Christmas 2020

We had a very nice Christmas ❤️ I hope you all did too. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas – I hope you enjoyed whatever you have for whatever you do celebrate.

I worked a half day on Christmas Eve and then had my kids with me – the boys spent the night ❤️❤️❤️ I was sooooo excited ❤️❤️❤️❤️ – I had all 3 kids…

I remember the night we came home with daughter… as we drove I looked in the back seat to see 3 little people I made 😮 I had all 3 kids ❤️ it just blows my mind

So anyway – I adore them ❤️

We did gifts right away. Just so we can spend time being together and get the most from time ❤️✌️

I was on call Christmas Eve into Christmas morning… I had a couple calls. Kids had to be quiet lol everyone was still up – my kids are night owl people lol

They were like “omg how sad” … well I know… but that’s how it is … you have no control when you die – no day is off limits or special… and death is a part of life, it is of course sad because the heart gets attached.

It rained starting Christmas Eve night and a lot of the day on Christmas.

Just rain – but was beautiful ❤️

We got to FaceTime with my mom ❤️❤️❤️ I miss my mom ❤️❤️❤️ I want my mom

I can’t have her for this Christmas … and please dear god – can I please have next Christmas 🙏 – I really want her … that is one present I want really really bad and I just can’t have it at this moment. 💔 I just want my mom.

But we all got to see and talk to her ❤️❤️

We also got to see my brother, his wife and my nephew ❤️❤️ I miss them all – was good to sort of see them.

Anyway… we just loved the time together ❤️ was a beautiful Christmas ❤️

And now it is silent

I do have to get a few things done around here but I be back later – I have the weekend off ❤️

I am trying to act like ok day off… do not do work… it is very hard not to… let me just do a few things lol – then I be back ✌️


5 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

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  1. Just wanted to take the time to say I hope you had a pleasant Christmas. And here’s hoping your new year will be filled with peace of mind and hope a-plenty! Oh, and no more fires that’s for sure!

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    1. Hahaha awwww thank you very much 🥰❤️ and same to you!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season however you celebrated.

      Hahaha ahhh life’s fires – can you ever really get away? 😄✌️ … but yes hoping for the strength for all the fires and I always have hope. ✌️❤️

      May you have a wonderful bright year filled with great things!! 🙌💗❣️

      Cheers 🥂 to 2021 ❤️

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