Bad, noob and discord

It just keeps coming… we already have a 50ft refrigeration truck and we have more coming this week… is still not enough.

One location … not one of mine – but our mothership funeral home … many have covid… there are zero arrangers available because everyone is sick … we will have to step in and take some of their cases

We have a currier who comes from that facility – I told them they are not allowed in building anymore … they are to call me when here, and I will come and get.

I’m not taking chances – nope. Stay away ✋

So… it’s bad and it’s coming closer and closer. No one but me and girls allowed in building currently.

Hurry up with the fucking vaccine!! Holy shit who the hell is in charge of that, because they suck at their job!! Get people vaccinated NOW!! Could they be any fuckin slower??!!

Anyway… it’s hard – families are devastated but also understanding with covid and covid is just pouring in now… thanks to the holidays. ☹️

This is only the beginning – it’s gonna get worse … we are bracing for it to get really bad 😳😮☹️

We have to do things to comfort families that think outside the box or what we normally would do for them… because it’s just such an insane time and we are trying to still comfort families and help them…

We bend over backwards to handle all of it and the families

We go insane trying to do all of it… and where are these vaccines?? Work or not is something … anything is better than all this death ☠️ please hurry up with that shit please!!

I feel like it’s just a matter of time… the minute one of my girls gets it – I probably will too… and then I wouldn’t be able to see my kids … and I don’t know that I would make it?

I am tired and I’ve had my own medical issues so ya know – I’m not really in the mood to fight for my life yet again… I am tired.

But whatever – there is nothing I can do. What will be, will be. I can protect as much as I can – but there is always risk!

How many people do we have to lose?

This is just the beginning – brace yourself – please stay safe!! Please make sure you listen to me.

Wear your mask, make sure you stay distanced… wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer with you. Just try to stay away. ☹️💔

It’s like awful

Anyway … I am home – I had to work late because it’s just too busy!!! I didn’t leave until 6pm

And I have a new guy coming to start tmrw – he has to fill out his paper work and I am supposed to show him few things.

I will have to be even earlier because he is coming at 8 so I will be there at 730 … so I can get in and set up!! That’s gonna be a tough morning and I have to make time for him with all this 😳😮

My girls already said “tell him we are not bitches” lol

It’s because we so busy we gonna end up saying to him “look we can not speak to you right now” lol – they don’t mean to be rude but we slammed currently

Sometimes we have everything coming at us and we don’t even have time to breathe. So it would be in those moments lol which are happening all the time lately!!

They were like who going to train him?

Well I am going to have to!! He needs to know what to do!!

So yeah I will have to find time for him 😳😮

And then here at home I have a little mosquito woman in my ear lol… I don’t do social media… of any kind – just this – that’s it.

She is trying to talk me into downloading “discord” 🤨 (or as I like to call it “dysfunction” lol) – I only say that to tease lol

She says be faster for me to text her on that 🤨 … what?? I have to download an app to get a hold of my daughter faster 🤨

Whatever. I said I would check it out 🤨

She’s just over here … “did you download that yet?”

No lol… I said I would check out first lol

I really do not want a social media app but I suppose I can look at it.

She complains my texts are slow or she doesn’t get them. We are out in country 🤨🙄😄✌️

Alright well I will read for a minute then I have to go to bed because I have to get up early to be at work even earlier tmrw 😐

Make sure you listen and please stay safe…. don’t mess with this if you can avoid it. 😘❤️✌️

Good night 😴💤🌙

Oh yeah – rained all day too!!

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  1. Stay safe Trisha. Sounds like you’re doing an incredible job in very trying circumstances. Wishing you strength in the days and weeks ahead. “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” But it will get better 🙏

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    1. Thank you very much 🙏❤️

      It’s definitely a life experience 😳 who knew when I turned to this job that it would become this 😮 I had no clue

      But I do think I was meant to be where am.

      I can handle it. So far nothing has killed me so ya know gonna live on that invincible edge until my time and luck run out ✌️😘

      I take all precautions and am careful. I don’t see anyone. I stay very very careful always / if I am not home that mask and face shield are on.

      It will be getting worse but we know this. So I think we got it? 😳🙏 we are careful

      It’s just scary with how close death is coming … so makes me nervous… I can almost feel the breath of death? So that sends a chill.

      Yes … it always gets better … we knew that it was going to be getting really bad after the holidays because no one distanced … people were shopping and seeing loved ones… it’s hard how do you chose between being safe and being loved?

      Whoa that’s a choice huh? Lol

      So which would you like – to have the people you love and be loved – but not be safe ?

      Or do you be safe and miss and yearn for those you love after such a difficult year?

      It’s hard. Humans are social.

      Our lives are family and or friends … and covid takes that away or makes it dangerous.

      So that’s like a terrible choice to make … love or safety… which do you want? Omg I do not like that choice!!!

      We just need to be safe for little while longer 🙏

      But yes eventually it will be better if people listen!!! 🙏 or they hurry up with the vaccine lol


  2. The pre-vaccine “when will you get your turn” predictor said there are 23 million people with higher priority than me. My friend with no lung/health issues has 232 million people ahead of her. It’s going to take months for them to roll out to the general public. You might get some priority but shouldn’t count on it. Your mother should be an early recipient.
    But remember, it’s 2 doses roughly 2 weeks apart… not everyone’s gonna return for the 2nd dose… which means more available but fewer people with immunity.

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      1. Omg c’mon!! I have not heard – I have been busy

        I heard of a South Africa strain that was more deadly? 😳 that’s just what I heard

        But otherwise I do not know of what is being said


      2. Today’s update re SA variant:
        “It means that some of the antibodies people produce when they get infected with Covid, as well as the antibody drugs, may not be quite as effective.”

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    1. We are Mortuary workers which I guess are essential

      We received notice about subcategory 1A, tier 3 or something like that?? … I have it at work I will look tmrw.

      But that was told weeks ago and then silence


      1. So I guess the board of health will be sending someone to the funeral home soon – but we don’t have a date … they are coming to us to give us the vaccination 😮

        But again they say that but when? So I believe when I see

        Talk talk talk. So we see

        We getting more and more strict with the restrictions like insane!!


    1. Yes – they all use it… all my own kids and all their friends. None of them have Facebook accept for my 26 yr old 😄😄

      The others refuse lol

      They are also all gamers lol

      … yeah see I do not know how I feel about any social media thing. I don’t know

      I will look at the app

      I don’t trust these things lol ✌️


      1. Well I love the people I have on there very very much. But the minute I go on… these are people from my whole life… immediately they going to want to know what had happened to me… and I do not want to share that like that at this time. ✌️

        I love them – but I am not ready for them

        And then … just social media way too far ahead of me… I like it nice and peaceful… and I do not want anyone influencing how I want to be, how I want to feel, or how I believe.

        I just want to “be” and I feel social media takes that away… I can not handle the pressure of social media

        Only this is ok for me.


      2. I deleted nearly all my content (including comments on other people’s posts) for a less serious but similar reason. That, like here, uses a psuedoname but a handful of people know it’s me.

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      3. Mine is my real info… is all my real life family and friends from my entire life, all over the United States.

        No one knows about this blog… except those who know me know I have a blog – they just don’t know what is about or really is?


    1. It really is!! Oh goodness… I haven’t heard of the other ones yet… I work for a funeral home and we have been insanely busy so have not been watching news or tv.

      That does not sound good 😮


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