Time took over

Sorry yesterday got away from me and spent some downtime with daughter ❤️

But ok so Friday night… I was a little tired because I had been up since 4am…

I already had the house birthday decorated… we ate had cake – she opened her 2 birthday presents – was fun – I can’t believe my baby is 14 😮

Then we watch some tv.. they showed me this:



That looks sooooo amazing!! I don’t know why they are just now thinking of that !! Yes please!

A video game theme park would be insane amazing!!

Anyway – that looked really cool!!

They gonna all spend the night at my house on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas with me ❤️❤️❤️

We gonna have the most amazing Christmas ❤️

So we kinda just went over Christmas Eve and Christmas 🎄

Alright I have to run… it’s the last weekend before Christmas and I have to make sure I have all the foods we will need (pizza lol – yes I am doing that ❤️)

I am working right through Christmas Eve… but Christmas Eve is only until noon… but I am oncall Christmas Eve into Christmas 😮🙏🙏🙏 please please please no one die!!!

Ok I have to do final stuff … I forgot that Christmas is this week. All these holidays just creep up so fast!!! And they so different!

I wish I could video tape my drive home at night because these ranches have incredible lights out here in the pitch black of the country!! It’s beautiful ❤️

But ok I need to get doing my things so I can just be done and relax ✌️. I be back later 😘✌️

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    1. Yes ❤️ I always have them all for Christmas Eve and Christmas ❤️

      It will be a beautiful Christmas ❤️

      I hope yours is amazing too, I hope you can have a few people you love around you too! ✌️ Happy Holidays 🎄

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      1. What do you mean, what is on it?

        I suction cups to the windshield and records any time I’m driving. Clips are max 5min each but it instantly continues onto the next 5min segment. When the memory card is full, it starts overwriting.

        If I want to review something I can do so on the cam nut it’s easier to pop out the card and view on a pc.

        Brand is Apeman. Stupidly difficult to customize settings but the defaults are fine.

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      2. Yeah… and the 2 scraggly homeless Santas I saw on Sun. Unfortunately, I never put the new cam in my car after the last was stolen.

        I now check that my car is locked, every night, and am wondering if the mentally unstable neighbor was the one breaking in – since whoever was only did an iota of damage. Yesterday I noticed the box by the door. Maybe I’ll hook it up and drive around this week. The trees-of-lights on the bay are really pretty!

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      3. Ahh.

        I always lock everything and set all kinds of alarms lol

        Ooohhh that would be quite the post … I was going to drive the Fabulous 40’s but ughhh that traffic!! I wish I had someone to walk over with. I can walk from work but in the dark is not best area by myself. I just like company for that.


      4. Umm… is a neighborhood here that has million dollar homes in downtown area and the streets in the 40’s are both incredible and they all deck the hell out – so every single house for 10 blocks of streets

        Ronald Reagan live in one of those Fabulous 40 homes when he was governor of California


      5. Ahhhh!!
        Too bad all the local Xmas boat parades were cancelled… the mostly happen around multi-million dollar waterfront estates. There’s a MASSIVE home in Huntington Harbor with a gigantic luxury yacht docked. As near as I can tell, no one is EVER at the estate. I can’t fathom how much money a person must have to never visit a home and yacht worth millions on top of millions of dollars!!

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  1. Ahh christmas with special ones is always amazing. Hope your christmas will go full of joy and happiness. I’m all set for christamas lol finally 2020 is ending with some good days. Currently i’m having so much fun with my entire family. They all are came along to our home from their work place. This weekend was so much fun hopefully next week will go good. I wish your upcoming week will go good and wish you a joyful and enthusiastic christmas ❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ I am so glad you get to have your family! Is the warm and loving memories ❤️

      I wish you to have an amazing Christmas too, may you have a safe, happy, peaceful, warm and loving Christmas ❤️🎄❤️


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