Tuesday. Today was good.

So we have massive restrictions due to covid. And it’s really hard on both us and families. It’s devastating.

We can not have any services or anything inside – but we can have a very SMALL group outside…

So yesterday we did a viewing … when that was happening … I just noticed one of the family members slip off from the others and seem to have a really hard time…

So I just brought him a water – and asked if he was ok.

And he just cried and talked. So I let him. Sometimes it’s nice to just unload on a stranger and ya know it’s a funeral home, we are heartfelt and compassionate so … I just listened and shared how I have handled – and of course, my thing is to see you smile… I have a gift with that ya know lol

So anyway, by the end of convo – he smiled … then I had to go back in.

Today was the service – is the same – small outside

That same guy see me and say “hey thank you for cheering me up a little yesterday” so that was really nice.

As we talking he say… “I’ll be back, remember me.” lol

He does not live here – he lives in another state lol… but I guess he is from here.

But what’s he gonna do come back down to the funeral home? Lol 😄 … who wants to go to the funeral home? Lol what?

And … just FYI… we are comforting so we just make sure everyone is ok – it’s a very hard time to go through – we help in many ways. We care … we hold your hand “figuratively” and help you through everything.

Which btw… my location has 5 stars… ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I think mine is the only one like that… and review after review is amazing!!

Afterwards I had to make a personal phone call to my lawyer… so I called.

And the girl who answered told me to hold for a moment.

And there is this guy who works at the lawyers office.

I have mentioned him before. He’s the one that when I first was looking for lawyer – I spoke to him – and he told me they were “Christian lawyers” meaning they actually care about their clients. (That’s what he told me… his words made me chose them)

And then he’s always really sweet when I go in there. He is very friendly and always has a nice big smile lol

Also the last time I went in… was umm 🤔 September? I’m pretty sure? Maybe beginning of October?

Well I had missed him when I first got there because he was at lunch… but when I was leaving he was there and he stood up as I walked in… and then he told me he heard about my story and was humbled and was impressive etc – stuff like that

He made me tear up with that. I appreciate, that is nice… but at the same time it is also hard.

Anyway – that was the last time I went into the office.

Today I only called… the girl put me on hold… and then he came on the phone.

So I said who I was … but I figured he probably would not remember me on the phone.

Right away he say … “oh yes I do remember you!” 😳😮 and he kept going … “you’re the one with that incredible story” and then again he went on and on about how he admired, couldn’t believe the strength etc.

(He makes me a little embarrassed with that) and my story – it’s what I had to go through. It’s just what was. I said that to him…

And he said … yes but your story of strength is incredible. Most do not have the strength to get through what you went through and still go through.

And he sorta told me his story 😮 … his is also an incredible story too! His is also a story of strength 😮 and also impressive.

Um. He’s super awesome. Really really sweet! He says things that make me feel my heart that I kinda feel sensitive with. That is hard. Just when I flash back or through those memories.

It’s just seems like strength… yes… but then at the same time I remember what I went through – and that just brings tears to my eyes still. I had no choice but to be strong? What else was I gonna do???

Maybe that’s why he tell me his story? So I feel a connection? More at ease with him? Cause that’s a vulnerable spot.

I am just caught off guard with him sometimes, since he learned my story.

He seems very sweet.

He’s very caring. They all are, or seem that way. Everyone who works there.

I was just taken back with his reaction about remembering me lol … ya know… I’m a case. The courts don’t care so… I just figure they see so many… and I am just one quiet person… he has only seen me maybe 3 times? … I’m just a person… but he remembered so I did not expect that… or his reaction.

He mentioned that he was 39. That was a little odd ?

I am not sure if he is like this with everyone or just me?

His story… is different than mine but it runs on sort of similar lines? Similar kind of pain in a certain area? There is a connection on that pain because I know that feeling… and he picked up on it because he had it too? And he just knows my case. My story is um? just shocking, I suppose… it’s a lot. But we see. I don’t trust in this area very well. (Or at all)

I am not quite sure what to think with him. And of course, I’m cautious.

I do appreciate and he is very kind.

I don’t know him, other than with this. Was a nice convo… I did not expect lol

That was kinda nice today.

It’s been insane crazy!! I have to watch these training things – today 🤨🤨🤨🤨 they made me watch this harassment thing 😑

All kinds of harassment – not one particular kind… all of them…


Ok. So… it is very long … do you have any idea how much work I have to do??? End of year!!! Omg lol … I have a mess!!

But big boss want me to sign off on getting everything for the year to close smoothly … HA! I did not reply lol… cause I don’t sign off on that… mine will not go smoothly… it’s gonna be bumpy!! I will need back up.

I have 2 more videos I have to watch by end of day tmrw 🤨

Do you have any idea how much work I have?? I have to do inventory, books, everything by the 31st 😮 while doing everything else too

But I have to watch videos? When??? Cause that is hard!!!

If I am busy and you make me watch them… all I will think about is work that I have to be doing and how am I gonna do this? I can not do other things usually during these videos 🤨

I just have a lot to do… which I am already stressed about … but here wait we need you to watch this really long presentation 🤨… dude – I have stuff to do!!! Can this wait?? I had to do it today!! I did it. But that was really hard!!!

Just mentioning – because I have so much work!! On my own!! And then both of my arranger girls … full cases! Sooo many cases!!

It’s just nuts. I worry little

They might have to hold my hand here on this one this year? I just stepped in – I am very green.

