Ok so – I have been busy… what else is new?

During the days – I have so much going on and I am doing like 10 things at once 😮 by the end of the day – I don’t know if I am coming or going lol

My legs looked long today – they only look that way – but I don’t think they really are, they just look it. Otherwise they are normal legs lol… but they did look long today – I bought myself a pair of shoes with a slight heal – but is is a thick heal – way better – way more stable lol ✌️they are Mary-Janes ❤️ (wicked cute!)

But they made my legs look long … it was fine … until one guy could not take his eyes off my legs omg … not the boobs or anything … was the legs lol … that was just a little funny lol (my humor is warped)

It was just funny cause I don’t think someone has ever stared at my legs like that?? Lol

#moments you wish you had a GoPro lol… cause then you would understand the humor lol but whatever

On Tuesday 😳… next Tuesday 😳 I am driving the Hearse with a body to a cemetery with this family. 😮 is an immediate burial – literally only father and son allowed and be fast. Cemetery should be waiting for me – and I transfer to them – I don’t believe I stay with family because there are no services ? But I am not sure – I have to check on that. 😳😮

So Tuesday I have to be ALL done up!!

I was supposed to interview someone today but they didn’t show up – so they don’t get the job… still hunting

We also need one arranger for one location (not mine) but we want that arranger to have experience and be ready to take off … that is hard to find – I don’t know if they will find that? That’s a hard position to fill. Outside the funeral business 🤨😄

The position I am filling is for a part timer with should be little easier? Hopefully? There are many applicants. I just have to find a good one.

I get a company card in my name – cause I do all the purchases and handle all the bills.

Today I discovered that MY location is paying for 2 internets – one we don’t even use… so today I opened a ton of tickets with the help desk lol… help me with that lol … I’m kidding but they have to.

We have to do all our arraignments through WebEx… is online meeting where we can share presentation with you and show you the packages

While also discussing what we are able to do for them vs what the restrictions are.

Well her computer is through wifi and the band with is little with the one she is on…

There is another internet …

But not one person knows the password and I talked to the company today and we have not used that internet but we pay for it!!!!! 🤨

Ugh such a mess!!! Just messes everywhere

This is what happens when you do not provide each location with one office manager (and a good one – cause I guess they gone through some pretty bad ones?)

But my location had one office manager who handled all 3 for awhile – and before that, was a bad manager – so it’s messy

I have a big giant mess that I have to organize 🤨 it’s really awful! Not organized in slightest so whatever system I develop here … I want next office manager to walk in and it all be ready to go. Seamless

Not that I want to be replaced but ya know – when I go higher 😘✌️

Yesterday evening I dropped off a few things for a few people

Tonight I am just tired. I want to take a nice hot shower and go to bed ❤️ doesn’t that sound like heaven?

It kinda does to me currently lol ✌️😘

Good night 🌙 😴 ❤️✌️

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    1. Yeah, I learning everything and have a mess to go through. And then we have full board too! And then here comes end of year lol

      So yeah little tiny bit busy lol – but doing good – going well so far, just a lot going on.

      Hope you have great day ☀️ …about to start mine ✌️

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      1. Omg today… time was like flying every time I glanced at clock 😮 omg …

        I got there maybe 7:40… opened for 8… next time I looked at clock it was 11:30 😮 … and then I call another home and say I have to come by and get something … I have to… well I never made it over so now all that is in my trunk

        I will just do a post lol… ugh

        I couldn’t catch time today – but I had a wonderful day ❤️

        Hahaha and btw… eh I don’t mind boring drag out days – I like the peace ✌️

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    1. Thank you very much! Was definitely a crazy day – but they all have been crazy lol

      I just woke up and ready to start another day lol

      I did get good rest though ❤️✌️ I hope the same for you!

      Stay safe and well ✌️😘

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      1. It is 8:15 at night currently. I will be going to bed soon lol – it is dark

        That is too funny … I sleep – you start day (I laugh about this all the time with a friend I have lol – she is from India and she is maybe 12 hours ahead of me) today is still Wednesday for me lol

        Enjoy your day and stay safe ✌️

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    1. Hahaha … does driving a deceased bother you? Is that creepy

      Driving the hearse is actually pretty cool… it drives like it’s on a cloud – omg softest ride I have ever had!!

