It is pea soup outside. I got home about 7:30pm… I left at 5… that’s how thick the fog is!! It is dense

And you know what tonight is right?

Tonight is several things!!

First… is the winter solstice … that is today “December 21st, 2020… this is the shortest day of the year.

Now is the turn around heading to spring!!! Now more daylight comes back ❤️ … slowly – but it’s somethin lol 😘✌️

Tonight is also the night that we “should be” able to see the Christmas ★ star… I really wanted to see that. But the fog outside is so thick!! You can’t see anything.

I had a really hard day at work today. I’m doing ok – was just a really hard day… we have soo many new cases – our boards are full!!

I just feel under pressure… I know I just stepped into this… but I am the office manager and here comes end of year so I have to learn really quick.

And then it’s been nuts crazy!! When I say crazy… you don’t even know!!! Today … I had to step away… to take a breath.


I am beat. You ever have one of those days that – nothing went totally wrong… everything went fine … but you had so much pressure all day long … and then when your day is over and you are home… and you want to cry for just no reason? Just pressure release I guess?

Cause is a day like that… I am so tense. And there is a lot.

Not badly – just because today was an emotional day with families… and we had alot!! trying to get all this stuff organized and sorted – and having tons of stuff pulling me in every direction

It just caught me off so I just feel sad. Or overwhelmed for a minute. So that is release for minute ✌️😘

We laugh when we can because we have days like today ☹️✌️ you just balance them.

I am doing good though so far. Just under pressure. It is emotional business

Not a big deal – but I feel soft tonight ☹️💔

And maybe it’s the holidays? I miss all my people, being able to see them or hug them or anyone… I miss my mom and my brother and my sister.

I worry. I’m a worrier. I worry for them. I miss them.

I dunno? It was just a hard day so every single thing is hitting. Is just a moment that’s all. I am tired too.

It’s fine… it will be ok.

Ok I have to remember it is still 2020. It still has what? A week and a half of torture left?

Then suddenly New Years will fix everything right? Lol… I wish… but we will be out of 2020. I just want to be out of that.

I definitely do not trust 2020!

Anyway… I am kinda spent right now… physically emotionally and mentally! Just exhausted. (Or overwhelmed)

I am strong – I am fine.

I am just also sharing my downs just like I do my good stuff. Am just human, so also have moments ✌️

So I just want the day to be over.

And again… it’s fine … that is how life is… you have amazing moments – and then there are moments that are not so amazing. ✌️

I am strong – but I am still human ✌️😘❤️

So I am going to bed. I just have to get away from this day 😝 I need it to melt away. ✌️

And back into the fire again tmrw … ok.

I am just done with this stupid virus!! I’m just going to bed.

Gnite ☹️😘✌️

12 thoughts on “Moments

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    1. Yeah actually … I get Christmas off sorta … I work Christmas Eve, and then I am on call Christmas Eve into Christmas 8am… then I am off until Monday ❤️✌️

      So yes almost ✌️


      1. I’m sure … they always do that.

        You make me remember the early 1980’s when… oh what was that movie?
        Gorilla at Large? Lol and you got special glasses at 7/11 and it was 3D

        So much hype… and then it was lame lol


  1. Exhausted and overwhelmed. I don’t even celebrate holidays and I feel that! I got tired at 4pm Mon and went to take a nap before returning to work. Instead, all sorts of little things kept me busy till 8p and I feel asleep around 9p. Me… asleep for the night at 9pm??? What world us this??

    I hope you felt better today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Lol you are getting on a sleep schedule!! It just does that

      Well today was better yes. Still hard parts but better … I’ve been having to step away and breathe lately.


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