Ok. Well that was a Tuesday!!

I have something I might tell you about another day – I have to have more information first. Once I get that, maybe it help you? (If you are in United States) But you will have to qualify and there will be issues so it will not be easy / so yes let me get the details first.

Of course I deal with death – so you know it’s gonna be about death. But is good information – MAYBE – let me find out ✌️

And I have a new family I adore. The arranger gets mad cause they don’t do anything for her … but IF “I” ask… it’s done immediately 😄😄❤️


(Lol ❤️ thats taking you back huh?)

But yeah… when I ask… it’s done right away and when I call them and say who I am, their voice lightens – like I do – so I notice it. And they are super sweet!! It’s funny ❤️

So yes – I adore them ❤️❤️❤️

My arranger does not find it funny, so now she has me asking …cause it just gets done lol ❤️ woo hoo ❤️

And I told the family I will call you tomorrow to check in and make sure we have everything we need. And they sounded happy that I be calling tmrw

I think I just connect well with some people? I really don’t know actually ?? I just guess ✌️

They ignore my arranger and listen to me?? 😮😄 🤷‍♀️ and then they check in with me too lol

It’s cute ❤️ I like them a lot ❤️

I have a fricken 4 hour meeting tmrw!! Omg. How am I supposed to do my job with so much meetings and classes and trying to learn omg – overload!!

I am pulling a card tmrw – I have a card up my sleeve – I’m gonna use it tmrw lol ✌️ lets hope that goes over well 🙏😘✌️ I’m pretty sure – is like calling the pool shot – eight ball 🎱 in the corner pocket lol 😘✌️

I’m pretty sure – but I can be cocky sometimes, so we will just have to see lol ✌️ I always think I am that good lol … sometimes it works lol ❤️ I think I have a good one this time lol ❤️✌️ 🙏

So yeah. Tmrw 😘✌️


See I am fun with my little antics lol ❤️

Eight ball in the corner pocket 🎱 … will I do it?? Lol – see the delight in the effort lol … can I sink that ball? – ok tmrw we shall see lol – I think I can!

I am not really playing pool – it is a simile … cause I think I have position lol ❤️✌️

So I’m gonna call that and see how that goes? 🙏

If you don’t ask then you don’t know… and I have the best thing to say!!! I won’t tell you yet – because let me rock my shit and see what happens lol


Anyway… ahhh. I am not in pain ❤️ I found stuff that helps ❤️ it is worth it’s weight in gold ❤️ it just makes it not hurt like it normally does ❤️

Ok well anyway – I am happy and cocky tonight because I am not in pain ❤️ … it’s soooo awesome to not hurt for a minute I forget not having those pains and aches 😮 … and then I am reminded so I am very happy not to have pain currently ❤️ it is a big deal to me ❤️ so yay ❤️ I am me ❤️

I am tensed up with the things on my plate, but my body is chill… that right side isn’t bothering me ❤️

You will always know when I really love something because there will be hearts everywhere lol 😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alright well, I have to go to bed and wake up and do tomorrow 😳😘😄✌️


Ready? Lol 💋

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  1. LOL… 💕❤💞
    I had to look for those… I rarely do emojis.

    I hope your card trick works!! During my 3hrs of mtgs today I did app paint-by-number then talked to a neighbor. I really only meant to be outside for a minute, cause it was a dept mtg, but she had done me a favor and wanted to talk. When I got back, the mtg had ended.

    Later, I fell asleep for an hour or so. Woke up just 10min after people had tried to reach me… no one knew how long I was gone.

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      1. I won’t care if my card doesn’t work lol… we have classes that usually are appointed to us… but while I was a part timer … I took many classes and added one that haunts me and I can’t get it off my shit

        I will post about that shortly


      2. ❤️ yay!! Someone is on your side ❤️ … I think?? Is that good? They gave you the notes 📝 – but I don’t understand assigning work “without buy-in”


      3. Cray is the Overlord of assigning work without buyin. The mtg is going alpha order. But I’ve been to TWO and now I’m running the next one?!? Time to try the “designated nodder”… or schedule a doc appt!!

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      4. I have to keep the mtg on track and tell people when it’s there turn to present. Unless I was unknowingly made scribe (take notes), which would suck because I can rarely tellwho’s talking (too mana icons to see which is active) and I’d have to pay attention!

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    1. Yes!!! Yes one meeting – 4 hours 🤨 … 4 hours I could be working but ok it is part of work… just a really long meeting but it is important so alright.

      Killing me!! 4 hours – 1 meeting

      Ughhhh I moan so bad!! I am just NOT looking forward to at all!!!

      It would be kinda awesome if we lost power or something ? Have a cool little day without meetings? ✌️😘 but I am only dreaming lol … I will end up in a 4 hour meeting 😐

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      1. I once had a boss who insisted that no meeting last longer than an hour! He – quite reasonably – believed that if you couldn’t make an informed decision in an hour that the arguments had not been properly thought through 😉

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      2. I agree lol… and the county is going to want to go over everything – probably line by line

        It takes up so much time – and it’s not like I don’t have a thousand things to do!! 4 hours! Omg that’s gonna kill me

        I like your former boss lol … yes

        One time work decided to do a rebranding 🤨🙄… so they made us sit through a 2 hour rebranding presentation that could have been 5 minutes – Hey here is the new brand … but no I need to hear 2 hours of that 😐🤨

        C’mon!! I have work!! And my work is time sensitive so I can’t be doing hours and hours of meetings constantly!!

        So yeah – we are coming up on end of quarter 🤨 I am pulling a card today for sure …

        I will send my boss an email prior to my 4 hour meeting – lol – and say hey we discuss after my meeting but here … think this over lol

        So we gonna see how that flies 😄✌️

        You boss is right – and can’t things be explained and said quickly?

        I swear they just want you on video all the time 🤨🙄 ugh fricken web cams 🤦‍♀️

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      3. Haha, yes, that sounds a non-productive half a day. Hopefully, everything gets sorted and it’s done in two hours 😉
        Make sure that you have an amusing cat filter set up and then pretend it was your daughter’s doing haha 🙂

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      4. 🤦‍♀️ ugh lol… that was hard and we had zero breaks!! I was antsy by time finished!!!

        It did have useful info – but still a break would have been nice lol … it was hard to keep my attention for 4 hours of monotone speech lol

        Ok on way home whew!

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      5. Nope – not even 5 minutes

        But I have learned – you must be ready for these meetings – go before it starts … I have memories of family road trips and someone was always like “I have to go to the bathroom” lol … and my parents would say “why didn’t you go before we left?” 😄 (it was not me – usually my brother lol)

        And no meeting room… is at my desk… is WebEx meetings lol

        I had my coffee and went to the bathroom BEFORE the meeting – because I know how they are ✌️

        But nope – not even 5 minutes!!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Hahaha no because it was with the “county” and their forms – my participation was imperative

        But I probably could have – if I truly needed to – but I was fine

        I knew the meeting was important and I couldn’t miss any parts so – I prepare for those types of things lol

        I knew what kind of meeting it was lol ✌️

        Slave drivers lol – kidding – it wasn’t too bad … but by end of meeting I could not leave my desk fast enough lol 😘😄

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