Titles can be difficult? Lol

So Friday was … a decent day.

Nothing crazy went off. I had more death calls, but ya know that’s my business.

It was busy… crazy busy … this coming week we have funerals every single day!! And some days we have several going on 😮 it’s going off this coming week 😮

We sooo backed up – we are booking services into February 8th!! These services are still restricted – but that only means we have to bend over to make it ok and work. It’s very hard.

What do you want? For when you die? Do you get to chose that? Or does religion lay it out for you?

I always ask that question because I am curious?? And also deciding what I want

For me, it is not a religious thing… it is more what “I” am personally ok with.

Am I ok with being buried in the ground? Or burned 🤨 I do not like those choices!! Can I have cryogenics? Lol

To be buried – I dunno? I think of bugs, dirt and cold – but I will be dead so what does it matter? And it is how my family has always done that.

Except my dad, he was cremated. That’s what he wanted. He wants to be with my mom, so when she passes, she will also be cremated and they will go together … we will do an inurnment with them…

Put them both in the same niche together with each their urns. ⚱️⚱️

Burning in cremation to me – I don’t know how that sits even if I am dead.

I used to be terrified of fire 🔥 … fire and sinkholes … so basically fire and burials lol

I won’t be alive to know, or care

But I don’t know what I want I do not like those choices. I do kinda want cryogenics – but that’s really expensive and experimental. Lol and I will be dead so what does it matter lol

But I think of a lot of things … I think of Egyptians – because I am fascinated by the history there – and then we learn from their skeletons and bodies… they left a mark on humanity – we can see what they suffered from, how they lived, how they died

Burial … part of you is always left ❤️

Cremation is cheaper – way cheaper!!! Faster cheaper etc

Are you that disposable? But then I guess so… because millions of years and the earth still goes on. Doesn’t matter who you are … or how much you have… you will also end. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust?

Am I ok with cremation for myself? I don’t know?? Why am I bothered by these?

Do you remember when I had that Chinese man? Way back? He gave me a red envelope 🧧 which I still have not opened yet! I am not ready to open yet. He said to open it for health and prosperity so when I need that I will open it.

It’s like the labor I had with my daughter – they gave me epidural and then said save until you have pain… so I saved all of it for actual labor and paralyzed myself lol – but they were not specific. ✌️

So I just wait.

But the reason I mention the Chinese man is because he had his uncle cremated … but before cremation he placed everything that would make his uncle comfortable and happy in his afterlife – to know he was loved like that – it was really beautiful!! Like insanely beautiful. Even if was just his own cultures comfort – that was incredibly beautiful!!

Again reminding me of the Egyptians and actually other cultures also who did that… because during their burials long ago… they placed things like that with their people when they died. Made sure they had their favorite things and would carry well into the afterlife. That is comforting.

I would do burial if I had a crypt lol not underground … I’m a little creeped out underground. But crypt sounds way better!

So how do you chose? – do you have the freedom to chose how you die? Or is that dictated for you?

Anyway – I’ve just been thinking about that lately – I work with that, so it’s always right in front of me. ✌️

And there is a lot of death around me so … it just makes me think about it

I think of that because I never know what my time be up, so I want to have an idea of what I want. I am comforted to make my own choices. How I want it.

Then you can miss me, but then also know I was comforted by the goodbye ❤️✌️

That would be called “Final wishes” I would like those ❤️✌️

Anyway… then came Friday night …

My oldest has been taking IT classes online so that’s going well for him.

19 is doing good but a little lost how to handle everything with the situation and the virus.

And 14 doing ok … school going decently… not sensational like it is in person… but she does good. It’s an adjustment.

I got word to get her signed up for high school 😮😮😮

Omg!! And I remember same feeling when time to enroll for kindergarten lol … I want to hug them and squeeze them and hold them tight lol


I just find it bittersweet to let go… I raise them so I am proud and in love with them… I want to keep them forever, just like my mom ❤️ they are my world ❤️

But then at the same time… I have to let them go… to live their own lives someday eventually (lol)

Life goes on.

Mine slows down and theirs will begin.. well also.. mine will slow down if people can stop spreading covid 🤨

But anyway… this is my final baby… she is about to go to high school 😮 omg … 2 more years and she drives 😮

Yeah time… it goes so fast!


Just kinda smacked me when it told me to register her for high school … that is my final baby so I am sentimental 😘❤️

I don’t have little kids anymore 😮

And just how time has changed.

I was late coming home because work had been busy so was a short night and I was so exhausted … and I don’t sleep a lot – I work a lot – you know trying to survive so 🤷‍♀️

I want to do that myself so then I am never at anyone’s mercy ever ever ever again!!

But anyway – last night was a short night. And then I was so tired. I have this coming Friday off though – I am working Sunday so that I can have that (I also need to take my car to be serviced – I am way way way over due!) I keep calling and saying I’m so sorry but I have services can I move that… so I took Friday to handle and that will give me better time with kids ❤️ 2 birds – one stone lol ✌️

Oh and guess what??

