Get ready…

Alright well, today I was getting ready and prepared for the week… with meals and everything cleaned… I have all my supplies …

Cause once Monday comes – here we go!! It’s like climbing up that roller coaster Sunday night… and then Monday morning freefalling 😮🤨 Mondays are scary!

I always think that… ok here comes Monday – I got this… and then that just depends. I pray I got this!!! 🙏 Monday’s make my stomach turn 😝 and again all week long with funerals!!!

I have Friday off again because I have Lawyer stuff. Bleh – but I am thankful for them – I feel safe with them at least ❤️ they do actually care ❤️

I watched this today which was really cool if you actually watch it or care lol ✌️😘… I am documentary person, so ya know whatever …

Just interesting because I deal with all that – we order Batesville Caskets – they are fast! Most of the time – although Nor Easters kinda slow it down a little ✌️lol

But that’s a really cool documentary of the history of all my stuff lol ❤️

Anyway… also… I saw this too…

… when I was little … around 4 and 5… lol … I would wake up at the crack of Dawn … go downstairs and gets boxes of Cheerios or fruit loops or whatever – usually Cheerios …

And then I would go to the family room, turn on the tv and wait for all my Saturday morning cartoons lol

Before Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon – cartoons weren’t as easy to come by and Saturday morning was like cartoon Christmas every weekend lol ❤️✌️

Anyway… my parents would sleep in on the weekends lol … one day one kid came over (neighborhood kid) I let her in and we watch cartoons together … and another came … lol … well I had seen my parents let all their friends in… so I also lived there lol… I figured it would be fine lol

When they got up that morning I had a family room of all the neighborhood kids lol 😄

That didn’t go over really well lol – so I wasn’t allowed to do that – but these cartoons make me remember moments like that from Saturday’s ❤️ 😄 some are very humorous moments (to me) lol … I was the first child lol … totally broke them in ✌️

I also remember bringing my pillow and blanket to the family room to lay there all morning watching cartoons lol … well not all morning – only until the ones I liked were over … and then I was done. Plus my parents would always be like “go outside and play” lol

We did constantly!!! But it was Saturday morning!!

And then at night when street lights would come on… we would be having kickball games… ❤️❤️❤️ it was awesome!!! All the neighborhood kids ❤️ our parents would call and we be like “ok be right there”

But then they would have to come get us lol ❤️

So see – they want us being outside playing but then wanna pull us in when we wanna play all night lol

I had the best times ❤️

Anyway – that made me smile ❤️

Then video games came along and forget it lol ✌️ 1st gen right here 😘

Alright well – Monday is coming 😳 … I always feel like I have to brace 😮

It will be fine. It’s always eventually fine… but here we go 😮


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