I am at work… I can not stay… only giving information passed to me today from one of our meetings …

Moderna… they evidently did EXTENSIVE testing – that the others have not done.

Moderna will protect you against covid and variants – what their tests are showing is that it protects you from catching AND also prevents you from being a “carrier” and spreading it – seemingly so far, on all variants!!

This is what they are “saying” so you are aware to think for yourself also – stay protected because lots of things are always “said”… you decide what you think … this is what we are being told here

We were told that even within 21 days of getting the FIRST Moderna shot you have 86% immunity …

Still get that second for complete protection!! Don’t mess up their vaccination schedule to be fully protected

Pfizer has not done these tests like Moderna… but the info we have on them …is that the shot WILL protect you, BUT you can still be a carrier if you get the Pfizer vaccine – meaning you could potentially spread – so be aware of that with Pfizer

And as far as Johnson and Johnson goes – they are too new and we do not have any information at this time.

Use your own discretion with you own self – I am just sharing what we told this morning.

I do not always trust things and covid teaches us that life can be fluid – meaning changes constantly! So … right now that’s what they telling us


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