I forgot…

I forgot a few things …

So as I was online shopping (😝) it shows me things that I might like while I am trying to be shopping for others 🤨

But check this out…

😮😮😮 a Rose that never dies 😮❤️ whoa 😮❤️

I have flowers from my childhood that were pressed in books – but they are flat.

That is a stunning gift ❤️

And I also forgot …

We are at the funeral home conducting business and that goes off lol… no one listens and whatever

No one is staying home.

I have to work – I am careful but I have to work…

But people are Christmas shopping – stop… presents mean nothing if you are not around

I would rather have you than any present ever – even an immortal rose.

Last night when I was with kids … we were laughing about what “Back to the Future” thought 2015 would be like lol


Funny how we try to imagine ✌️


Alright I have to do stuff – I’ll be back ✌️

One thought on “I forgot…

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  1. The rose is so beautiful. I have never seen such immortal flower. Is it real or something like synthesized?
    finally I’m okay now and about to start my shopping for christmas lol. I haven’t decorate my room yet . This is the first time i’m doing soo late. Hopefully by next sunday I’m all done with my christmas decoration and shopping.


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