Size??? What?

Today was ok- always busy from the start! But nothing new ❤️❤️❤️

I am REALLY hoping people didn’t mess it up with Super Bowl things 🤨 🙏🙏🙏 please let us be ok 🙏🙏🙏

Ok well over next few weeks we will see what happens 😮 I am nervous – so we gonna see

I dealt with so many things my head spins

I had to order some crucifixes … Catholic ones – I ordered wrong ones – I got elaborate beautiful big ones – by accident – it did not look that size on the computer lol ….omg they came so big!!!

Online looked like what I needed – what I got is really big!!! 😮😮😮

So – I will deal with that tmrw. 🤦‍♀️

I also ordered some cards to send out for outreach… those also came… those are very tiny lol … online they looked bigger lol … wtfh!! They are really really tiny!!! Teeny tiny little cards lol – what?


So I sucked at ordering (at least those videos made me laugh lol)

Ok so objects on my computer screen may or may not be huge or tiny 🤨 surprise surprise lol

I did check out the dimensions at least for the crucifixes (so that did not go well for me … but I did not check out the size on the cards, because I assumed (🤨) it was the size of a NORMAL card!!! They were not lol

Whatever – I hate shopping for the funeral home!! It’s not even fun. It is funny though when my order comes in completely wrong like that – cause what???

Whatever – it was Monday – something had to happen.

I stumbled on this cute little song – it was the photo that drew me to it and then I liked it lol ❤️ it’s soothing kinda

Anyway… I have 20 big giant crucifixes, and tiny doll cards lol great! I will deal tmrw ✌️

So I kinda hurt tonight little. I hurt sometimes so it’s normal – just tonight is a constant irritating ache. It hurts.

I’m going to go take Advil and lay down.

One of my arrangers takes her second shot this week – so I will see how it effects her 😮 we bracing just in case we have to take over her stuff …

And then I go next week 😮 I am afraid of the second shot a little bit – so we gonna see how rough this gonna be 😳 yikes

But alright whatever – what’s gonna happen, is gonna happen.

Yeah I need to lay down – I hurt

Gnite – I might be back once I lay down? We see 😘

I wanted a song about hurting lol… but when I asked for that I got everything painful and hurtful about love 🤨 … I meant physical pain lol

So anyway whatever – radioactive is good too. ✌️❤️

6 thoughts on “Size??? What?

Add yours

    1. No not yet lol… dude! I’m trying to work and they say oh we signed you up for another meeting at 4… what??

      I had so many things going on – I am drowning!! Omg – I’m gonna “pull a card” tmrw lol ✌️


      1. Cray made a “5 min” call to me. I could do the work without the call – she showed me the essential part YESTERDAY (already forgot). Then she jabbered for 1hr 6min. I note those things in my daily calendar.

        Also assigned me work on 2 projects where only she has the relevant information… plus I think they’re stupid and have no idea what insanity she’d require; I’d require NONE. I’m not even going to pretend to work on them.

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  1. No matter what I do, she won’t like it. Or she’ll step in and start working on it on her own.

    I’ve been waiting more than 2wks for her to complete a 2min task.

    And I’m pretty sure she intentionally sabotaged me. The info to prove it is either hidden by the system (in which case I need to find some excuse to be seeking it) or deleted, which would be a HUGE Regulatory compliance failure of a system she approved. Wouldn’t surprise me as the system is garbage… the Search function doesn’t even work.

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