Decent Monday

So ya know, it’s Monday 🤨 it was decent – busy. Whew I got swallowed with paperwork again!!

No deaths again though- so thank you ❤️❤️❤️ I hope it keeps that way 🙏🙏🙏

It was just busy – tmrw will be crazy busy too – lots of urn releases and things.

On my way home I stopped to get gas at this gas station with a convenience store (it’s that one where the guy gave me the trash bags)

So I got gas and then I went in and got a drink and asked for a slice of 🍕 pizza – I just wanted to be fast and little.

And he said “you want pizza? I’ll give you whole thing” 😮 and he gave me entire pizza for $3!!! Dude!!

He is sooooooooo nice to me every single time I go there lol

He is very sweet.

I am pretty loyal if I find things I like lol… like gas stations and stuff lol … I pick one try it out – if it becomes too busy or if I get hit on there… nope …new one lol

But I like this one lol… he’s very good to me 😊❤️ so far no one hits on me.

Today at work… well let me rewind for a moment…

We had a service “sorta” – about 2 weekends ago… our A/V (audio/video) broke…

The girls told me this horrific story about the guys who installed it – and nope I am not gonna deal with that. ✌️

So… I got the ok from my boss to find someone else – so off I went … that was the one I looked up and he got right back to me – and anything I asked for “BOOM” in my hands immediately – that is how you conduct business. ✌️

He got to meet me today! Lol 😄✌️ it went well – I am impressed … quick, easy, no hassle and also cheap – done and done well. Alright then.

So … I talked him up with my other funeral homes and they need A/V too…

See look… you do me right … I’ll hook you up. I am also keeping his info for any further issues ❤️✌️ woo hoo!!! I picked good again!!

Yay!!!! 👏👏👏

One thing I am nervous about with work is when we reopen 😳 we gonna be back to massive services 😒

Actually – I have never seen it pre-covid 😮 I worked at a school before that!!!

So that will be crazy. But I don’t know when that is happening. We are still locked. I like it locked. I am not sure with people yet. We see. I will get a crash course eventually because that will explode 🤯

Big huge services… do we need that?? I have been thinking that for awhile??

I know you love them and you want to have your moments to say goodbye…

How would I be if it was my mom?… well we just want something private and quiet – that is how my parents were. That is how we are. Most of the family has already passed – is only us left. Me, my brother and sister. And none of us are near each other!!

I am in California – brother is in Texas – and sister is in Maine.

My dads death was private and intimate and he did not want a huge deal or an obituary, so we did what he wished.

My mom wants the same.

You can celebrate their life if you want.

It’s just a very painful thing too. Such a final loss. You are thankful they blessed your life – but you can never have them again.

So anyway.. huge services – I don’t know? It seems more ?? Private and personal when is smaller. I want that. Small, private personal. That’s it.

I don’t think I want an obituary either? Or if I do – I will write that myself. ✌️ but I don’t think I want one… you either know me or you don’t. Otherwise who would care? And if you already knew me – you wouldn’t need that. What purpose does it really serve?

The extravagance of the huge services seems like a lot ? I get that you want to send them off with love – I understand that

It just feels like a more intimate and private moments to me. I dunno whatever – I like everything private so whatever ✌️

I have like a GAZILLION things going on at work!!! Omg

But I am very pleased that I have a little list going of people who are reliable workers that I can call on to do things for me lol ❤️

Oh wanna hear a sorta funny story ? Lol

Ok well … I am office manager – I handle the office and the vehicles… I coordinate things with other office managers … when they go in for service, they borrow our cars and Vice versa

We have a flower van and a hearse (these funeral people call it the coach 🙄… I prefer to call it the limo) lol ❤️

Well both vehicles need to be taken in for service – so I am doing flower van first. That will be done Wednesday (easy)

The Hearse is a Cadillac ✌️❤️… that thing rides like a cloud!! Omg!! Anyway… I have to bring it into Cadillac

All 3 funeral homes use same Cadillac dealer because is only one in area 🤨🙄 whatever

So haunted mansion brought their beautiful hearse to Cadillac … and dropped it off to them…

One of their service technicians smashed the back of the hearse into the wall of their garage? 😮

So Haunted Mansion has been borrowing MY hearse lol

Now I am scared to take MY hearse to them lol. Awesome

I have no choice though. I’m sure they have learned their lesson because they are fully responsible for repairs and I believe they also asking for lost time without hearse

So I do not think they will make that same mistake again. 😳🙏 let’s just hope because that would be all bad

I bet that employee had a REALLY bad day that day – plus we are all connected lol… so things like that go around to all the funeral homes lol omg

It completely smashed the back end of their hearse 😮 and theirs was the fanciest lol

Just be careful with MY hearse!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 please – I already deal with this whole garage debacle

Let’s not round it out lol ✌️😘

Alright well I have to go get ready for bed 🤨 … bed … work … bed … work lol

Ok back tmrw ✌️ Tuesday

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  1. My parents’ car once got smashed by the dealers, who tried to claim it was responsibility of my parents’ insurance to pay for. That lasted about 5 seconds!

    Duh the pizza guy is flirting!! Is your life really one that takes that kind of niceness for granted? SO opposite mine!

    We had a med sized service for my G-Ma. Officiant had been told she had 2 grandkids and assumed 5yr olds, not 17 and 21. I’m glad we sat toward the back because we got the giggles over some of the stuff he said. My mother and her sisters, on the other hand, were offended by everything and everyone… claimed people were giving them dirty looks. No such thing happened!! And why would it? They didn’t contribute to her death! She tripped over her cane, broke her hip, and pretty much decided to die.. told me so, and not to return, when I visited her in the hospital. I wish I hadn’t obeyed her!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They did not try pass responsibility – that would have not been good. 😮 I’m glad your parents didn’t have to deal with that either.

      Yes actually … when I say people are really nice to me they always are! I am also really good to people.

      But yes, people are very very sweet, kind and good to me for always. It’s always been like that – I really survived because of people – if it wasn’t for human kindness I would not have survived ❤️

      Sorry about your grandma ☹️ … when my great grandmother died – I was about 6 or 7… they did not allow me to attend services – but I was really upset

      And I was sad not to go – I really wished to say goodbye! They took me to her grave a few weeks later for me to say goodbye.

      Was your grandma old? You were only 21 or 17?


      1. I was 21. My G-m would have been 75. She’d been unhappy for years. I just realized that’s probably a major source of my plan to checkout early.

        As an example of what I get from society in general: I have taken hard falls in public and no one, not one person, helped me. One time someone asked if I was okay but kept walking. I had to pay $50 to get a “friend” to pick me up after a surgery. Etc.

        I’m not petite, pretty, or girly-girly so people tend to treat me poorly.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Please don’t ☹️

        I am all of the above. But I am also really good to people – like really good – I am very caring and take care of people without expecting back… so when I needed they all came to my aid.. but in general people are REALLY nice to me!!


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