Guess where I am?? Ahhh I am in heaven lol 😘❤️✌️

I am at the hotel room 👏❤️ yay!! It’s really nice – smells amazingly clean ❤️ sparkles ✨

Would you like to see my hotel room? I already had gotten into bed before I remembered photos. I just saw the bed and yes. 😘✌️ it called for me lol I had to!!

But let’s see … is normal standard hotel room but nice lol

Here is when you walk in…

It’s very calm and peaceful ❤️ I requested to be away from people lol ✌️ I think I am? Is a nice hotel – iffy area, but there is a fence and anyway… welcome to the city. The entire city is a little iffy lol ✌️ I am just not a city girl… maybe back East but not out here.

It’s just different

My commute tmrw be hmm maybe 20 min? There are a lot of red lights. But no highway ❤️ I am thrilled ❤️

So this week gonna be pretty nice ❤️ woo hoo!!

Note to self – do not get spoiled lol 😮 ✌️😘

And I’m in the city so I can have whatever I want, when I want… and is all right here!!

Do not get spoiled – I will still miss the country eventually I’m sure lol … I will … there is too much here – I like my peace ✌️

But is nice for a moment. I’m not home 😮 lol ✌️ it feels little like a breath ?? I don’t know? I am away ❤️✌️

Well anyway… it’s really nice… I researched … this one was the best one and was cheap for this area / good hotel with good rep… I read all the reviews online and they all positive both with room and staff and yup!! I agree, so I will say that also ❤️

Ok well I’m in heaven so I’m gonna go enjoy heaven lol ❤️ this bed is melting me 😘✌️

Gnite ❤️


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      1. Lol – omg VERY!! 🙌 trying VERY hard NOT to love it and NOT to be spoiled – that is hard ❤️

        Totally love it – work is right down the street …omg that is incredible and the hotel room is so awesome ❤️ is clean, the staff is amazing – incredible customer service! And housekeeping is on it 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

        And this bed ❤️❤️❤️ it’s like a cloud ❤️

        So yes very very very nice week – before next week ❤️

        Hope your week is also going nicely lol 😊

        It is pouring here – was even hailing!! 😮😮 insane!!


      2. Yeah before we left work yesterday it just opened up!! Like insane! 😮

        At work, that building is old… the torrential rain and hail made it seem like the building would crumble – you could hear it just pour even way back in office 😮

        I love hotels too ❤️❤️❤️


      3. Yeah my building is old and crumbly lol … so rain and hail sounds intense lol

        Also every so often I have to have my Maintenence guy check out my roof cause sometimes people try to live up there 🤨

        Every time I call him and ask him to check my roof, he always asks me if I am charging rent lol 🤨🙄 he’s a comedian 🤨🙄

        It’s an old building in an old area lol

        – Not really… with crazy weather ?? This area typically is very boring in weather 🙄 … only once in a blue moon with the really amazing thunder & lightening… hail is sometimes – but eh still boring (our hail is not big – it’s cute little ones lol)

        I only make it sound exciting but it’s really boring lol 😄✌️


      4. Yeah same here!! Was beautiful and sunny also ❤️ after a whole day of rain too lol

        Hahaha no people on roof is not good lol

        There are a lot of homeless in the area… so it can happen occasionally . We stay on top of it (no pun intended lol)


    1. Yeah the breakfast is a little brown bag due to covid – and no pool or hot tub… nothing public is open.

      But the room is amazing – have loved this week ❤️


  1. What chain is it? I loved the beds at Larkspur Landing so much that I was 2hrs late to a friend’s event! And the amenities were great.. dvd players and dvds, cookies every evening, full kitchen w/utensils, throw blankets! But that was obviously a long time ago (dvds).

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    1. I looked at them but here the reviews were not as good as this one … this one is really clean and the staff is phenomenal!!

      I am at a Holiday Inn Express – I have a king suite ❤️ lol ✌️


      1. I believe that is Hilton ??

        My favorite hotel is Embassy Suites ❤️❤️❤️ omg I love them – but they so pricey!!! But I love them!

        They used to have evening guest receptions from 5-7

        It was awesome and the rooms were like little apartments ❤️

        We have one in old sac and others around but it is very very pricey and I wasn’t willing to spend all kinds of money 💵


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