Friday begins …

So I accidentally laid in bed before posting last night – so that obviously didn’t happen lol

But my night at the mortuary lol went fine. No spirits came to harass me. ❤️

I was comfy warm and safe. It was nice not having a commute!!

I had ended up ordering a pizza 🍕 … it was actually nice

Didn’t lose any power

I turned the phones back at 8am yesterday and right away the phones start – I had to jump right in!!

And then it was insane yesterday!! We so busy!! As soon as we finish one – we have like 5 more come in it’s place 🤨😮

I took today off because I have to do some running around for my own things 😮 … I told a few families that and they said yes go take a day off you deserve one… but is very hard to take days off – you just know you gonna come back into who knows what 😮

Alright well I have to go run my errands shortly – but hopefully I finish fast? 🙏 i am going to have my car serviced and handle lawyer stuff

Also my lawyer ❤️ I love them ❤️ they fight for me … first time someone has ❤️… I picked good

The other 2 were referrals – this one I picked myself ❤️

If I told you story from my ex your jaw would drop! But anyway I will deal with that.

Alright let me go be productive for my own self and I be back hopefully before kids come

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