Rushing, new guy and tired

I was way too tired to post last night and this morning I am getting ready for work now.

But new guy went good – he’s 2 years older than my oldest … he has perfectionist tendencies so I like that, he will be a good worker – followed me with little note pad taking notes 📝

I was trying not to overwhelm him – he was nervous… he seemed comfortable with us and seems like will be good fit

He will be my weekend worker, he works again Friday – when I will teach him the alarm 🚨

Hope goes well 🙏

Also my phone asks me questions every day – I’ve had it doing that for years – way before covid … and I’m not sure it’s aware there is covid, because it asks me questions that annoy me a little lol

Today’s question was : what was the last restaurant you went to? “Went to” 🤨

I can not remember 😮

It would have been with the kids so maybe “The Original Mel’s?”

Ok I have to go… anymore time and I be late 😮

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  1. Heeyyyy… I have a “Q&A A Day” book (with space for 5yrs of enties) and that’s the Jan 5 question!!

    Today’s is: “Today was tough because ______.” I wonder if you’ll get that next!!

    I’m glad the new guy seems good and TAKES NOTES. It drives me NUTS when people don’t take notes!!

    Taking notes during an interview (which I always do) is what once got me a job offer. Not one other person had done that.

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    1. I can cheat by changing the year… so I can see what tmrws question is before tmrw lol (sometimes I can’t wait lol… it won’t let me answer until the actual day but I can peek – is same questions every year on each day …

      Tomorrow’s question is :
      “What was tough about today?” 😮😮😮

      Yes his note taking was impressive – nice move.

      He’s definitely not a slacker
      – I just have to get him trained well.


      1. Your app and my book appear to share a source!!

        Was yesterday “The best part of today”??

        I know what you mean about not waiting. Depending on the questions I’ll sometimes answer up to 2 weeks in advance!! I use postcards from blogging friends to mark the page to resume.

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      2. Mine won’t let me answer in advance… the only way I can see the questions is if I change the year to last year… then I can see – it doesn’t let me answer the day until it actually IS the day. Lol


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