Oh yeah Monday

It did not seem like a Monday today… everything went pretty well lol ✌️

First a warning… for those in United States 🤨 … just FYI – if someone calls you and says they are with IRS OR Social security – it is a scam

The social security one will call and say your social security number will be suspended due to suspicious activity – DO NOT FALL for it. It is NOT true!!!

If you are that concerned – hang up on them and call social security directly (or IRS or any company they trying to scam you with – watch out for phone calls and emails or texts – they are scams – do not click on them)

You would get letters not phone calls – C’mon this is the government, they aren’t going to put effort into phone calls. Scam scam scam!

NEVER give out any information like that!!

So there is that.

Work is going well. Today was average – nothing crazy … and I am finally digging out and getting organized ❤️

I worked late because I am right by work. I also have month end coming up on the 10th for the month of February … tons of reports they want

… and … I will be audited after April 10th – my first time … so let’s see how I do 🙏🙏🙏

I should be ready 🙏✌️

I will be audited for every quarter for the next 2 years because the office manager before me was the one who was trying to handle all 3 locations… with no support!!

Anyway, she failed my locations audit – so now my location is audited for next 2 years no matter who has it. So I will be on it ✌️

Not a big deal I have everything. And actually helps me a little bit because I get used to audits and can back it so that is good.

So yeah work was fine.

Then I stopped at grocery store to get few things to eat for the week so I don’t have to eat out.

I don’t really have anything going on?? So I finally get to read for little while ❤️

Oh and also… a local cremation place … they are NOT part of my corporation … they are this cheap cheap cheap cremation place..

They were on the news the other night because evidentially they gave someone else’s paperwork with the ashes of his mother…

The tag on the ashes matches his mother – but no DNA can be done because she was already cremated.

Only the paperwork seemed wrong… which would be the “permits” … YOU must have a permit issued at time of burial, cremation, or transit. The state needs to know where the final resting place of the decedent will be.

If you have one urn, and 3 necklaces containing some of the ashes – then you will need a permit for each thing containing ashes. (It’s annoying)

But anyway… they mixed up the paperwork 😮😮😮

So what is the moral of that story?? “You get what you pay for”

I understand death is not always at a good time – and some have no choices… make sure you check your paperwork with your ashes. You are also welcome to ask for any paperwork you sign… such as the cremation paperwork. Etc

So if you can’t afford more than some cheap cremation place… you will have to be your own advocate.

I know it is hard when you are grieving – that’s why is better to have a preneed for both funeral and cemetery – you can write it and pay of little by little so when that time comes – you don’t have to freak out and you can just mourn, not having to turn to cheapest.

If I told you prices – you would run out and do that preneed!! You look at car prices, and home prices, do you look at death prices?

I know many say they don’t care what happens once they are dead – but you do not see your family or loved ones after your death… you do not see them devastated and trying to handle paying for a funeral on top of grieving.

And if you have no family – don’t you want to have a final resting place? And be at peace? Is up to you… do what you feel is right for you.

So just be careful with those low cost cremation places.

Oh yeah and one last thing before I go… my daughters school district just said they are getting worse and cases are starting to climb again, if it continues they shut back down – please do not do another wave … don’t get too comfortable!!! This is why I say dont open – not yet!!! Don’t do it!!! I don’t care if your state lifted your mandate – I would still mask. I might always mask now

Before covid when I would see someone with a mask they were either really sick or I knew that China and Japan have worn masks forever …

So now… I think I just want the mask. I do not trust people. I will keep the mask. 😷 mandate or not… and I also do not care that I have been vaccinated – I still do not trust.

So whatever – be careful – please don’t make the cases explode again 🙏🙏🙏 ugh please not again 🤦‍♀️ oh that makes my stomach turn… dear lord please 🙏🙏🙏 be careful – it’s still not safe!!

But ya know – do people listen?

Anyway… that’s it. Off to read ✌️

Gnite 😘✌️


6 thoughts on “Oh yeah Monday

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    1. I am doing better and better every week …

      But I train myself alone because I do not have someone to really train me in person … so if I have questions I have to hunt down another office manager over the phone – it’s hard

      So I do for myself and there is improvement – I had to dig out of a horrific mess

      And learn at same time – so I am hopeful they see the effort and how am organizing and doing

      Yes I want them to correct anything bad but I don’t think is good if you can’t pass audit. The other office manager was yelled at for that – so don’t yell at me lol 🙏 hopefully goes well 🙏

      They take their audits – extremely seriously – that’s why I try to get it situated so fast! It was a complete awful mess when I took over!!


      1. We can be closed by the FDA for failing any piece of an audit. Even minor errors become public record. We NEED for that to happen so sr mgmt will address all the issues happening throughout the company. Right now, they accept the word of mgrs who tell them all is well when, in reality, it’s not.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah everything under microscope right now! 😮

        The slightest error or blip … and you spotlighted

        Time will tell. My audits are for my books – my record keeping of money and what is coming in and out. What families we have, what their contracts are blah blah blah

        Mine are just SOX compliance 🙄🤨 lol


      3. Ugh – yeah I have to do the financials for my location. So every single TINY detail must be recorded and scanned, every receipt, every packing slip – everything – I must have it all 🤨 annoying but I get it

        They could have a better system though – their system sucks!! Not streamlined or easy at all!!!

        I have had to learn myself – and hunt people down by phone for questions lol


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