Continued… from last night…

So let’s see…

Not many people are comfortable or familiar with death… and a lot of times there are emotions and some are just not expecting, or they are unable to process? It’s really heart wrenching sometimes

When someone dies, at home… you usually call the funeral home after the death…

Sometimes people call us prior to let us know it is imminent. We know to expect and will be ready.

Well anyway… so I was the one handling yesterday morning… then I had to bounce after – so I left haunted mansion … and went to my location.

It was a insane day … I was only management in … handling 3 homes… so that gets nuts 😳 our boards are full!!

We all think … “please no one die for a little while” 🙏🙏🙏 … let us just catch up!

In the afternoon the phone rang at MY location… one of my girls answered… and then she says “It’s for you”

What? Who is it and what do they want? (It’s usually sales people 🤨) I don’t want to buy anything – I am cleaning this up!

But it was that family from before lol

Whatever – I just thought I was going crazy?? Because that call was a haunted mansion call, lol … then I couldn’t remember – was it before I was off being on call? Could it have been my location? But I was positive I had turned phones over at 8 when that call came in…

And I already handled the whole thing

But I guess when they called the haunted mansion back, they just asked for me. And the arranger didn’t question it because I was working there this morning – so he gave them my location telephone number lol ahhhh… but I didn’t learn that until the end of the day lol … that’s when the puzzle 🧩 pieces fit lol

It was a crazy day… I was just confused … I was trying to answer for another funeral home. Also run my reports – which I did one… I did not do the others …

I was talking to the office manager at a location OUTSIDE of mine… She is explaining the reports to me so that I understand ❤️

So I am new and learning – I literally just stepped in.

And it’s really messy. Crazy messy. So I need to fix that – which I can and will… I just have to learn and fix that at the same time lol ✌️

As she was showing me 😮 I do understand the mess 😳😮 … whoa!

So. This will be good lol… because that’s kind of an opportunity… let me show you my skills there ✌️ …and then I can just be the best lol ✌️😘 …

It is going to take me a little time to unravel this 😳 this place needs serious organization and also direction. I think maybe better direction ? Because I would like it to run like a well oiled machine so when I do have days off or vacation you do not worry.

Which is fine. I can do that. I can get it fixed.

You know those shows called “Hoarders”? Or something like that? Well … my mind is viewing the financials very similarly – it is not currently organized and precise… omg … it is messy and very unorganized. Tons of stuff all tangled 😳

In business, you need that precise!! Ya know. In whatever business you are in – you should run tightly and manageable – know what to be accounted for?

This location struggles with office managers for awhile. And then it was neglected for a little while. We had massive staffing issues

It will get better

Oh yeah, and we need a part timer … so my boss found us one (that other lady never showed up for the interview)

It’s a man 😮… I have not met him yet. I only know his name. I don’t know anything else 😳

I was told he is similar to one of my current arrangers personality wise … which is good.

Ok … so. I have to make him a weekend checklist… tell him what I want – and how I want it done lol … I have to… otherwise he will have zero idea what to do.

Ok so. We gonna see how this goes. I have no idea what to expect.

This job is surprises everywhere !!!

Um.. I have more surprises… my boss… I adore my boss! She gave me a chance to begin with. She has been very helpful and supportive! I would not have this without her!

So… just while the other office manager (at a location that is NOT one of mine) was helping me understand the reports … we were talking and I mention where I live. And she said “any interest in working at the one there?” – they are part of us – it could be a transfer

I said it would cut my commute completely!! It would be perfect! Especially after covid! It’s literally right here – it would take me maybe 10/15 minutes to get to work – zero highways… no driving time really …

I would be interested to see sure… I don’t think they have anything though – and what about my girls and this place really needs help.

I would discuss with my boss obviously if that was the case

Also just something interesting… I am so used to my phone being nice and quiet lol… people text me now – I used to text – but I went silent

This business – kinda becomes your life 😮 … so technically my life is death 😮 ok that is freaky if I say it that way lol

You don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes! You know how event planners plan parties or weddings etc… is same with funeral arrangers – but we just arrange everything for death. With the restrictions we have to be creative while following all mandates and procedures

It’s really hard! and you have to calmly and compassionately walk the family through that

Give me little while and I be back to do Friday night – it’s pretty cool! It will be little while though – I be back ✌️

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