Back to work

I am having my daughter do some work for me lol

I ask her because she know how to do hopefully lol 🙏

I have a list of umm work for funeral home … and since I have new person starting on Friday… I will need list for him on Friday… because he will be doing the funeral home all by himself this coming weekend 😮 actually just Sunday he will be by himself 😳

Ok so Friday – I will be showing him all around.

I want a list so he knows what to do. I have it all written down already … she is just making it into a form for me lol ✌️❤️

It will be all professional – I said it’s for a funeral home so make it look nice … and she picked a really pretty font ❤️

When I ask her to clean things – she moans lol … but I asked her to do this for me and she’s all excited lol

Well bonus for me then lol ✌️ and she feels all important and helping me ❤️

She is diligently working away and doing amazing with it ❤️

She is fast 😮 over there in her little nasa cocoon of screens and computers 🖥🖥🖥 🤨🙄

But she’s doing amazing ❤️

I peeked over and looks amazing!!

Nervous to see what is going to come at me when I walk in the door tmrw. 😳

But otherwise … should be good … because all that end of year stuff is done… now I can organize and situate and help my girls with everything.

Is much better ❤️ I can breathe

So anyway – I should get to bed. She’s almost done and then she is off to bed also. We are both up late.

I be back tmrw ✌️😘 Gnite

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