So today I had to be an office manager 🤨 oh I don’t wanna talk about it… it makes my blood pressure rise instantly!! I can feel it!!!

It’s that stupid water heater and this fricken contractor is trying to do extortion 🤨 is under warranty and then he take a part off and capped it – I still have water and hot water but hot water takes like 10/15 minutes 🤨

I just want him to reconnect the pipe he took off and put back without a leak.

He wanna charge me $200 plus parts and labor – I found proof it was less than a year ago he installed, and when I show to him he say oh no it was 90 days – bullshit – alright bro… bite me then ✌️ I don’t deal with crooks

I will find another who will do the job correctly the first time and not try to do extortion 🤨 wtf!

So we had words today… I let him speak and then he wouldn’t let me speak so whatever – I said …look, I let you speak and heard you out, now you hear me… and so I asked him point blank …

So while it’s under a year and you aren’t standing by your work, what you are telling me is you are not going to replace the pipe you JUST took out, unless I pay you $200 plus parts and labor 🤨 is that what you are saying?

And so he said he’s gotta get paid…

It’s under warranty and under a year!!! That is bullshit!!

Alright thanks we will no longer be needing your services. And done ✌️

Today I stood strong and firm with this guy trying to argue with me … my girls just watched but was funny because their eyes were all wide lol… cause I wasn’t gonna back down… thats under warranty and is under a year with proof! He argued with me over everything and nope – I am not dealing with that!

If you good to me… I will throw all my business your way… but you wanna extort and nope I am done – bye 👋

So I didn’t wanna talk about it but ended up talking about it anyway lol … do you see how the week is going!!

Then… remember guy who want to know me… ok well I believe he is faster and more over my head… I don’t want that … so I told him – I am definitely not that type. I am ok if you want to get to know me – but I don’t know you yet.

So… not quite sure how he takes that – but that’s how it is.

He seems very unsure how to handle me?

So whatever – that is silent. I’m not looking for just good times – sorry – love good times very much … but you have to have more substance than just that.

Ok so… now I have new contractor guy. He better come with “A” game lol ✌️😄

I am teasing Lol … I promise I am not scary at all lol

But I do stand my ground … and I will be watching and observing to see if I want to conduct business with him. Don’t be shady and you won’t have anything to worry about. ✌️😘

I will manage my office and take care of my girls (and one guy lol) (my part timer which is awesome he is amazing!!!!!!!!!)

This part timer I have … I just want to duplicate him omg!! He is amazing … takes notes does any job I give him, he learns fast, when I run out of jobs, he will find his own and takes initiative … we adore him!! He is perfect!!!

So that aspect is going REALLY well!! He’s awesome!!

Anyway. Also… work gave me an anniversary pin ❤️ because February 8th is my one year anniversary with them 😮❤️ I stayed with death the whole year 😮

It has been an adventure lol

Oh yes … and lastly – I haven’t had any news on… but I know I have a new president ❤️ and it’s seems like all went well ❤️

So now I am at ease on that end for the moment ✌️

I have a huge thing for a family going on tmrw – I have to be there early

So I do have to go to bed early – but I will see what I can read for little while ❤️

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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      1. Oohhhh I will give the gamer tag to my kids if you ok with that?

        I will check them out tonight when I get home from work and after Friday night stuff – been really busy myself!! I have Saturday off though ✌️❤️


      2. That is very cool!!! I just checked it out!!

        I didn’t mention to kids yet because you should say that’s ok first.

        Your clips are cool! My kids play a lot of those! ❤️


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