Care & reason

Got home at 8! – but also had to pick up a pizza 🍕… because I am so late!!

Before I left I had 4 deaths come in boom boom boom boom…

And then I finally finish, and was going to leave but I am on call tonight – it’s Thursday

I have the phones for all 3 locations 😮

So as I am packing up a new one comes in for one of the other funeral homes

So I stay and handle that one…

So five deaths before I could even leave the office 🤨 I didn’t leave until 7!!

So whatever. It is Thursday – don’t die on Thursday –

Then you won’t have one last Friday!! ❤️

I will be so mad if MY time is up on a Thursday lol – c’mon life don’t do that

So today at work lol … So I do handle the families in certain ways … so I do have contact with them … I am just a more comforting level… I am not arranging their services

I guess they all kinda relax when dealing with me? I have a peacefulness and a calmness. My tone, my demeanor etc.

And then, some I have really had a pleasure helping … so sometimes I have calls from families I remember or just helped … and if I really enjoyed them you can hear it in my voice – not only does my face light up but my voice does too!

I am excited to say hello and see how doing … and then I smile when I talk, so I think you can hear that ??

And then also… I am comforting and gentle – soft – lol … I make you feel taken care of 😘✌️❤️

Well anyway… it just happens all the time.

So then at the end of the day when I was working through all those deaths …

I got the oncall pick up guy – and was my favorite one!! He is my favorite because he was my first person I dealt with in the beginning with deaths – I have never met him … only spoken to him but he’s awesome…

So my voice lit up and I had a huge smile – I swear you can hear smiles over the phone!!!

My girls laughed – when I asked them what they laugh at…

They said because you just get along with everyone with such ease lol

(Well not everyone because I did have that water heater guy lol – I did not get along with him)

But everyone else – yes usually

Again remember I moved all the time growing up, so making friends and things is really easy to me.

But they thought that was funny, because it happened a lot today with people lol

So now I am home, I have to get ready for bed – I have one more day and then weekend ❤️✌️

… I just had a call…I have been having ALOT of calls lately from families not happy with current funeral homes?? And want to switch over to us.

We will take you. We will even cover the transport fee the other funeral home will charge.

The family will pay our transportation fee but that is normal and written into contracts … we will eat the other fee from the other funeral home, because we feel your comfort and business is worth it ✌️

So anyway. I have had a few of those lately. I don’t know if is because of the overwhelming ness? And who knows how many they have working?

But in that kind of a case – your best avenue is communication communication communication – keep the family updated and make sure they are ok

I will tell you… families have been very understanding through covid as long as you communicate and keep them updated – they are devastated but also very understanding of the restrictions and issues. But again – communication!!

I had to tell this one what our restrictions are… so they are aware of everything before coming to us. We want to be upfront and forthcoming so you are aware what we can currently offer.

And of course we will handle everything for you… we will deal with the other funeral home so you do not have to.

Also… we will have everything done as fast as we can.

So anyway… if you are not happy with the services you are getting and you are not feeling taken care of – then you, absolutely have every right, to find a place that will do that for you.

Even with funerals.

And another thing – no one likes to talk funerals or think about – but if it was your mom or someone you loved … you want them safe and taken care of and given dignity …

It is a good idea to kind of have an idea of what funeral home to use.

You can use google reviews or Yelp… sure. Reviews are always good to check out!!

But also call them. See how they are with you… do they put you at ease? Do they take the time to talk to you and answer your questions?

These people will be helping you through times of grief, make sure you like them lol

Alright I better get to bed, before any other calls come 😮🙏 please don’t die!! 🙏

Stay safe and well!!! 🙏❤️

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  1. Smiles can definitely be heard. Waaay back when (90s?), people were encouraged to glance into mirrors while on the phone, to remind themselves to smile.

    Your dying on Thu made me laugh because I was once in ER when I woman was brought in from a car crash on her way to work. She didn’t die but it got me to thinking how pissed I’d be if I died while driving to somewhere I didn’t really want to go! 30 yrs later, it shows up in my decision making process about small errands… I often ask myself whether the errand is worth risking my life and leaving my kitties without a “mom”. 99.9% of the time, it’s not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s funny!! We have a lot of similarities with some things lol

      That is true… I would also not like to die going somewhere I do not want to lol

      And then … my mom always used to say… always make sure you have clean underwear on lol … in case you die lol – oddly I always remembered that – and when I get dressed I always have nice underwear lol (just in case) lol


      1. Hahaha… well mine depends on few factors … time of month … and also what I wear. – I also do comfy.

        Lol hoping to get laid – I like nice panties anyway lol


      2. Lol ❤️ you are too funny

        I don’t really age? I guess? Maybe the hair does lol … but…

        I always tell a story about a field trip in the 3rd grade to the Fountain of Youth… it was in St Augustine, Florida

        I took a field trip there and drank from the spring – all that is true

        Whether or not that aided me – I do not know – but that is the story I tell lol 😄✌️

        I did get good genes, too!

        But I always think of the underwear thing… and ok if I have to make a confession… on certain outfits I do not like panty lines… so whatever lol ✌️😄


      3. Hahaha that’s funny, nope not me lol

        I never really understood lingerie when it just comes off anyway – why even bother?

        I have some… but ya know, what I gonna do with it? Lol

        That answer is no for right now.


      4. Well, you’re sexy. Even shaved I’m a SoCal “1”… maybe -1… so it’s not worth it. If I was going out to a club I’d shave. Otherwise? I almost always wear long pants in public so it’s more about when my legs get itchy.

        Liked by 1 person

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