      And then when you drive a hearse… NO ONE cuts you off lol ❤️ – they are respectful!!

      And the person you are driving… they don’t complain about your driving or tell you how to drive lol … they just relax in the back

      (At work they call the hearse “a coach”

      I prefer to call it “the limo”) lol

      I had to bring it in for service and I was listening to something like Dr Dre “ain’t nothin but a G thang” lol – I forgot to turn it down lol … he put the key in and hello lol

      Ps… that system is pumpin ✌️❤️😘

      Pps… I do not drive listening to that when I have someone with me lol … then I do easy listening lol ✌️😄😘


      1. Well I don’t pump it up in the hearse while doing business – but on the way to the shop – I lived a little lol 🤫

        Actually it maneuvers like a dream … oh I have never driven a vehicle so cloud like!! It is a smooth ride.

        And break down ?? 😮😮- we do regular maintenance on them – we do funerals – we ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT break down!! Omg that would be a nightmare omg – yeah don’t think like that lol – we do maintenance ❤️✌️ we have to be ON IT… details you don’t think of…

        Behind the scenes we have to make sure everything is perfect and done – and also that the family felt comforted with us, that we took care of them … we are very thankful they chose us. We have reputation with area locals – some families for years and years. Many generations.

        So we do the details you see… and ones you don’t

        (I also have to take that thing to the car wash 🤨 which I don’t like – I get stared at!! Definitely do not like that! ) 🤨 imagine it! It’s just weird

        Getting lost might be issue? Because these cemeteries are all crazy!! All kinds of roads, all over the place – who knows? Sometimes they give us a map and if we go often enough you kinda get familiar … that’s a little weird

        I could always find my great grandmothers grave – I always remember the way … I just remember always being able to navigate that cemetery by myself lol … that is the family cemetery back east

        Weird – funny the things you remember lol

        (That cemetery is old and beautiful ❤️)

        And back East you can find these old old old cemeteries you can walk through and sometimes you can make out the names – but that was so cool!! You try to imagine what their lives were at their time period? Or I do lol


      2. Yeah life was very different back then haha. I dont know if you have heard of it, but in UK we have a comedy called only fools and horses and there was a scene where the main charachter leads a hearst up a one was system and blocks the entire road for miles. Flood lit funeral haha. There are lots of extras behind the scenes

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  1. You’re thinking long term!

    Sounds like someone might have set up a personal internet account on the company”s bill.

    I have problems with internet in the afternoon. Not sure what’s going on. It’s FiOS, I’m less than 20′ from the router, no obstructions. Frustrating!!

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    1. No it is not used at all… it hasn’t been used in a long time – they checked ?

      They have to be able to do some sort of password reset right?

      Ugh we have internet issues all the time 🤨 I’m in the fricken city??? With today’s technology omg it’s almost as bad as dial up!! Might as well have that 🤨


      1. Wait though … it’s not that easy!! It’s tangled… ok …

        There are 2 internet’s … one is our MAIN internet – that’s what we use… bandwidth sucks… we can’t have it suck with Webex Meetings … we need those easy and connected.

        So “main internet” has sucky bandwidth

        I have a computer that NEEDS to stay connected!!
        Is wifi based not hard wired

        So … the Unused internet has strong bandwidth …

        And it’s connect to our phone line – they are bundled

        So the unused is bundled with our phone? But the main one is why??

        So I dunno.

        But someone has to be able to get us on that??


      2. You should only need to add a wifi router to the hard line. My FiOS is hardwired into the house and a modem, then to a wifi router.
        Your existing wifi is either doing the same or you’re on a city-provided wifi system. If you’re being charged for 2 lines then 2 lines are connected to the bldg… whether dialup, DSL, FiOS, or satellite… then connecting to a wifi router.

        You should consider cancelling everything in favor of 1 line through a new provider… fresh start!!

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      3. Ah right !!! You said fresh start… I would like that, sounds perfect… but that would have to be approved I think?

        But we are in an older neighborhood… roughly turn of centuryish ? 1910/1920

        I will have to see options and would have to work completely seamlessly!! I can’t have interruption in phone or internet – zero… that sends us into a frenzy lol


      4. I kept left my dsl active for an extra 7 days on case I had to go back. There were problems with my initial setup but I think it was at the start of covid. I honestly don’t recall now… only that it took 2 days instead of 1.

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