Like there is no tomorrow

New Year’s Eve, Party like there is No Tomorrow – yikes lol

Lol this is musical scavenger hunt – by:

The Hello

(( sorry I missed last few – it’s been insane obviously – but these song hunts are still my favorite!))

1.) No Mañana

2.) Wild ones

3.) Give Me Everything (❤️ lol)

4.) Good Feeling

5.) Scream and Shout

6.) Livin La Vida Loca

7.) Forever Young

8.) Raise your glass

9.) Let it Whip

10.) Stayin Alive

These are the songs I would pick for a party like no tomorrow… because half of me wants to totally love and experience life – to let go… oh but no lol… cause I am also still trying to stay alive… and I’m not much of a partier anyway

It doesn’t matter how I celebrate this year… I’m just kinda glad to be done with 2020? That was an exhausting year … it had ups and crazy downs …just so much stuff!!

I am kinda happy to move on from 2020. Hoping for things to get better all around the world ❤️✌️

Party like no tomorrow – but stay safe 🙏🙏🙏

Whatever it takes – be safe 🙏

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