Scared of the dark

Ok so maybe I might possibly still be afraid of the dark lol

I want to shut the light off, because it is in my eyes. But if I shut the light off – it will be dark and no.

I might go grab one of our lamps and just have that on … I have a night light I brought in preparation – however it is not good enough lol ✌️

Oh yes – I just did that. The lamp is much better. Not shining in my eyes and a soft amber glow ❤️ ahhh there … I can sleep like that ❤️ much softer ❤️

I am so glad that I did stay – that was a good decision because it is storming really bad!!

I will only need to stay tonight because then I have Friday off

So tomorrow night it’s fine to drive home lol … but is bad outside

I have gone around and checked all the doors – I set the alarm for “stay” so that the building is alarmed but I can be inside lol… I just have to remember before I open any door tmrw lol 😄✌️

But anyway, it’s not so bad. I just don’t want the total dark lol



Ok gnite – gonna read for awhile


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    1. At home I don’t mind so much lol ❤️ I am more comfortable there.

      But I work at funeral home so I stayed last night because there is a bad storm.

      There was no way I was gonna sleep in the dark in a storm at a funeral home lol 😄✌️❤️😘

      My daughter doesn’t like it totally dark so I have little twinkle lights here and there around my house for at night – it lets it be dark but not totally dark. 😊❤️

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    1. Thank you ❤️ … it wasn’t bad at all…

      I ordered a pizza – I was by myself, no one came back. But the office was peaceful… I had a cot and a mattress pad thing so it was wicked comfortable ❤️ I had tons of blankets, and also there is heat lol …so I was nice and warm ❤️

      Full, warm and safe so was good ❤️

      Plus I won’t be late for work lol 😄✌️

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      1. Haha, I can just imagine the folk at the pizza place saying ‘hey, we got an order from the funeral home at this time of night!’ 😉
        Glad you made it comfortable and avoided the worst of the storm! Stay well.

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      2. Hahaha I know 😄😄😄 the delivery driver called me because wanted to make sure was the actual funeral home and not one of the homes in the surrounding neighborhood lol 😄

        But actually – like you I have history on this… way way back… they actually used to live at mortuaries… that was discontinued mostly maybe around 1950’s/1960’s … maybe some family owned and operated funeral homes still do? But that is very rare.

        Some of these funeral homes have home quarters … this one has a small studio one (I slept in my office because is warmer and further away from everything else lol)

        But the one I call Haunted Mansion 😮 … you should see that one!!! There is one main living area which is big … maybe for a family ? And there is another upstairs … and one smaller one – all in same building!

        Haunted Mansion is huge! And beautiful

        But that place would be terrifying to stay in … it IS very creepy!

        Anyway… the morticians and funeral directors USED to live on site – we do operate 24/7 … but it is just not usually don’t now and we corporation owned.

        Thank you as always ❤️ stay safe too and have a great day!! ❤️😘

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      3. That makes sense! Even here, you can still find funeral homes in a terraced street, with the family living above. That said, its dying out as, like supermarkets, they seem to be moving to purpose built sites on the outskirts of town. One day, you’ll have to post a dark pic of the haunted mansion – I imagine a rambling mock gothic building with tall trees close by haha 😉

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      4. I think somewhere in my blogs I have a go through of Haunted Mansion – I forget what I called it though – would have been around July of 2020

        I will have to look and maybe repost lol … is beautiful and cool – it reminds me of the haunted mansion at Disney because of the chandelier lights lol … they go down the hall ways and stuff lol ❤️

        It is classy – old school

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      1. I use my phone flashlight all the time too… but not to sleep with on and it wouldn’t be enough anyway

        I just wanted a soft light

        The lamp worked perfectly ❤️


      2. I was at Ugly Walls… and the lights are those fluorescent lights in office… so too bright… and didn’t want total darkness – just wanted a soft good light – night lights did not do how I wanted … but the softly lit lamp did ❤️


      3. Ohhhh… now my brain is caught up. I must’ve bern dumb from pain meds when I read.

        I worked for an office designer who’s trademark was natural wood tables, frosted glass, lots of white walls, and waaaay too many strong bright white lights. When elevator doors opened, you instantly knew which floors he’d done by the blinding glare. We’d wait till we knew he was in his car, then turn off more than 50% of the lights… got in a LOT of trouble when caught!!

        I accidentally bought “bright white” instead of “soft white” bulbs. But I kinda like them in the kitchen… major change!

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      4. Well this office design older time era. But has the office fluorescent lights

        Since we are not having people in our building – I do not always use all the lights ✌️

        I like it kinda dim


    1. Lol… we do have those – I just don’t like them lol … they are also bright … closets to find things yes lol
      … but sleeping they are annoying and battery operated

      I used a soft lamp – we have many soft lamps – is funeral home – soft lighting lol … the office just has fluorescents unless you use the lamps

      And the nightlights are not good enough in that place lol ✌️

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