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Friday… wow… that was fast!! I lost a few days because shot #2 kicked my butt!! That was awful – I do not like being sick … but I really like being alive … so I suppose it is fine, my tummy is not back to normal yet.

Food just ?? Makes my tummy feel not good – so I eat little. Couple bites – no more. I just wanna make sure I am not going to throw up!! I do not trust my stomach yet!!

When I had one of my cancer surgeries … ok well – I don’t take mediations or anything – Advil pretty much only and that’s even rarely because I hold off until is dire and I need.

So on that particular surgery- I was on so much drugs?? I think morphine during surgery and then when I came out into recovery they gave me Norco and then Oxy for rest of time … so when they sent me home and I had all that going on … my body was not used to that in the slightest!! Omg

And then when at home I smelled something?? And it was over… I had just had surgery and my whole chest was wrapped in bandages – and I had the most violent throw up … omg… I was holding my chest so I didn’t rip my stitches – it was a nightmare!! Omg so bad!! So violent – I couldn’t control it – it wouldn’t let me stop!!

Oh it was so bad – so since then … I am just extremely cautious!! Because I do not want that again at all – for any reason!!!

I think back to that moment?? And I just remember how horrific it was – so nope 👎 … I will avoid throwing up at all costs lol

So today I was LATE for work!!! LITERALLY THE FIRST TIME EVER… I was late for work 😮😮😮 … but I was late for work, FOR WORK lol

I am a person who is never ever ever ever late – even when I try to be late – I am early – I am just that way… except today 😮

But that was because I had a death that took me awhile to handle. Because sometimes the family requests time – so we are respectful of the families wishes as much as possible …

So I just had to handle some things on that. It took me an hour and set me back an hour 😮


So … hmm… I adore my people very much … one person has a heart of gold and is just a great awesome person – she is funny and sweet and like I said heart of gold … good person…

But she is forgetting everything? Like severely?? It can’t be Alzheimer’s or anything because she is so young?? I don’t know her exact age but I’m gonna say maybe around 36? Too young for Alzheimer’s – right?? Is it?

Traumatic moments effect the brain in insane ways – the brain is an extremely delicate organ …

So umm… what we went through with covid was really traumatic – I tell you stories here but only the ones I can tell… there was a lot of trauma

We were swimming in death – it was almost over our head – and we lost coworkers to covid… we watched families in devastation – all that – in addition to no staff and insane pressure

While people were protesting and fighting – we were going through some pretty intense things …

Today as a matter of fact – corporate sent out information on some hotline to help if traumatized (for us!)

Anyway… She was the one who was one person doing the job of 3… and she had a few who upset with how she handled – but I have had her back too… because that was not right for the company to put one person in the position of 3 people – they “set her” up to fail…

So I had her back honestly – that was not right … and then she is a hard worker. I like her and want to keep working with her and she has also helped me, supported me, and been very kind and caring. Informative l

She has helped me with areas of the job and stepping in. She’s been very supportive and helpful ❤️

So anyway – the point is – lately she forgets everything?? Or I don’t know??

I know we went through covid… and she just lost her dog she loved very much ☹️💔… so she’s kinda having some trauma

She’s not on it? I worry? … maybe I need to hold her hand? Which I don’t mind. She help me and I will help her.

I have gotten my funeral home looking really good in 3 months… I have a good control over the claims from the Preneeds to atneed … I am watching the spending but things keep happening 🤨🤨

But I can maybe help- the problem with this office manager job here – is that there is no defined order to it – I have been organizing how I want it but is not at all orderly or direct.

And then like I said – things happen – like today…

Fricken… stupid audio video equipment has issues now… so I had to call someone …

The girls told me who originally installed it sucked really bad lol… I did not like the stories they told me about who they used

Ok well I’m not doing that then… so I researched audio video repair… I had a list of companies and I called the first and they are like well we maybe call you on Monday …nope next

Then I was like ok forget this… I found their response times and reviews on a website … and ONE!!! ONLY ONE stood out from all the rest… 5 ★ star reviews … I do read reviews

10 minute response time!!!

All the rest said HOURS or DAYS – yeah screw that – I run a funeral home / get your ass here if you want the job. Yes I am tough in business (who knew??) lol

But I have services and things – I can’t be waiting weeks – so you either want the job or you don’t and I don’t play around.

Get it done fast and impress me – then you get ALL MY BUSINESS – ALL THE TIME!

Who ya gonna call? Lol

I found this guy on Yelp with his business … I was “instantly” impressed – he responded right away!! Boom what can I do for you?

Alright then – this is what I need… and I tell him what my problem is.

He tell me… I can be there tmrw 😮😮😮😮 Impressive!! But I can’t take him tmrw – I needed his liability policy and tax id and everything to have him come on property and do work blah blah blah.. because he be new guy

So I ask him for all that – and l within seconds everything I asked for is in my hands 😮😮

Fuckin hired!!

So I tell him… come on Monday, then you get to deal with me lol 😄😘✌️ … yes I did say it like that lol

Also on the phone – good phone persona… personable and professional.

