ha, geez, you seem to get hit on every time you leave the house! Hopefully, none of them are his stooges trying to catch you out!
    Stay well and good luck for friday!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s the very first time ever someone is protecting “me”… he has never been questioned or grilled before. It was all new for him and took all day, he didn’t like the questions being asked and sometimes asked several times… and it was so long so that annoyed him too – took all day so work was shot. I’m sure he is not happy someone is protecting me either.

      Mine is this way because he was so brutal from the beginning and I had no legal counsel protecting me, no restraining order or anything was filed

      So he went nuts while I lost my family and had cancer – I had no way to fight or protect myself and he took advantage … he continued coming after me while I was battling cancer until the court stepped in and put my case on hold until I beat the cancer

      And the minute I came out of that surgery he started back up

      Well… I can fight now… so you better believe I am… we gonna see what happens – I have nothing to lose ✌️😘

      May he have the same mercy he showed me.

      I do not think my lawyer worries ever!! He knows his shit and he is on it… also he protects me huge against him ❤️ I am used to constant attacks with everything

      First time I have protection ❤️

      Hahaha that’s how is here … is not just me… 🙄 if you are a woman, you will be hit on.

      And yes it happens literally every time I go out so I don’t like to go out lol

      Before covid hit – my girlfriends would want me to come out with them… because I had a lot of stuff going on they wanted me to relax lol

      But that did not ever sound relaxing to me… when I think of it … I think of purposely going somewhere that I know I will be hit on … why would I do that?! Lol

      I try to avoid that not run towards it lol

      I know all his normal stooges… lol … and if is one of his little unknown minions whatever … I still don’t give out my number lol … at least they still ask for numbers and not some social media lol

      Is it not like that in France? Men aren’t constantly hitting on women there?

      Thank you 😊❤️🙏 yes Friday should be easier I think? But I have never done these things before so we see 🙏🙏🙏

      Thank you very much always for your support! 😊❤️🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Geez, that just sounds so horrible 😦 I know life is weird sometimes but it still amazes me how some folk can just wilfully be cruel. And deliberately so to someone they once loved and is the mother of their children! We are a strange breed we are, us humans 😦
        Sound like your lawyer is as on the ball as you have said. That is excellent news for you! Stay strong Trisha, the end of the tunnel is in sight!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me too… but I married Satan – I am not kidding

        But I survived his reign of terror… and now I’m ready to fight back finally ❤️✌️

        Yup … I am in the clearing at this point … almost there ❤️

        I am so thrilled about being done with this!! You have no idea

        Like a starving man looking at food lol 🙌❤️😄

        I will have a permasmile!! A smile that never leaves lol

        And I will be free ❤️❤️❤️ finally ❤️❤️❤️

        He can’t take me down anymore ❤️✌️

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