To Be or Not To Be

This would be one of those musical scavenger hunts by “A Guy Called Bloke”

Mixitup and Playme Now!

Only I didn’t read down far enough to see he only wanted 5 songs lol… I got too excited to see it again and went for the full 10 lol ❤️✌️ picking these I wasn’t sure which way to take it but… I suppose it is perception at the moment right?

Whatever … here is my “to be or not to be” list…

1.) Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody … because it sounds very theater-ish … and with “to be or not to be” … I think of Shakespeare and theater lol so this one first …

2.) Edwin McCain – I’ll be … because “to be”

3.) Bebe Rexha – Meant to be … because again “to be” lol

4.) Mr. Big – To be with you … just a little repetition, still “to be”- I will get to “or not to be” lol

5.) Meghan Trainor – Me too … I had to add this one under “to be” I find this song both funny, fun and inspiring Lol 😄✌️so let’s place this here …

6.) Lorde – Royals … because we will never be royals so “not to be” lol … although America about to have their very first English royal born here ❤️

7.) SAYGRACE – You don’t own me … “not to be”

8.) Billie Eilish – There for I am … “not to be”

9.) Marshmallow & Anne Marie – Friends … “not to be”

10.) Falco – Rock Me Amadeus … lol … because I feel like it just goes well in this “to be or not to be” category? Because Amadeus was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart … so I just feel like is an equal in music to Shakespeare in plays? And Falco just modernized it lol … plus blast from the past for the final one …

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