Just whatever ✌️

So it is Thursday!! I am oncall this evening. So… as always for every Thursday or everyday if possible (but definitely Thursdays) try not to die because you know Friday is right there. 🙏

Ok so no dying… I feel like I have to say that – not that it matters cause death doesn’t listen to me … but I just say that to hope for that. 😘🙏


Remember Mr annoying guy? So he has his wife call me this morning to try to talk to me 🤨 … are you not man enough to handle your own business you have to have your wife do that? She has nothing to do with the issue at hand and does not handle his business. She was calling to talk to me as a woman 🤨… and also she used to be in this business so maybe she smooth for him

She did… but let’s see if he can handle it or not.

So I go over all of it with her and claim exact same I said to him.

So… the terms are he has agreed to come back and fix, for free under that warranty

So originally she says to me… he wants to come on Sunday … will someone be there Sunday

Yes ma’mam… I will be there Sunday – he will get to see “ME”

Ok so then it was left like that

Well we do not get along. I literally just met the man and we clash hard core.

I’m trying to handle the office and families at same time!!! I have proof and documentation everything so handle it.

Well he calls – of course when I step away… and he tells my girls he can’t make it on Sunday

Huh isn’t that funny

Then she calls me back and asks if they can come after hours… absolutely not!

You pick – 7 days a week – 8am- 5pm – you schedule that with “ME” – not my girls. It is my job not theirs

And he will need to get here with plenty of time to do the work and be gone by 5pm … doors close at 5pm

He does not want to see me evidentially… whatever … grow up buddy, cause I am making sure I am there so I can watch his mF’ing work. So he isn’t getting around that…

I’ve been handling this… and I report and record all the details and send info to boss to keep updated…

So which game you wanna play buddy?

I’ve giving you the chance to fix the situation because your wife handled your shit.

So you gonna be a man or not?

Goodness gracious – can we hurry up and be done with this? I don’t wanna deal with him anymore

So that is his last chance – he has business hours 7 days a week. And that must be scheduled due to services .

If he fucks this up… I’ll hand it over to my boss and he really be done.

I do not like this guy at all!!! I do not believe he likes me either ✌️ … won’t be a problem if he just finishes and be done

But he’s gotta make it all dramatic cause he can’t handle his shit. I will be there during the work – so he’s not getting around that… I will give space for him to work and I have my own things going on- but he will need to show me before he is finished

Well whatever – we do not like each other!!! The faster I am done with this guy the better.


I’m not looking to argue, I’m looking for it to be handled and fixed – shouldn’t even need to be fixed!!

If he wants to fix and avoid problems… I’m ok with that for free under that warranty. But I will be there, he will deal with me, and during business hours.

If he’s not shady, then that shouldn’t be a problem. I bet he brings his wife

Oh god 🤨🙄 whatever – I don’t care

I am more than happy to crush this – get it done and be done. I am sure that he also, would like to be done with me just as much.

But anyway… besides that… I ordered groceries, picked up and dropped off for my little German lady

She is the sweetest ❤️ (to me, because my friend says that is because I am not her daughter lol… and this is true) but she is very sweet – I find her really endearing ❤️ but the funny thing is she just this little hard core little lady lol… she’s German. She grew up in Germany … when she speaks English she has the most adorable little accent – it’s actually a very thick German accent. Is adorable.

She’s VERY straight narrow. Also strong – funny – maybe not on purpose?

Anyway, so she is taken care of ❤️

So far she seem to be doing alright but is sick… just not any worse. 🙏🙏 hopefully she be ok

I just pulled up… ran up to door, put them on a shelf and drove off…

I texted after I left lol ✌️

I keep hearing that commercial that says… love means staying away!!!

I do not particularly like this slogan they have going. Every time that commercial comes on… it makes me cringe

I don’t even know what the commercial is for because that slogan bothers me like that… but whatever just saying ✌️

Ok I am really exhausted. Ugh 🤦‍♀️… ok I need bed 🤨😴 … it’s like work, bed, work, bed lol … that is pretty much what it is omg… for right now is fine. What else am I gonna do? And I do like it … except for dealing with this guy!!!

Ugh I be back when able.


Good night ❤️💋✌️

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    1. Thank you .. yes but… we had disagreement other day and didn’t end well.

      He still has to fix the issue. I’ll be professional with him totally, but I would like this fixed.


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