The day

Not a particularly exciting day. But I am firey sometimes with some things … because I take some things very seriously –

Like business lol … perhaps I am cut throat?? – you don’t expect that to know me or see me… but yes

If I choose to deal with you – you better be good lol 😘✌️

So I ordered this beautiful purple flower arrangement – with 3 happy birthday Mylar balloons 🎈🎈🎈 and 3 purple regular balloons to be included with a Teddy Bear 🧸

Purple because she loves purple… balloons to make her feel special… and a teddy bear to be a hug from us in California ❤️😘

I paid for delivery before 12 noon…

There was nothing.

So I messaged and they sent me email and said would refund the expedited shipping… and then 8pm Texas time comes and STILL nothing…

So I call this time – now you waste my time twice and now I have to speak to you… not pleased – so be on your game – I am the customer – you better make me happy … I’m giving you my money.

So they tell me how would I like to fix the problem …

I would like the order doubled for free – you did not follow through with your agreement at all.

They say we can not do that and couldn’t do the delivery until Monday

Then cancel that order and refund everything!!

They are cancelling and refunding.

And then if that is how you want to play in business – then ok … let’s go.

I yelped them and gave the story and also reviewed them on other sites as well.

As I was annoyingly leaving all my reviews … I read other reviews and they had same issue… or if was actually delivered sometime this century, the flowers were wilted 🥀

I am glad I cancelled – I should have read reviews first – but I work with florists – I handle funerals … my florists would never ever EVER give subpar service or subpar product

I have never had issues with florists before!!

So… do not do business with

“From you flowers”

It will be late or wilted 🥀 unless your into that lol

They did not offer any apology or way to make it up. And done – never again. Zero customer service or care for their business – marked Scam

So dealt with that earlier 🤨 waste of my time.

And that is why businesses fail… if you don’t take care of your customers – you are not gonna last long. That is called customer service – customer relations… some companies have zero idea how to do this properly? It’s like common sense but then again it’s 2021 so instead I will just warn others

I definitely take business dealings very seriously- both personal and business. So careful if I choose you. I’m tough. You do not want me on you! Lol ✌️

I did not research first 🤨 shame shame

I have been preparing for my staycation lol and handling some of my things otherwise.

Tmrw I go to hotel 😮 it will be nice. I will be close to work. In the city, but close to work.

I won’t have to use any highways this week ❤️ sweet ❤️

I’m excited but also little nervous about something? Or everything ?? I don’t know?

Oh my coworker texted me earlier … the one from yesterday and she said this:

I just want to thank you again for all the effort you made to make my anniversary so special – it was all you and I appreciate it so, so much💕
I’m not looking for a response to this text either 😉

❤️ awww 🥰 I am very lucky to have her ❤️ and I also feel we work strongly together and they are supportive of me as well… and when your employees are happy and appreciated – they work hard ❤️

Well at least making one feel special went well ❤️

Anyway… my last night at home this week until Friday 😮 and I’m not staying at a funeral home lol

My boss when I mentioned I was staying in hotel this week said “You should have said something – haunted mansion has working shower and complete home quarters” lol

I didn’t think of that but it is haunted mansion which is the most beautiful … but also the most creepy lol plus LOTS of homeless in the area making it little scary – yes scary! Many have mental issues in that area so I would be a little nervous staying there by myself? At night – during the day is fine… I do not know about night?

I would like sleep this week lol but that was a really nice offer ❤️

Anyway I guess that’s it? I am very mediocre ??? I am not overly happy, but have amazing… and then I have bad too, so I am kinda mellow from that?? So it has me mediocre?

(That song reminds me of my brother lol ❤️ he used to be obsessed with them – he played that song all the time! It feels mellow to me… so that is my song ❤️✌️)

Gnite 😘✌️

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  1. What a terrible let-down. Even if they’d apologised and said they couldn’t do it when you first chased them, you could have found another! So, frustrating especially given the importance of them.
    Good luck tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, total let down. Instead I went directly to the local florist and I researched which one was the best…

      Sent her a beautiful purple bouquet for today – I sent a teddy with it – but they didn’t have balloons 🎈… but I got her the prettiest purple arrangement ❤️ – so today she will just continue her bday

      And anyway… when your birthday kicks off the beginning of the month – you get to have the whole month lol … it’s an unspoken rule I made up 😄✌️

      Thank you ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah ❤️ day late… but just keep the birthday going ✌️ lol ❤️ I’m sure she will love it!

        Yes I like my made up rules too lol 😄✌️ (I own July) lol

        Liked by 1 person

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