Friday stories

Alright well – I have learned that if I don’t post on Friday – I find it hard to catch back up!!

So let’s see … at work… my corporation made one of my arrangers upset and cry!! And we are mad. We feel is wrong.

We in covid… a family wants something that is unusual but also covid safe… we are fine with it… we can’t provide normal things for the family … and we grow close to some families.

You have to think – right after a loss – we are comforting you and walking you through everything – trying to make the experience as much as we can

Here we have a very easy thing we could absolutely do for this family – everything else is done. All of it… they just want this one thing (it is OUT of the ordinary – but totally covid safe!! And they willing to pay for it… they would sign a waiver – so what’s the problem?)

Well the bosses got involved – didn’t even bring it up to the legal department and just said no … they said …if they ask legal, they would ask them… what are we smoking over here 🤨

I find that a very rude comment!! Let’s ask and see?

They push us to our families first – we have opportunity here and they won’t allow it

So all the work and getting close to the family and we have to let them down… actually what we have to do – is hand over to a competitor who has already said they would do it.

Was just an upsetting situation and we highly stressed – we could have taken really good care of this family and they wouldn’t let us!!!

And we do have reputation as actually the best in this area. That’s cause we actually care but whatever

Fuckin corporate bullshit – get off your high horse and maybe learn how to care for people?! During a fricken virus even

I don’t know why I expect them to have heart? It’s a corporation – they could care less.

We fought for the family though – my arrangers poured her heart and soul into it… she was crushed and then had to find another who would do and then tell the family – then she cried 😡😡😡 stupid corporation! Totally just squashed a spirit!! Way to care about people ✌️

(Lol fricken SNL)

What is corporate smoking? See how rude that comment is???

That was uncalled for as a comment. That actually is offensive to me. Here we are trying to help a family and you make a comment like that?? What are they smokin? Fuckin rude!

Yes I am mad… is a shitty situation! It was stressful.

But that’s the business I guess

Whatever … I was offended by that comment actually… here this song is for corporate 😘✌️…

So anyway… then I got home and kids were here – they were playing odd videos but then showed me one I like…

He has several videos and I find them adorable ❤️ with messages.. so it catches my attention lol

I asked them – why does he only do them once in a blue moon ? Because is long time between when he posts anything new

They said because he is that good and quality is good

– ok fine – I’ll accept that – it is – but then if you do that enough times … don’t you get faster?

Also… It’s weird? I notice something? Like always – Fridays we laughing and having fun? But I just notice something?? I’m not sure what?? Something.

I’m just noting that for later ✌️😄😘

Because I know there is something – I am the mom – I made these people … I know these people – so I will save that for later when I figure out what it is lol

Anyway… ohhh I told them a REALLY funny HILARIOUS story!!! That I REALLY wish I could share with you… but I can not because names would uncover identity… so I can’t do that.

But it kills me not to share because it is literally THAT hilarious!!! My kids were like is that a joke? Nope – the real deal lol

Do you remember when Jay Leno used to do that “Headlines” segment? Lol

Ok my story is something that would be perfect for that segment lol 😄❤️✌️

Did I just age myself?

lol … I didn’t like the first few – but the rest were funny ❤️ sorry I still love the 80’s ❤️✌️

That’s not my life btw …except loving and missing the 80’s – I do miss the 80’s like the song says … that was awesome… can I have a do over? Again!! – glad I was born to live through the 80’s!!


Lol… and this… doesn’t this just make you smile?

And …


And remembering … ❤️

This next song reminds me of being maybe about 10? And I had 2 teenage girl neighbors lol … they were in dance, so they would be in their garage dancing to this song – all choreographed- I used to go sit and watch … lol – that is funny – I hadn’t thought about that in years – see what the music just did?? Anyway… here is their song lol

Well anyway … that was a nice little walk in time lol ❤️

See how music works – now I forgot all the other crap – ahhh way better now

Ok I’m gonna go before I think about the crap stuff again lol

~ 🎶 music 🎶 ~ very easy to travel in time or soothe with music. ✌️

Alright – good night 💤😘❤️

Ps … the only thing we do not mention are photos from the 80’s ✌️😘 … perms – omg the bangs… so let’s just not ✌️😘

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