The guy I do not like… he will be coming on Sunday at 3pm to handle. Ok. His wife messaged me 🤨

🙄 whatever – it will be finished and over with!! Omg hallelujah!!


I have things to get done today. Always. I will be back in little while. ✌️


4 thoughts on “Titles can be difficult? Lol

Add yours

    1. Thank you very much! ❤️

      I do have a strong mind 😘
      I’m not sure if it is a strong mind or a strong heart you need for this job?

      The mind I use with running the location. But the heart is there when you help families

      I went and go through so much personal loss myself that I connect with loss very easy… my heart still bleeds with my own losses but that is helpful when I help families

      Sometimes it’s a lot because sometimes I connect very heavily … and then it’s hard watching people in so much pain.

      There are times where someone else’s loss, hits you really hard

      It’s been scary with covid.

      The job actually helped me process my own losses.

      It’s not an easy job – I think you need more heart than the mind for it? There is sadness… you have to hold peoples hand and walk them through everything, make sure they are ok as you go along.

      You definitely need a strong mind to handle, but you also need a strong heart ?

      With my coworkers – I notice their sense of humor… they have amazing senses of humor! They balance you with the sadness…

      And then also… they are the most thoughtful amazing people – kind and caring

      And we help all people – all nationalities – all religions … so I get to see everything

      It can be heavy… but it’s worth it ❤️

      And maybe I was meant to help someone through a loss who couldn’t process themselves – we do have those. I think I make a difference? 🙏

      Thank you for your comment


  1. You’re so funny.. how you’re saving the envelope “till you need it”. Guess that’s why you aren’t the person who won the $1B lotto (it was someone n a Detroit suburb).

    Do you realize you have to be cryogen’d BEFORE you die? It’s not an option after.

    I want cremation and my ashes in an EternalReef. 2nd choice would be creamation/diamond. 3rd is any form of eco-burial.

    There are places in Japan that mix ashes with soil for large flower park cemeteries (did Rose Hills ever do that?). I think they have eco burials as well, and I know they had inurnments, all at the same place. For the soil mix, your info is added to a marker or the side of a raised planter.

    Oh… I’d also like a memorial park bench or something like that. A room at a cat habitat?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha … yeah I don’t usually play the lottery – I never win when I do, so I feel like it throws money away?

      Oh I didn’t realize that before death thing – I suppose if I am terminal ever than I would do that… Ted Williams kids had that done to him. ??

      I have seen the cremation diamonds 💎 they are beautiful ❤️

      We get a lot of the eco-burials. We also do the mix with soils and create trees.

      We also have services that will fly and scatter remains… those have designated areas where that is ok… I have not seen that on a contract since covid hit. I very briefly saw that on a few contacts before covid.

      Before covid hit – the funerals were HUGE!! Tons and tons of people. Now they are quick fast and restricted.

      It’s weird? Cause then it’s weird to view that… is almost like a bandaid 🩹

      With the big giant huge funerals – it’s sad – people just sob… it’s like slowly peeling a bandaid. Hurts

      But when it is fast quick and restricted … is like ripping off a bandaid – excruciating pain hard and fast. Also very devastatingly sad … but is fast and does not hold you with the heavy.

      If covid stays around… and this just how life is… I don’t know how we could ever conduct normal services??

      So the industry could forever be changed? I don’t know?

      You have thought about yours! ❤️ we have a division that does those eternal reefs also. They can do incredible things however someone wants to say goodbye ❤️ whatever is comfort to them.

      But you do either need a preneed or you family chose for you.

      A preneed is cool though that is why I am thinking – because I want one.

      You can customize exactly what you want… lock in prices for right now… and you just pay into it every month until it’s paid off and then you are Golden. Your wishes are followed ❤️

      Also the next of kin thing is big deal… I am sort of helping someone with that currently. Someone died, there is no family – but they were loved … friends want to pay for the funeral… but we can’t do anything until the coroner makes attempts to find any kind of next of kin. They go down the line til they hopefully find someone… then if they don’t it becomes ward of the coroner and then coroner handles but would release if people are willing to pay for and handle.

      So is currently a coroner case – I have only put the coroner in touch with the people who care. ✌️ ❤️

      The law and that next of kin thing… you have to have someone else you legally appoint if you do not want family

      That next of kin can make things very hard because people do not always understand “next of kin”

      They also do not understand the words “immediate family only”

      Immediate family definition:
      It is your parents
      Your siblings
      Your children
      ONLY – that’s it… anything else is considered extended. Must be directly related

      But next of kin follows your lineage to find the closest blood relative who is willing to take the responsibility- either handle or sign over body.

      Is good to know and be aware and think before hand. ❤️🙏 I really love those diamonds 💎

      And we have really cool things like roses and there is this light 💡… it’s an orb… inside is this beautiful rose made of ashes … it sits upon a platform that lights up and makes the rose sparkle ❤️ it is so beautiful ❤️


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