I forgot to name this? 😮

Work went well today ❤️ I am on call tonight… remember – keep NOT dying!!

I have a very funny story… I have 2 very flamboyant coworkers lol – I only know one of them… which is my favorite guy…

The other guy is new, I do not actually know him … they are “oil and water” 😄😄 omg!! They do not like each other at all!!! 😮 lol

There was a story where one looked the other up on social media and went to show boss 🤨 because my favorite guy says he is an undertaker 🙄

So new guy tried to get him in trouble – but that’s not a thing… he can say that…

The definition of Undertaker:

1: one who undertakes: one who takes the risk and management of business : ENTREPRENEUR

2: one whose business is to prepare the dead for burial and to arrange and manage funerals

3: an Englishman taking over forfeited lands in Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries

(Taken from MerriamWebster.com)

That is what he does.

So whatever – bad move new guy! He is young 🙄 and little vain? Or a lot lol …


But yeah lol … they do not like each other lol … aww my favorite guy has a nemesis lol


They make it cute lol – I don’t know?? They just do?? I think of that Nemesis Song because of how they are.

They do bother each other though lol … 🙄

They are like kids – one is young the other is not… lol

Um so … they are saying it was me who have abused him all this time. 😮😮 that “I” was the one causing issues through out everything

He just bullies … so ya know just actually look at the case – but I don’t really have faith that the court does that. They really don’t care.

I feel protected behind this lawyer ❤️ and thank you COVID for allowing me to NOT have to be around him in person

I hate that I feel there are some bonuses to covid. But that is one for me.

So… how he is and how he does – he says is who I am… he tells the courts constantly what a horrible person I am.

I always think there is no way the courts can’t see? Or care? I never understand? And they always do whatever they want. They are slimy – not even human – you have no idea.

So anyway… my boss is writing me a character reference as well as my landlord… I already have them from my police and the school.

They also said that due to covid he could be laid off – so then he could come after me for money… and then I wouldn’t survive. So I am scared – I am tired. I know he wants to crush me completely. I have always been at his mercy.

Maybe he can crush me? 🤫

Hope for the best / but expect the worst.

Have I told you I hate him? Yeah like that. I hate him.


The song says “love” – after saying I hate everything about you… and there is no way in hell.

There is nothing for him. I hate his entire soul. Everything. I just hate him. I have never felt such deep and utter hatred for anything or anyone!! 😮

Not only is he not a man, he is not a human being. I just hate him. He is just an awful person!! Like really bad.

I want him out of my life


Anyway… I have to go – I will be able to catch up better on Saturday… I do here and there but is hard so I will plan for Saturday

Ugh god… almost done… almost there… please dear lord protect me 🙏❤️ please

So this is going to come down to good vs evil … we about to watch that.

I always want to believe so badly that good will win. I have always been honest … and every single one of my jobs you needed compassion and heart for… the police, the school, the funeral home …

My character is solid if you know me.

It is him – he is just a bully

See even adults still bully. So. Whatever

My lawyer says he can say whatever he wants …

And my lawyer makes me feel protected … but the courts make me not feel safe, and they are not out for best interest of anything. So I just do not trust or feel safe.

So then – bring it before a judge and let a judge decide. I will be judged so ok. Bring it.

I have nothing to hide – go ahead judge me. I work and be with daughter that’s it. I survive. I do my own thing and he keeps coming after me to make sure I can not stand up at all. He will try to completely crush me. He does not want me to succeed without him – he wants to feel like he is god.

Fuck you.

So half of me has a fire – but that is held back because he scares me. I am scared to be strong because I am scared of what he can do. What he’s been allowed to do, and what he gets away with. So I am just scared so… I just say that – I will be fine but I am just saying I am scared

Ok I have to go. I’m fine

Ok Gnite

Crap I just had a death – I really have to go bye ( you are not supposed to die!!!)

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