It has been pouring rain all day long


It is night time and still raining. I just stayed inside all day long.

My landlord texted me to see if I am ok … she ask – are you warm? Are you ok? Lol ❤️ she’s very good to me, always.

I told her “I am fine thank you, staying warm – just hanging in my jammies all day” ❤️✌️ and then I said …thank you for checking on me (cause she always does ❤️)

And then she made a comment about being family ❤️

I am very blessed and lucky to be here ❤️ I do feel safe here

Not only do I feel safe here … but she’s really sweet and will check on me or make sure I do ok. ❤️ … she has made me cry with her sweetness lol ❤️ just because she is very sweet, thoughtful and kind. Very heartfelt touching… has a beautiful soul

When I first met her – we both had dealt with breast cancer … and her husband died the same year as my father … and she is funny and comforting … right away made me feel welcome ❤️

We live on a ranch… she is always giving me fruits and vegetables … and she is into herbal stuff and vitamins … so any ailment you have, she can fix it lol


She’s a normal regular woman not hippie or anything … but she knows things lol ✌️

She doesn’t see me too much because I am busy and so is she… and when I am here – I am just very quiet.

If someday I leave, I want to always keep them in my life ❤️

They have just been very caring and supportive ❤️

I am very lucky 🍀 beyond lucky ❤️

They never let me feel alone ❤️ I feel very safe and protected with them – I like that

I handle my stuff myself, and I am strong … but just being here I do feel adopted lol ❤️ they just make me feel safe and secure. They have helped me stand ❤️

Anyway – I believe the rain is finished now lol ✌️ tomorrow morning will be foggy 🌫

Is only 7pm and I feel like it’s 10pm!!!

Work has been quiet ?? So no idea what Monday holds 😮

Ok well Gnite for now 😘✌️

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  1. Rain in december ahh that is disgusting and too cold.
    you have such a nice and kind landlord and she is sweet. lol.
    may be tomorrow will fine for you and oh my god I just finished my breakfast lol. This is getting funny again 😂 everytime I just think I chortle. anyway I have lot to do today see you soon have a good night ❤️.

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    1. Yes that is our winter … cold and rain. But hasn’t been bad – today first day like this really – and I got to stay inside all day so it was fine lol ✌️

      Yes she is very sweet and very good to me ❤️

      Hahaha well you go do all the things you have today… and I will be sleeping 😄✌️

      It is very funny even still!! ❤️


    1. Well puddles can be fun – if you have to go out in it. But make sure you have hot chocolate to back that up lol ✌️

      Yes I have an amazing landlord ❤️ I am very lucky to have found and chosen this place when I did ❤️

      Hahaha thank you – I be off to work shortly ✌️ (yikes Monday lol 🙏)

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      1. 9pm and it’s the 1st time I’ve had to start reading posts… and only because I’m skipping homework (AGAIN).

        Thought of you when I found the built in Zoom beauty filters today!! And when I had to turn off my camera to take a sip of Dr Pepper cause they’re sooo “fitness.. yay!” there.

        My supv showed live vid for the 1st time… she’s in NO position to lecture me on health!! Thinner but ghastly. Same age but looks MUCH older!!

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      2. Lol Dr Pepper ❤️ that’s funny you had to turn your camera off for that

        There are beauty filters? 😮

        I don’t have a camera – I am the only one who’s computer doesn’t have a camera / they keep saying we get you camera …

        I don’t remind them and they keep forgetting lol

        It’s crazy when someone is your age but looks so much older


      3. There are downloadable beauty filters but my company doesn’t allow them.

        But there are some built in options if you click the video button at the bottom left.

        I chg’d my name to “yellow – Bubbles with ugly xmas sweater” during yesterday’s team building and now can’t change it back. It displayed in my 1st mtgs with major software vendors today!! I don’t care but it would have been nice if they knew who that was, since I’ll be a major player on the project!!

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      4. Well I do not have video capabilities at all… there is not one built into my computer. They have to actually “get” me a camera 🤨😝

        Everyone else keeps reminding them I do not have a camera – big giant tattle tales – mind your business lol … they tease and then corporate is like oh yeah we will get you one… I say noooo really I am fine lol but they actually do keep forgetting – so I am riding that wave lol 😄😘✌️

        Well it’s rememberable – stands out from the rest


    1. I don’t mind being in the thick of it, as long as it’s warm. When is cold with wind too – nah I’ll hibernate instead lol

      Well some aspects of 2020 been good. There have been some good things


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