Can we put my videos on hold?? Cause I kinda have some pretty major stuff to do at this moment lol … these videos make me squirm because I want it to hurry so I can get back to work!!! 😮 … I don’t really have the time to be watching videos … and I have to pay attention because it quizzes me too 🤨😄

So anyway whatever – ugh … I have to go to bed again. What day are we? Tuesday… ok

Tmrw I have my fire alarms being checked … they wanted to come today and I said nope not a good day lol

So is coming tmrw at 9:30am so they say. We see.

Let just see if they punctual lol

I got to see my fav guy today. The one who always makes me laugh. He is chatty – way more than me lol… he’s the one with the dad comment that he never lets me forget lol – he teases me – I tease him back lol

I don’t think he’s ever had support?

I like when people are supportive of each other and uplift or help. So I do that.

He always says stuff like “I’ve never had such a great group of work people ever”

I always end up eventually having amazing work places lol

And also… he is hurting painwise from something in his life… so you know… I don’t like people to be in pain… so I will try to fix that lol ✌️😘

So… I don’t think he’s used to it because of his reaction to it? And he is always touched by everything lol (he is good hearted)

He’s very sweet and funny. Bubbly sometimes dramatic lol … work is awesome when he’s there! I love when they give him to us!!!

Well anyway- I have to work again … so I have to sleep… ugh

Coming in on Wednesday. Ok

Thursday is Christmas Eve and then Christmas 😮😳

Ok I be back eventually 🙏

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      1. Hahaha yes that’s true – almost done. (They can add more when they want – it’s like a portal for me to keep up to date with training)

        I do not like them either lol … sometimes a course will let me test out right away … if I ace the test right from start it let’s me pass and I don’t have to do the whole thing.

        But like this one yesterday – it wouldn’t let me test out, made me watch it and take little tests through the whole thing.

        Just right now I have zero time for their little training modules lol (they always put a deadline on it lol)

        But yesterday – the big boss (over my boss) message me and said do this module today please … I had one day lol

        I did not have time for that. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I got them all done ✔️

        And I am figuring out my inventory… and all the office managers from the area are helping me ❤️ yay!! I am learning!!

        And I am understanding it! I just have to have all of it done by the 31st 😮😮😮

        I think I can – but is not going to be a smooth transition – I just stepped in for December … so I have to account for the entire year… but it was neglected due to staffing issues and it’s a big mess – so…

        I get to learn and clean the mess at the same time – BUT because of that I also get to create my own organization and my own system. Still following theirs but cleaner and more organized. Way more on top of it… right now just a big ball of crap 🤨

        So they gonna have to cut me some slack ✌️ but I am learning ❤️ I am understanding it all

        It’s crazy insane busy at work… we are one slot away from being completely full… we can still take people but our boards would be full ☹️

        All the funeral homes are that way!! 😮😮 it’s so bad… and then you try to work… but everything happening… it’s hard

        … who knew lol – I’m kidding … I do love my coworkers and I do actually love aspects about the job – I just wish people stop dying

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey, that’s great! Ha, yeah, it sounds crazy but you are looking at the positives too and that will help take you through the crappy bits. Not too long til you can breathe again and enjoy family time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh yes… I know how to get through the crappy bits

        Just have to work a little this morning and then I am done ❤️✌️(well then I am oncall tonight also)

        Merry Christmas Eve 😘✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Merry Christmas 🎄 to you also 😘

        Actually today I went in really bright and comfy… a soft comfy yellow shirt and really adorable plaid pants lol ✌️… I was sooo comfortable today!!! Not all done up

        Just a quiet Christmas with kids ❤️ … pizza Christmas ❤️✌️ lol … we trying that out just to see cause I am burnt out by 2020! Lol ✌️

        I did almost dress up and wear red… but then I was like… who in their right mind wants to go to or think about a funeral home on Christmas Eve. So who would come ?? It didn’t matter today … what they gonna do? It’s Christmas Eve and we still work

        So I wanted comfy – I went comfy lol 😄✌️ so did my girls lol

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Thank you 😊🎄

        Well neighbors brought over food last night 😮 – did not expect that.

        We still get the pizza – but is lots of food!

        They are still asleep 😴

        Funny how when they little kids – they up at the crack of Dawn … but when they grow up they wanna sleep in and now I am up at crack of Dawn 😮😳😄✌️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I am around everyday – mostly – or I try to be… but work been insane … like above insane!! I got new position and I have year end… people keep dying.. so I am really busy 😮

      I barely get to be here… I work a lot.

      Sup with you?? How you been ??? You ok? You safe?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Congratulations on your new position. I know you work hard. Death is unfortunately part of life’s cycle. It is sad and heartbreaking, but it has to occur for life to happen, to go on. I am OK, thank you. Find sometime for yourself too, and a Happy Holiday to you and your family.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much ❤️

        Yeah death 💀… there is no escaping that. It’s just ALOT of death… we full board! All around all funeral homes it’s bad – you have the normal deaths that occur and then covid deaths piggy backing those so it’s a lot!!

        Are you still south of me ? Or did you fly north? Lol

        Oh yes – being with my kids is what I want and I get to have ❤️ I am on call – but hopefully it will be a quiet holiday 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

        Happy Holidays to you and your family too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        Stay safe ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes. I do… more and more everyday – it is a shame.

        So there is still a chance for Sac? Lol ✌️ I’m still waiting on that coffee lol ❤️

        Always enjoy and cherish every moment ❤️ you do the same with those you love!!

        Liked by 1 person

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