The guy is on it… and that is how you get all my business lol ✌️ not only that – I will refer too.

But I wanna see some hustle – and my stuff is timely… and we have loss daily so … I’m not gonna mess around – and if your price is right and you handle your business right – we got a deal

So I meet him Monday lol and he will do work for me. Should be a quick easy job for him. Easy money. Just fix it for me.

I like my picks in business – I do pretty good ❤️ I am a tough critic though – you better be on it, if you wanna work for me.

And lol … even my boss said lol … I have to make sure I send over people who are on it for your location 😄😄 oh yes …

It’s not just me though – if they send us attendants – they better know what they doing or if they are learning that is ok too… but follow directions – we will teach them but show interest in learning!!

Like my part timer – omg!!! I want to clone him!!

So when he started and would take notes on everything we said 😮

And then if I asked him to do anything he would do that and 10 more things …

And now is like he reads my mind and anticipates before I even ask!! Omg keep doing that!!

So I spoke to my boss about him – I said if you want another full time here – we want him – we will train him. He’s good, he’s great with families too!!

It could be a career for him – he is my oldest sons age and he be getting married soon … he is a really good kid – very mature … he has interest and determination and fits in perfect at my location! So we want him.

Also he is very easy to schedule too – he works with what we need – he’s good!


So I told my boss that – if we get another full time we want him! We will train him and I’m working on that now.

My only sadness is – he’s like an incredible assistant – can’t I just keep him for me? Lol I’m kidding (I do want to keep him though lol) he is amazing! Impressive being so young.

How am I gonna find a equal replacement – it is rare!!! we just lucked the F out!!!

But that won’t be for awhile. We have time to train him to step up. He will do good.

He is young in age – but his spirit is older

Oh and remember my favorite guy?? Well he may be next to join my team – not at my location but within my 3. He is paired with another and its perfect for him… he clicks with that arranger so seamlessly and perfectly!!

The two of em stopped by my location today because they borrowed our hearse.

And music is a thing for me?? So certain things will make songs just pop in my head … something will match a song… and then it’s in my head lol …

So they come to my location and it was my favorite guys birthday today ❤️ even his birthday is hilarious – he’s awesome

But to see the … umm what’s the word I want?? hmm… dynamics?? … to see them together and the smiles on their faces and they had inside jokes, and were giggling, so this was the song that popped in my head and then stuck there lol :

So for the rest of the day – I could not get that song out of my head 🙄 lol … it was funny though ❤️ I really love my entire staff across all 3 funeral homes ❤️

Anyway… I was late coming home tonight because my boss called at last minute and need me to handle few things for another location and some outreach for my own

My oldest son found me a cute little doctor teddy bear to send to a doctors office to tell them thank you for their help

And then I had to send something to a nursing home so that if a family asks – they will refer to us 🙏

I sent them this tin that looks like a medical bag and says medical supplies – but it is cookies 🍪 chocolate chip cookies lol ❤️

I sent a card with it and said – thank you for referrals and continued support – sincerely us

I know!!! That’s sounds horrible to me too. I hate outreach for a funeral home!!! It just makes me think we are competing for deaths – and that bothers me

Come to me because we are good, know our shit and sincerely care… not because I send you things hoping for business. So that’s my only thing with that…

Yes I want them to remember us to refer to us… and it is a business – I just don’t like that part.

I understand it – I just don’t like it. But I found cute things that maybe give a smile when is not typically easy? And unique things – to make you remember my name lol 😄😘✌️

For family Friday:

I told them my stories – oh!! Really quick – we have to do the death certificates … and a doctor has to tell & verify causes of death … they tell us what the causes of death are…

But one made us laugh today – because the doctor wrote a main cause and then for the secondary contributing factor of death – this doctor actually said “hospice care”

So he is saying the hospice care killed the patient – ok he must be new – what?? What?!!?? Maybe he is not America and does not realize lol?? I don’t know?? So we had to refax for clarification and again comes back same…

So we can’t list it like that 😄 that is not going to be approved – and this doctor evidentially didn’t like this hospice care??? Cause what???

You can not list hospice care as a cause of death – you just can’t lol … and if that WAS the case – it would be at the coroner

Oldest has been drawing so he talked about that / he doesn’t think he is good – but he is … this is my child that always wins all the games …

This child’s mind is more problem solving type – he likes to create and problem solve.

He is good at art – but expects to be Leonardo da Vinci 🙄 and when he isn’t perfectly on point with how he wants it, he doesn’t like that lol

He’s good – but hard on himself! And also art is an expression not just ?? I don’t know?

You can’t force it – just let it come out – art is creativity so you just let it flow. He aims at a particular style of art – is just for hobby

We didn’t really get a lot of time tonight because I was so late ☹️💔

It is hard when I work so far away and work is work.

I do struggle with work life balance – I have not figured out how to balance that yet ? I am learning sort of

Ok well I have weekend off but I am so tired I can’t keep my eyes open and I am still not totally myself just yet.

Gnite 😘

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