Errands and things

Happy Sunday to you❣️

It was beautiful today. I got out pretty early and ran around and did my errands.

I stopped by another funeral home and used their computer – just for a minute, to do one thing lol ✌️

It is funny – everyone just tells me things, just always. I just listen and keep the info – whatever – but I hear all the stories 🙄

And each version of stories is a little off from the same one someone else tells 😄😄 it is a little humorous

Somewhere in between all that is what actually occurred lol

Anyway whatever … it’s funny though how everyone just tells me things – even first time they meet me?

I have had complete strangers tell me their stories lol … but that does happen sometimes – right? 😳

Anyway… I want to say something else… there is a person who is cool and chill – and I like this person as a person – very friendly nice person… I do not know them well at all. I just happen to have to deal with. But I don’t know them well.

And hmm I want to be delicate here… I have no problem with religion – or whatever … you do your thing – I support you for that… be whoever you wanna be 🙌 embrace it … I be over here quietly with mine ✌️ Religion is a private personal thing to me. I just want to be left alone with it. That’s all. I want that private and personal to me.

And I get very uncomfortable when people start preaching or saying verses of the Bible just out of the blue or directed at a conversation – ok that bothers me… that makes me squirmy.

I just politely stay quiet, do not speak. You can say/do whatever you want… but I am more “severely private” in that area.

I don’t mind if someone wants to pray for something – that is fine and I am not uncomfortable with that … and whatever religion doesn’t bother me either.

But just randomly busting out Bible verses and things makes me HIGHLY uncomfortable.

So that kinda happened and caught me off guard 😳😮 I now feel guarded.

Its not that I am not religious – I do believe in things … I am just very very private. I don’t want to talk about it. I feel it is extremely personal and private.

Sometimes maybe I mention something quick like saying I’m Irish Catholic, but I don’t really tell you what I mean by that. That is how I was born and bred… so yes I claim that… but how I do and view that is personal and private ❤️

I also do not need saving of any kind. I am good. I treat people good, I am kind, and respectful … I am quiet.

I just get squirmy and uncomfortable with that… so ya know whatever. So my guard will be up with this person now.



I say that most respectfully – you do not know the way religion hits each individual. Just be mindful – because I try to be mindful of you and if I am not – please by all means tell me so that I may respect your wishes.

So – now I am not sure how to be around that person?? That kinda throws me off. Now I will want to keep a distance because I am afraid that will happen again. I’m pretty sure it will.

So because it makes me uncomfortable – I will avoid that

So whatever – I will still have to work with this person so ya know, that’s fine – I’m just gonna be dodging everything else

I was gonna put Papa Don’t Preach right there – but the other words in that song did not fit correctly. This one really doesn’t either – but she’s got some heavy themes going on there – so that’s what I went with.

It’s a squirminess – do you feel that?

Well anyway… that is a new thing that just popped up.

And that was Sunday – now I am off to bed to handle Monday. 🤦‍♀️ ugh Monday!! Lol

It has been quiet though ❤️ which is good thing ❤️ keep not dying … I don’t know if you are all being vaccinated or listening? Whatever you are doing …keep doing it!!!

I don’t understand why they are saying we about to have a ton of deaths coming when it’s dropping like this?? What?? Is a hammer gonna drop? What do they know that I don’t know?

I have to brace for this stuff ya know – that last wave was really horrific!!! You don’t even know!!

So what I got coming??

One of my neighbors is a anti-Vac’er … she refuses the vaccine 😮 she does NO vaccines or anything – she is holistic type, and all natural only. She is very content in her decision.

However you want to be and do… and however you find your own peace, then you do that.

I might worry for her but ya know she makes her choices ✌️

Ok well I’m off for now. Gnite 😘 see ya Monday

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  1. I had to tell someone, “I don’t happen to share your belief but I’m glad you found something that works for you.” Didn’t do as much good as I hoped… cause, of course, they don’t share religious tolerance. But I felt better for at least expressing myself. After they continued, I had to walk away.

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    1. Yeah I don’t see or deal with every day – but I will probably tell them – “I am not that way … they can do their thing but I am uncomfortable with it.”

      It just threw me off… I just didn’t expect from this person? Blindsided ✌️

      At work I handle many religions so it’s not religion I have issue with… it’s just a delicate issue and I’m really private with it personally.

      I just keep it to myself

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  2. I hope you stay comfortable with being private with your beliefs, this is actually such a good idea. You response is also very respectful and calm. I wonder why people feel the need to get every detail about our beliefs, the food we eat, the pets we like so they can draw flawed conclusions. I on the other hand don’t mind engaging about religion if it’s done respectfully. I love your blog!.

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    1. Lol yes I am private person mostly anyway. I just find peace like that.

      Well he can do how he pleases with whatever religion he wishes

      I don’t mind that… fully support that.

      At work.. I work with so many different religions … I make note of all the amazing things with all the religions lol … so that when I die… I can have a tiny little bit of everything I found amazing ❤️

      The only problem I had was because it was a bit much and I did not expect him to do that. But I also stayed quiet and didn’t say anything. Lol … so if he does again I will politely tell him it makes me little uncomfortable

      I do not mind engaging either if done respectfully – exactly!! That’s exactly the point!! ❤️

      Thank you very much 🥰❤️
      I enjoy yours as well ❤️✌️

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