Silly, sweet, maybe tmrw and tense

We are so overworked – but we handling.

You know that point you hit when you stay up really late and keep staying up and then you get all silly? That happens to us on occasion when we work so much!

There was something funny today lol 😄❤️

So yesterday – there was a service. A man lost his wife. He is in his 70’s.

He is the most adorable man ever ❤️❤️❤️ omg he is just so personable lol such a sweetheart!!! Great personality – but is a talker lol

Which is cool, but we can’t sit there and chat all day long lol … but he has a heart of gold!

Anyway… you remember my favorite guy right? 😄❤️ omg he just kills me 😄😄 … so much!!! He is sooo funny!!!

He is the one who calls me Hot Trish 🤨😄🙄 whatever – he still does … every single time lol

He just likes to make me blush with that!!! And I still threaten to tell on him to his dad lol

He’s just awesome ❤️

Well anyway… my favorite guy is funny and personable lol

He has energy lol

Evidentially at yesterday’s graveside service … my favorite guy was talking to the husband guy…

Today the phone rang at the office and was the husband guy looking for my favorite guy 😄😄😄

And then the arranger says they had really hit it off and were discussing botany 😄😄

It was just really cute and very sweet ❤️ also a little funny that they bonded over botany lol 🙄😄

I find that really awesome!! He must be just lonely without his wife! My favorite guy is very easy to enjoy life with – he is just a fun happy people person.

Anyway so work was funny towards the end.

Yesterday one said … I will be fasting starting tmrw …lol ok.

So today comes lol… corporate sent us cupcakes to say thank you for your hard work… so these yummy cupcakes came and then we had a lot of food today 😮 they were all fancy – I did not think to take a photo lol

But there went the fasting 😄😄😄

And so then she says … ok tmrw I will be fasting …lol ok 😄❤️

And then that’s about it. I feel tense ? Just because my mom, and then work and then also court so I am tensing up … especially with court because I trust nothing. But we see.

I am just tense – happy – but tense

Alright well I might read but I am a little tired. I will try ❤️

2 thoughts on “Silly, sweet, maybe tmrw and tense

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    1. So far so good – knock on wood.

      Yes … but my favorite guy is just a really wonderful people person… he has a wonderful personality

      And think this man just enjoyed him for a minute and forgot his grief ❤️

      That was really sweet and beautiful on both ends ❤️


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